That’s why buying and grinding your own vanilla beans is a perfect option if you want a high-quality vanilla extract alternative without paying more than you need to. Use vanilla-flavored almond or soy milk as stand-ins for vanilla extract by subbing them in equal amounts. It does have a similar level of intensity to it, but ultimately it will taste more like, well, almonds, than vanilla. It is an alternative to vanilla extract, if the alcohol-content is not a problem. Quick, easy, and inexpensive substitute for vanilla extract in most cases. Coffee creamers and coffee syrups come in a wide range of flavors and would make a great vanilla extract replacement. The best part? (For your shopping convenience, this post contains affiliate links.). As we already mentioned, almond extract obviously won’t taste like vanilla. FRUIT JUICE & ZEST  (According to Kitchn, one vanilla bean’s seeds equals about 3 teaspoons vanilla extract, BTW.). Swap like for like by using vanilla beans, paste or powder in your recipe instead. Stir the sugar to mix the seeds in and store in an airtight container for about 2 weeks. Bonus? Vanilla-flavored milk is a highly versatile and convenient alternative to vanilla extract. The highest quality option is usually vanilla powder, which is both vegan and alcohol free. 9. VANILLA SUGAR, PASTE OR POWDER  If you want to swap out the vanilla extract because of its alcohol content, then unfortunately this isn’t the one for you. We are sharing 17+ of the BEST vanilla extract substitutes! Just check the label to be absolutely sure it fits your dietary requirements. This would be great for all my cannoli recipes such as my popular Cannoli Cake and Cannoli Cookies. If you’re looking for how to make homemade vanilla extract it’s easy to do! Or maybe you’ve noticed the super high vanilla extract prices lately and looking for some vanilla extract alternatives. Vanillin is the primary flavor component in vanilla beans and is also present in maple syrup. Because real vanilla beans have been used – often in a high percentage if you get the high-quality stuff – it will inevitably be on the pricey side. Vanilla (or other flavored…) milk, almond milk, or milk substitutes can give a nice flavor for some recipes. It takes about two months for the extract to mature. Fun food that's a snap to make! You can make vanilla syrup by adding the seeds from one vanilla bean to a simple syrup (2 cups sugar, one cup water) and simmering it for about 20 minutes. But also remember that it will add extra sweetness to your recipe, so you’ll need to reduce the amount of sugar or other sweeteners you use accordingly. They’re also a great option if you want to make your own vanilla extract (see below). If you’re really going for that vanilla flavor and can’t afford the real stuff right now, imitation vanilla flavorings near the extracts are a cheaper alternative. FLAVORED MILK  Vanilla beans (make your own powder) , 80% of the world’s vanilla comes from the country of Madagascar, Taylor and Coleridge Organic Vanilla Bean Paste, wood pulp, coal or other non-vanilla sources, bourbon is sometimes used as a carrier in vanilla extract.