The most important of all the symptoms of the approaching cataclysm was, however, the growing unrest among the peasants. His successor in the grand vizierate, Kiamil Pasha, was soon called upon to deal with Armenian unrest, consequent on the non-execution of the reforms provided for in the Treaty of Berlin and the Cyprus Convention, which first found vent about 1890. After the death of Gracchus, a conservative government under Sulla withdrew the subsidy, but shortly afterward, in a period of great unrest, restored it, and two hundred thousand persons stood in line. The key is to minimize the level of social unrest in the town, fighting criminals and returning cats to their owners. unrest in a sentence - Use "unrest" in a sentence 1. foment unrest against British colonial rule in India's North-West Frontier Province. This industrial unrest often necessitated the deployment of officers from other parts of the county. It is the spirit of progress and change, the enemy of convention and conservatism; it is absolute and universal unrest. This combination has created unrest among all of China's major trading partners due to China's ever increasing financial power. 152. His three hundred letters reveal a rich and observant nature, which, despite the troubles of ill-health and ecclesiastical unrest, remained optimistic, tender and even playful. 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