Open browser, type or jiofi.local.html in the address bar and hit the enter key. If you have any queries related to the post, then you can ask via comment box. Click on that option and you will be able to do so. Default Username: Administrator , Default Password: Administrator 'Hotspot Manager for Jiofi' is developed forJioFi M2S, JioFi 3 and JioFi 4 Hotspot. If you’re a Jio user, you’ll know about the JioFi 4G Hotspot.This device along with a Jio SIM lets you access 4G internet speeds on practically any device, be a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or a smart TV.If you haven’t already subscribed, here’s where you get a Jio connection, and you can even buy a JioFi device right now.. Now edit those fields as your desired SSID and Security key, and then click on “apply” button on the bottom side to make changes. In order to change it –, Although the dashboard utility page should open without issues, but in case you are facing issues, this troubleshoot guide is here. It is very easy to access the link and it doesn’t require a high-speed internet access (since it is a system-URL). After login, you can see the option “WiFi” in the admin panel, Just click on them. Firstly connect your Jiofi to your Phone or Computer. Configuring Jiofi local html is very easy. Distance between the device and JioFi router can cause connectivity issues. Now click on the WiFi option that can see in the bottom right corner of task bar. The name is quite evident and obvious as it has both the prefix and the suffix related to the JioFi network. You will see “DISC” icon, click on and enter the user id and password and access the files. Just inserting Jio SIM on the slot available on this device, Just make a WiFi environment to get connect with network. Your computer then connected to the WiFi device. For this, open any web browser and enter the address http://jiofi.local.html/sdcard.html, and then access the storage on the JioFi device. You can read along if you need to know more about JioFi and jiofi.local.html and if you have other concerns regarding the same. For that, Just open the back cover of the device. The you will be connected to JioFi network and start browsing. On the window of wifi settings, you can see “SSID” and “security key (Password)” two options. Change JioFi Username And Password (SSID & Password), How to Access MicroSD Card Inserted On JioFi Device, How To Connect JioFi To Desktop / Laptop PC Using WiFi, JioMart App Download – APK 1.0.5 For Android, JioCinema App Download APK For Android V, Jio Glass Review – Price, Features & Specifications, How To Connect Jio GigaTv Set Top Box To LCD, JioFi.Local.Html – JioFi Router Admin Login – Username & Password. LAN Info 4. Now you have been logged in to Jiofi Administrator Panel. Just enter the OTP on provided box, and the Jio SIM configuration completed. Now Just turn on the device, and connect with your computer using WiFi. device can support simultaneously connection by many users, minimum of 10 devices + 1 USB connection at the same time. And then go to “Security Key” section to change the username and password. Internet speed on JioFi is good and will get the same speed that you are using Jio SIM on your smartphone. For this download JioCall app (Formerly Jio4Gvoice) app and configure, and using the app you can enjoy video calls and voice calls. Along with the aforementioned settings, other settings that are mentioned over here include – serial number, firmware version & hardware version. First insert SIM on sim slot and turn On the device. First of all, let me help you to get familiar with JioFi Dongle device.This device allows the possibility to the multiple users with many mobile devices to access Jio 4G high speed internet connection and produce portable WiFi hotspot.The LYF-powered JioFi WIFi. It is very easy to change the default username and password of JioFi system login. When you click on, you can see list of all available WiFi network. Once it has been downloaded, open it and click on the option that says JioFi. You can enjoy high speed data in 4G speed, which is better than traditional broadband connection. Please be very cautious while you are on the page and do not tweak around the options. in order to login the web page, your device should be connected with the WiFi created by the JioFi device. Now in the URL address bar type and click on enter, this is the default gateway IP Address of Jiofi router. Open a web browser of your choice (Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc.). When compared to other broadband connections available now, JioFi is very good option in all the ways. There is indication on the device itself on the body of device. JIoFi router have much more versions. It has a totally reworked interface (instant messenger interface). enter administrator in username and password both. Fast internet with affordable price is the best feature that you can find with JioFi. For this, connect smartphone with JioFi WiFi. Jiofi Login: Jiofi is a personal hotspot which provides 4g network access to every user. Device status Feel free to leave your comments and other queries at the end as well. This address is similar to we have used commonly as or just the address redirected to this ip address. You will get a welcome page there, and the top right corner of the page, you can see “login” option to login to the admin page of the JioFi Device. Make sure that JioFi device should be connected to the device, if it is desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone Via the hotspot to login to the JioFi Router admin page. In case the device is not getting a good signal strength, you may face issues in accessing websites/content. When you get the Jiofi webpage, now you need to login to the admin panel. License Freeware. Release Date 2016-12-19. How to make voice calls, video calls using 2G, 3G & 4G smartphones using JioFi? To change JioFi router username and password, login to the Jio admin page, then go to settings (that can see top menu bar), and from the left corner select LAN Info. How to access the microSD card slot using the JioFi device? This app shows Jiofi Hotspot info in detail. How To Access Micro SD Card Slot on JioFi Device. Once you see the admin panel (dashboard) login using the login credentials – i.e. Insert your microSD card into the JioFi device. Follow these steps for Jiofi Login. Publisher Local Developer. hey, are you want to login on the jiofi.local.html? Check you are using the perfect apn, which is jio apn, and make sure set “jionet” as jio apn in the admin section Jiofi.local.html of the device. With its affordable prepaid/post-paid plans, it has managed to get the attention of a lot of people across India. If you can’t find the slot, just remove the back cap, then remove battery and you can see two slots there. It is very easy to change JioFi.local.html SSID and security key. In short, Jiofi.local.html is the ip address to system login and managing everything related to. Make sure that your device (laptop/desktop/mobile) is connected to the. Broadband users will agree to this. So, kindly ensure that your device is connected to the Jio wireless network. By inserting a Jio SIM card on it’s slim slot with a valid data pack, you can create a small WiFi network that can connect up to 20 devices. In order to get it rectified, you can try accessing jiofi.local.html on some other web-browser. Open the downloaded apk file and install Features: 1. Here in this section you will learn all the configuration of JioFi Router admin section. The name is quite evident and obvious as it has both the prefix and the suffix related to the JioFi network. Here we are going to learn to change jiofi.local.html username and password to secure our network. One doesn’t necessarily have to have Jio as his/her service provider or even a 4G LTE enabled device to make it work. Download Jio4GVoice on your Android device from Google Play Store. Once you have logged into jiofi.local.html, you will be greeted by an array of different options. When you enter the above address, then you will get login page to enter the Username and Password. Secure WhatsApp Account With Two Factor Authentication. I am a big fan of JioFi WiFi router. Make sure that, you should turn on JioFi WiFi router and the JioFi router must be connected to the device that you are trying to access the admin page. This is because you are not connected your JioFi Device with the PC using a WiFi. You can buy JioFi without any big budget. *Create aliases. Features: The Price of the JIoFi devices varying from 999 INR to 1999 INR according to models. Simply press on a contact and you will be able to connect with the person easily. And then click on the WiFi options that can see in right bottom corner of the the task bar. One of the primary prerequisites to access jiofi.login.html include being connected to a JioFi network. You have to be 100% sure that your device is well-connected to the JioFi router in order to access jiofi.local.html. page not found error in case they are not connected to the router. In the signal bar, when it is in “GREEN” color, the signal strength is good and you will get high speed internet. Jio says, you will get download speed up to 150 MBPS and Upload speed up to 50 MBPS. After all these mini portable wifi hotspot devices, WiFi at home has reached to a next level. You can easily backup and restore from one device to another. Once it gets verified, you will be able to video call, voice-call and text-message to any number using your non-Jio device. Because since the username and password of the device is giving in the body of the device, there is maximum possibility to get the credential for a third party and thus used by them. To change Jiofi password, you can see the password option in the admin panel. By connecting only we can access the JioFi admin panel. Jiofi.local.html helps users with setting up, rebooting and even resetting their router. LAN Info Activating a service is just a click away! Troubleshoot jiofi.local.html – link not opening. You can access the JioFi all routers admin panel and you can change or customize that you want accordingly like JioFi local html password change, username/SSID change, storage access, Changing WiFi settings etc.