Fishing immediately upstream from the Rockport Reservoir in the pre-spring runoff often yields spawning rainbows. The Weber River in Utah offers some of the finest trout fishing in the state and is often overlooked. Anglers consistently pull large brown trout on streamers and nymphs from the foamy riffles, deep pools and undercut banks near popular WIA like, “Creamery Lane” and “Spring Chicken.” The Weber River is slightly smaller than the Provo River, and can be characterized as a medium sized stream perfect for wad fishing. During the winter the trout key in on the scud and small midges. Give Us A Call 435 - 631 - 9933 ... Access is fairly straight forward and the topography is conducive to easy and comfortable wading. Caddis around Mother’s Day, BWO and midges, but this river tends to fish best with nymphs, Scud, prince nymph, Ray Charles, PMD nymphs, small midges and streamers. Being a tail water, this section fishes great year round. March and April; early morning or dusk in the summer months, Mayfly nymphs, mother shucker, sprout BWO, glass bead nymphs, and sow bugs. Middle Weber River. Often over shadowed by the Provo River, the Weber River is a blue ribbon tailwater, that is a trophy fishery in its own right. Trout populations are far lower in the “Lower Weber” than in the sections upstream, giving the angler an opportunity to hunt for a trophy-sized brown trout. The Weber River has some exceptional hatches throughout the year, including its incredible early season, “mother’s day” caddis hatch. Access map for Utah’s Weber River from headwaters to Great Salt Lake. A favorite hatch is the Mother’s Day caddis hatch. Another time when dries work well are late evening and warm overcast winter days when midges are prolific. Flows can remain high, even during summer months, to provide water and irrigation downstream. Fly fishing the Weber River is an excellent alternative to the sometimes crowded Provo River. While there is a fair amount of private land until you get into the national forests, there are some great public access areas as well. This is a great tailwater and produces some big brown trout with an occasional cutthroat and rainbow. This section of the Weber River is outstanding, especially post runoff, and you can find great fishing all summer and into fall. Fall will see the rivers’ flow reduced, to begin filling the reservoirs, so wading becomes easier and brown trout are pre-spawn and colored up like no other time of the year. Coming out of the canyon into Ogden, the river slows but continues to produce some good fishing. Similar to the Provo, the Weber River is also a three-section river with headwaters that start in the Uinta, Wasatch, and Cache National Forests. This is a great tailwater and produces some big brown trout with an occasional cutthroat and rainbow. Year-round fishing on this section of the Weber is the norm. The Weber is home to rainbows, browns and cutthroat trout, in addition to whitefish, brookies and even graylings near the headwaters. A majority of the Weber is private property, but anglers, the Utah Department of Wildlife Resources and property owners have developed a very accessible solution — the “Walk In Access Program” (WIA). The upper Weber River, from the Rockport Reservoir to the headwaters, features some fantastic fly fishing. Land ownership: 100% private. Fly fishing on the Weber River is one of Utah’s overlooked gems, just a short ride from Park City Utah. Judge Keith Kelly of Utah’s 3rd District Court confirmed that the Weber was navigable where it crosses over the landowner defendant’s properties. Early spring on the lower Weber River is a wonderful time to explore this area. Dry fly-fishing with small, black-bodied caddis flies kick-off the warm season with golden stoneflies, and … See the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources Weber River Fishing Report and a map and local regulations. As you explore the true freestone portion of the Upper Weber you may find a variety of trout ready for a meal of hook and feather. Includes a hatch chart, recommended flies, and river … Red San Juan worms and wooly buggers work well here. Park City Fly Fishing Guides. the Weber is largely populated by brown trout but you have a good chance at catching Rainbows and Cutthroats. Grayling, brook, brown, rainbow and cutthroat trout all share the bountiful pools, runs and riffles that make up this portion before it dumps into Rockport Reservoir. This is not the best river to fish dry flies, but there are times when dries work great. Please adhere to local guidelines for safe and responsible travel, including following the statewide mask mandate. Followers 341 Catches 23 Spots 8 Streamers are always a good bet when fishing this section (or any section) of the Weber. During the winter when the water levels are low and slow it is best to switch to small midges and mayflies to keep catching fish.