Under her influence, he killed Tyler and joined his brother in killing innocents, but his love for Elena allowed him to retain a shred of humanity that helped him to overcome Sybil. Enzo shut down his humanity to stop caring about Maggie’s death and to not hate Damon. Smith's OTHER CW Series Failed. Smith's OTHER CW Series Failed, Noblesse: Crunchyroll Unveils First Trailer for Anime Adaptation of the WEBTOON Vampire Series, EXCLUSIVE: David Mack's Vampire: The Masquerade Variants Bleed Red, The Vampire Diaries: Why Elena Thinks She Met Stefan First (When Really It Was Damon), X-Men: The Animated Series - Why Could Prof X Walk in the Savage Land? Please — she's running out of movies to watch. He tricked her into getting caught by Damon, Elena and Bonnie and successfully brought back her emotions by putting visions of her mother in her head, pushing Caroline to break down and face everything she had done in her attempt to suppress her pain. Unaware that he had turned his humanity off, he lost control over his bloodlust and went on a killing spree until he met another, older vampire, Alexie "Lexi" Branson. She went as far as to torture people just for fun, like when she killed a bartender by compelling him to think he was having a heart attack. It was only when Damon brought back their mother, Lily, who had been turned into a vampire, that Stefan managed to turn back on his humanity. He only stopped when Bonnie, grief-stricken over Enzo’s death, injected him with the cure, turning him human and thus bringing back his emotions as he remembered everyone he had slaughtered for Cade. The Vampire Diaries adhered to every vampire trope and trademark, from enhanced abilities, to drinking blood, to immortality. In the mid-season premiere, "We Have History Together," a humanity-less Stefan somehow managed to keep a lid on his ripper tendencies, but that didn't last long. What episode? She even tried killing Tyler and Matt, which resulted in the latter getting staked. Many vampires flipped their humanity switch off on The Vampire Diaries and almost always faced dire consequences because of their decision. Unlike the average vampire, the enjoyment of hunting and terrorizing humans are far more entertaining to rippers, as they destroy the lives and sever the limbs of humans without hesitation or remorse. The first time Enzo turned off his humanity was when he learned Damon killed Maggie. and they became good friends. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Damon survived, but the writers were convinced to kill off Stefan. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. I only want to know an episode and season number please I think it happens sometime in season 3. He offered himself up to Arcadius, the creator of Hell in exchange and chose to turn off his humanity for a year to bring him souls. Audiences were shocked when Stefan was killed off in The Vampire Diaries series finale. Klaus and Stefan in 1920s Klaus and Stefan first met in Chicago in 1922 when Stefan was a Ripper and dated Klaus' sister Rebekah.In the beginning Klaus did not like Stefan, but this changed when Klaus discovered that Stefan was a Ripper and they became good friends. Knowing that Stefan would keep trying to bring back her humanity, she retaliated by kidnapping his niece, Sarah, and compelled Liam to kill her, forcing Stefan to turn his humanity off. More: Vampire Diaries Stars' New Company Is A Salute To The Salvatore Brothers. Despite t… Related: Vampire Diaries: How Old Damon & Stefan Salvatore Really Are. In an effort to get Damon on his side, Stefan pumped him full of vervaine and got him hospitalized, only to then manipulate the doctor in charge and convince her to kill Damon so that this organs could go to sick people in need.