She then reveals to Regina that the king wants the dagger so he can kill Merlin. ("Un Pirate Dans la Ville"), Le lendemain, elle commande un café au Café Granny mais aperçoit son fils avec Emma et les parents de cette dernière. En attendant que David et Mary Margaret récupèrent la clef en possession du shérif, Regina et Emma attendent au Café Granny où la blonde explique que Liam ne l'apprécie pas car il pense qu'elle n'est pas assez bien pour Crochet. Elle la retrouve au poste de police où Emma lui explique que Lily était son amie d'enfance. But that mood shifts when she's confronted by the real Ursula, who is livid that the queen impersonated her. Satisfaite, l'antiquaire conclut leur accord avec une pomme rouge qu'il lance à Regina. Realizing she is becoming like her mother, when Charming arrives to take Henry, she gives him up without a fight, insisting she wants to redeem Henry’s love and not force it out of him. Satisfaite de savoir que la jeune femme ne se rappelle de rien, Regina savoure sa victoire sur ses ennemis. ("Excalibur"), Regina est confrontée à Perceval. Regina does as she asks, and to her surprise, it works. She rips Snow's heart out, but then notices that Snow's heart is starting to darken due to Snow's act of pure malice, and returns it to her. This magic can be undone by anyone that shares her blood (i.e Zelena or Cora) and has magical potential. They both look at his hand to reveal a burn. She tells them that no matter how tempted they are, they cannot eat anything in the house. Incapable de résister, Regina téléporte la voiture un peu plus loin. When Dr. Whale manages to bring Daniel back as some sort of undead monster, Regina is forced to confront her old love and put him out of his misery, watching Daniel die once more. After an incident in which Rumple murders Pan and, in the process, dies himself, Regina explains to Emma that for the scroll to be torn, she must first give up the thing she loves most: Henry. But she explains her victims were not supposed to wake, so she did not care about what happened to them. Elle tente d'apaiser sa douleur avec de l'eau, mais M. Gold le guérit à l'aide de magie. ("Fall"), Under the effects of the Snow Queen's curse, Regina grows deeply aggravated as she remains sealed in her own vault, and it isn't long before she's sporting one of her Evil Queen ensembles. Shortly after, King Arthur and his knights approach the group and escort them to Camelot. Keen Magical Intelligence: Regina has shown on several occasion that her knowledge of the arcane is demonstrably better than most. Cliquez pour lire. Regina demande à Henry d'appeler Emma pour qu'elle utilise sa magie mais la Reine l'en empêche. The people then all bow down before Cora which makes her smile as it means she's finally gained the power she craved for a very long time. Have news, pics or video on a breaking news story? Elle se rend donc à la mairie où elle trouve la Reine, celle-ci lui assure qu'elle ne peut pas annuler son vœu et lui propose de trinquer à leur victoire, ayant déchiré le couple de Blanche-Neige et Charmant, et expulsé Emma Swan de la ville. Peu après, ils voient arriver un Enfant Perdu prénommé Devin et Regina assiste à sa capture. ("Deuxième Étoile à Droite…"), Après plusieurs décharges, ne parlant toujours pas, Regina apprend qu'Emma et Neal l'ont retrouvée et s'approchent du lieu. When the mermaid refuses to talk and uses a horn to signal for help, Regina threatens to torture it for information, but she's stopped by everyone else. Dead Eye returns to the villages to terrorise them again, but this time Snow is able to defeat him after being taught her to defend herself by Hercules. It's then revealed that Sidney is actually working with Regina and he "teamed up" with Emma to make her seem like a bad guy accusing an innocent woman. That’s the time Hook and Emma are supposed to be getting married. Snow White promises not to say anything, but when Cora subtly coerces her, she ends up telling her everything. With everyone else leaving to do research, Regina has Merida guard Emma while she heads to the hospital to stop Zelena from assaulting people. Regina sees Henry talking to the strange man so runs up to them, as she is worried. Nerveuse, elle cache toutefois la présence de sa mère en ville.