Although this means he won’t be a powerful frontline fighter, it does give him the ability to put his units into special formations and bolster his army’s military supplies. His Third Northern Expedition won at Jianwei, but was defeated by Guo Huai. In Total War: Three Kingdoms, he is one of the most valuable and powerful characters in the game. When he asks Zhuge Liang to help him produce 100,000 arrows within 10 days, the latter says he can complete the task in three days. According to Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Liu Bei first heard of Zhuge Liang from Xu Shu, another strategist who was serving him at the time. However, on the advice of Ma Su, though he defeated the rebel Meng Huo seven times, he released him each time. One day, Liu Bei tried to visit him after recommendation … At this major conflict, Liu Bei and Sun Quan defeated Cao Cao’s forces. He also has a unique Legendary ancillary; his Feather Fan. However, Zhuge Liang predicted correctly when he knew the winds would change. When, in 221, Cao Cao’s son Cao Pi usurped Emperor Xian and named himself emperor, it was Zhuge Liang who persuaded Liu Bei to declare himself emperor and declare the formation of the kingdom of Shu Han. He served as the chancellor and regent of the state of Shu Han during the Three Kingdoms period. The Three Kingdoms Wiki is a FANDOM Lifestyle Community. At the battles of Mt. However, Liu Bei still had to flee from Cao Cao's massive army and this resulted in further conflict. Romance of the Three Kingdoms tells many tales of his legendary feats of strategy, although the historicity of some of these is questionable. Zhou Yu then asks Zhuge Liang if he is willing to make a pledge to complete the task. Five of these expeditions were launched in total. Liu Bei resided in Bai Di Castle until his death one year later. But Zhuge Liang became master strategist of Liu Bei's army regardless of how much complete and total the triumph. Zhuge Liang married Huang Yueying while he was a young man, after much searching for her talent despite her ugliness. In addition to being one of the most famous individuals from the Three Kingdoms era, Zhuge Liang was a key character in the camp of Liu Bei, alongside heroes like Guan Yu, Zhang Fei, and Zhao Yun. He proposed his Longzhong plan, which became the fundamental strategy for Liu Bei's conquest. With Yi secure, Liu Bei's domains became known as Shu Han while Cao Cao's were Cao Wei and Sun Quan's were Eastern Wu. He proposed his Longzhong plan, which became the fundamental strategy for Liu Bei's conquest. There will be 3 quests. Once players do recruit Zhuge Liang, he begins play as a high-level Strategist with access to several special abilities. Total War: Three Kingdoms Heroes – Zhuge Liang “Zhuge Liang is the Imperial Chancellor of the state of Shu,” explains Creative Assembly; “An incredibly shrewd strategist and accomplished scholar, Zhuge Liang chose to join Liu Bei after seeing that he was a noble man of the people.Constantly thinking one step ahead, he remains calm and calculated.” After Sima Yi drove him back, Zhuge Liang returned in 234, and once again met Sima Yi at the Battle of Wuzhang Plains. Eventually, Meng Huo surrendered and pledged his allegiance to Shu. Unfortunately, Liu Bei passed away just a few years later, in early 223, following his defeat at the Battle of Xiaoting. All rights reserved. This done, Zhou Yu and Zhuge Liang became fast friends. Jiang Wei won a great victory over Sima Yi, but Zhuge Liang died after the victory, leaving his post to Ma Dai, Fei Yi, Zhang Yi, Zhang Yi, and Wang Ping, and their supreme commander would be Jiang Wei. With this declaration, Zhuge Liang became the kingdom’s chancellor and head of the imperial secretariat. Zhuge Liang does not feature in Total War: Three Kingdoms at the beginning of the game. Initially an orphan living in Wolong Gang, Zhuge Liang joined Liu Bei after the latter visited him three times. Done for, he returned another time only to be beaten at Chen Cang. Zhuge Liang was a Chinese politician, military strategist, writer, engineer, and inventor. In the south, Zhuge Liang repeatedly battled with the local Nanman tribes. The trio return a few days later, and though the servant initially tells them that the master is home, they discover that he means Zhuge Jun, Zhuge Liang’s younger brother. He recruited the hermit Pang Tong, whose time not in battle was spent drinking. These events mirror the three visits which Liu Bei made to Zhuge Liang’s home in the hope of recruiting him (see the story below). He also has easy access to ranged units and siege weapons. After the death of Liu Bei, Zhuge Liang became regent for Liu Bei's son Liu Shan. This time, Zhuge Liang is at home, but is asleep when Liu Bei arrives. His last expedition came at the Battle of Wu Zhang Plains. In it, Zhuge Liang is described to be able to perform fantastical achievements such as summoning advantageous winds and devising magical stone mazes. However, among them all, there are only a few as famous as Zhuge Liang, the legendary strategist also known as Kongming and the “Sleeping Dragon”. Known as the Sleeping Dragon. Zhuge Liang is the Imperial Chancellor of the state of Shu. As Liu Bei’s strategist, and later the chancellor of the kingdom of Shu Han, Zhuge Liang had enormous influence on the period. He gained an important ally and resource in Lu Su, a politician and strategist of Eastern Wu. Zhuge Liang promised that; “I’ll do my utmost and serve with unwavering loyalty until death.”. Zhuge Liang, Zhao Yun, and Zhang Fei blocked vital passageways that the Cao Cao Army troops could have gone through. However, the man was not there. Zhuge Liang was a military commander of Shu as well as its chief strategist. However, the wind was on Cao Cao's side. He made Jiang Wei, the Prodigy of Tian Shui, the army commander while he slowly died. Zhuge Liang, also named Kong Ming, was born into an official family in Yinan County, Shandong Province. An incredibly shrewd strategist and accomplished scholar. © Copyright 2016 Three Kingdoms Art. When Liu Bei entered Yi Province in aid of Liu Zhang against Cao Cao, the two strategists conspired with Fa Zheng and Zhang Song to sneak attack the governor Liu. Zhuge Liang died of illness on the Wuzhang plains. However, following several failures, he eventually met his nemesis Sima Yi at the Battle of Mount Qi. Prime Minister of Shu. Cai Mao and Zhang Yun were executed and Liu Bei and his men returned to attack the enemy main land post. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. One day, Liu Bei tried to visit him after recommendation of one of the strategist's friends, Xu Shu. Initially an orphan living in Wolong Gang, Zhuge Liang joined Liu Bei after the latter visited him three times. Just a few years later, following Liu Bei’s war with Liu Zhang, Zhuge Liang had become Military Advisor General. Each time, just choose the visit option and Zhuge Liang will eventually appear in your court after the 3rd quest or dilemma. However, at the Battle of Luo Feng Po, Pang Tong was ambushed and struck dead with an arrow fired by Zhang Ren. There are many famous heroes and leaders in the history of the Three Kingdoms era. Xu Shu told Liu Bei that he would have to seek out Zhuge Liang himself, and so he set out with Guan Yu and Zhang Fei in order to find him. In the next battle, the Battle of Cheng Du, Zhuge Liang lured Zhang Ren out of Cheng Du Castle and captured him. As Liu Bei lay deathly ill, he called for Zhuge Liang. Liu Bei gave strict orders not to, but the generals Pang, Zhuge, Huang Zhong, and Wei Yan snuck out with their divisions and seized Luo Castle. Despite the frustration of his sworn brothers, Liu Bei insists on visiting a third time. Faced with another stalemate, Zhuge Liang fell ill and passed away. Constantly thinking one step ahead, he remains calm and calculated.”. After waiting for him to wake up, Liu Bei successfully persuades Zhuge Liang to serve as his strategist. Chapter 37: Sima Hui Recommends A Scholar To Liu Bei; Liu Bei Pays Three Visits To The Sleeping Dragon Ridge. His fourth northern expedition ended in victory at the Battle of Mt. The wisdom of Zhuge Liang was popularised by the historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, written by Luo Guanzhong during the Ming dynasty. Honored, Zhuge enlisted as the lord strategist for Liu Bei's Army. In Total War: Three Kingdoms, Zhuge Liang is a Strategist. This battle proved to be costly on both sides and lasted over 100 days. Lu Su was amongst many ministers such as Cheng Pu and Zhou Yu that fully supported an alliance between the Liu and Sun families against Cao Cao, who was granted an army of 250,000-800,000 soldiers by Emperor Xian to crush the southern "rebellion". Liu Bei visited two more times only to meet him the third visit. The largest battle of the Three Kingdoms Era was the Battle of Chi Bi, a naval battle on the Yangtze River. Instead, if you play as Liu Bei, then there will be a series of story events which eventually give you the opportunity to recruit the Sleeping Dragon. Launching his first Northern Expedition, he saw some success at Tian Shui, but Ma Su's defeat at Jie Ting sealed his fate. On his deathbed, he told Zhuge that should Liu Shan prove unworthy, he would be allowed to rule Shu. Cao thought of using fire, and put Cai Mao and Zhang Yun in charge of the naval forces. The four men succeeded in urging Sun Quan to fight rather than surrender. He suppressed a rebellion by the Namman tribe before launching five unsuccessful expeditions on Wei. In the year 208, Liu Biao died and Cao Cao invaded his territory, whereupon his son immediately surrendered. Something about "visits" , you get two options; to visit or ignore (not to visit). With Shu secure, Zhuge Liang launched his Northern Expeditions; a massive, full-scale attack against Wei. The ancient book Three Kingdoms by Sanguo Yanyi (三國演義) depicts the periods of the Three Kingdoms, where Zhuge Liang is pictured as the commander swaying a feather fan. Liu Shan, second Emperor of Shu Han, allowed Zhuge to campaign north. However, Guan Yu was betrayed by both Wu and officers Pan Jun, Fu Shi Ren, and Mi Fang and was killed by Lu Meng. Zhuge Liang. 1 Biography 1.1 Service under Liu Bei 1.2 Zhuge's Northern Expeditions 2 Biography 2.1 Service under Liu Bei 2.2 Zhuge's Northern Expeditions Zhuge Liang married Huang Yueying while he was a young man, after much searching for her talent despite her ugliness. Qi, but the Wei troops under Dai Liang repelled their campaign. With the support of Sun Quan’s own strategist, Zhou Yu, the Sun leader agreed to the alliance, setting the stage for the Battle of Red Cliffs. This allowed the main gates of Cheng Du to open, and Liu Bei (who wanted no more than to avenge Pang Tong) seized the castle, meeting cheerful civilians. Zhuge Liang is a playable and historical character featured in Total War: Three Kingdoms. Ding Jun and Han Zhong, respectively, he managed to defeat the enemy forces quickly and killed Xiahou Yuan in the process. Zhuge Liang was a military commander of Shu as well as its chief strategist. In 222, Liu Bei campaigned against Wu to seek vengeance for his brother's death. The victory at Chi Bi, however did not end anything, not the chaos, not the death, not Cao Cao. And so, Huang Gai used a fire attack to raze the entire enemy fleet of over 100,000 vessels. Known as the Sleeping Dragon. Prime Minister of Shu. The victory at Bo Wan Po allowed Zhuge to prove his worth. He asked him to aid his son, Liu Shan, but also said that he should take the throne himself if Liu Shan proved to be incompetent.