While sometimes love calls for a sprawling romantic ballad, there’s definitely also something to be said of a tooth-achingly sweet pop joint to express the way you feel. "Hey Leonardo (She Likes Me For Me) by Blessid Union of the Souls. New 'Gossip Girl' Cast Sit on Those Iconic Steps, Michael Kors Is Rereleasing an Iconic Cape, 10 Ways to Get Your Culture Fix in November, Kamala Harris Praises Black Women in Her VP Speech, 25 Holiday Nail Art Ideas to Copy Right Now. Lorde’s 2017 Melodrama is a masterclass in capturing women’s emotions, as she dips in and out of the pleasures of love, anxiety, and self-discovery. Why? This modern tune has an extremely catchy beat that your guests won't be able to resist. Seriously though, who wouldn’t want to grab a dance partner once they hear this classic song? This country song has sweet lyrics (like "Love don't know what distance is") and an infectious rhythm that will get everyone ready to party. "I Believe In a Thing Called Love" will create the most epic wedding entrance of all time. Listen to all the songs below and check out more playlists by Harper's BAZAAR on Spotify. Harrison Williams; 14 February 2017; The raw emotion of love has been showcased in dance music since the first rhythms and melodies graced the airwaves. With its heavy beat and happy lyrics, it's perfect for your final wedding moment. Whether you're cooped up with your S.O. It doesn’t get much better than that! Ariana floats her otherworldly high notes throughout the verses, with Mac Miller bringing things back down for a few rap assists. Playing upbeat songs during your reception is a surefire way to get guests to dance the night away. Cutting through a beat with clear R&B influences, Lou’s signature cracked vocals cut deep, making for a love song that’s open, honest, vulnerable, and poetic. End your festivities with this iconic tune from The Breakfast Club. Who better than Queen Bey to get the party started? "Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I'm Yours)" by Stevie Wonder. With lyrics right, "You steal the air out of my lungs/You make me feel it," this cute alternative rock song will capture the joy of your wedding. Harry Styles is begging to adore someone, and it seems hard to believe that no one is around to oblige. Valentine’s Day is always a fun holiday: chocolate, candy, flowers, and extra attention for the one you love most. Use ‘This is Me’ to embrace the authentic self, stepping into the spotlight without fear. If you’re a Justin Timberlake fan, you’ll love the smooth vocal stylings of Shawn Mendes in this upbeat song. It’s romantic and pillowy soft, with gentle lyrics like “you see the colors in me like no one else,” coming from ultimate Cool Girl and frontwoman, Gwen Stefani. For couples searching for a more unique pick, consider "Cheerleader". This Michael Jackson classic will get everyone up out of their chairs right away. When it comes to upbeat wedding entrance songs, this one's a no-brainer. But in recent years, artists like King Princess ring in a firm reminder that relationships can look and feel a lot more nuanced. At only 15 years old, Justin Bieber proved to be quite the romantic. Get all of the married couples onto the dance floor (and find out who’s been, Greet your guests with a soundtrack of wedding prelude songs as they begin, If you're looking for the perfect wedding video song, just check out this list, Celebrate your brand-new status as newlyweds with these cheerful wedding, booked your band or DJ for your reception, 23 Anniversary Dance Songs to Get Married Guests Out of, 29 Wedding Prelude Songs to Kickstart Your Ceremony, 51 Wedding Video Songs We're Listening to on Repeat, The 62 Upbeat Wedding Songs That Will Get the Party Started.