I have also been feeling that recipes with white chocolate (White Chocolate Raspberry & Udderly Chocolate) in them taste less "white chocolatey", but that could be me simply wanting more deliciousness d8'pI've tried encouraging my girl to write them and tell them what a mistake they've made in changing her yogurt. . taste test, Haagen Dazs Bailey Irish Cream flavor. Unfortunately, stores up in the Bellingham, WA area are not carrying as much Umpqua as they used to. Never again will I even come close to purchasing Umpqua. Tillamook released a statement saying the co-op is proud of its 20-year relationship with Threemile. Round Five: Peanut Butter. Howell says the defense fund is currently seeking an injunction that will force Tillamook to change its marketing style. As we neared the front of the line in the ice cream area of the visitor's center, I spotted it, and our real purpose for the visit became clear. (www.tillamookcheese.com)In the second corner, Roseburg-based and family-owned and operated Umpqua Dairy was formed in 1931 when Ormond Feldkamp and Herb Sullivan started producing milk, butter and ice cream and selling it to railroad passengers stopped at the Roseburg Railroad Station. The dairy produces more than 1.4 million pounds of milk each day, according to the Threemile website. Cone's Shakes, Malts and Sundaes. Bob S. is right. Mudslide Shake. Another local brand is Umpqua. Also, 6.7% are distributed locally only and 66.7% regionally only (73.4% total, close to home). Tillamook seems to be winning the shelf space competition. Neither in my opinion. Flavor Favs: Tillamook: For a mere $25.95, you can have not just some ice cream, but all the ice cream. The chocolate is thicky and fudgy (not runny) and you can heat it right in the container! Almost like one would expect of a frozen donut. I used to have a Ben and Jerry's Chubby Hubby shirt with "Body By Ben and Jerry" on the back. Cone's Shakes, Malts and Sundaes. I feel remiss in not mentioning an gone but not forgotten:  Newman's Own used to have an excellent ice cream, the best of which was called Obscene Vanilla Bean. The majority believed Tillamook purchased its dairy from small-scale family farms. and while i love to get a cone at the corner shop as much as the next girl, i'm also on a budget... so sometimes i like my 'scream in bulk. And Ben and Jerry's everything but the... and I don't know who makes it, but there is an icecream called Moose Tracks that I can eat an entire gallon of... yummmm. OPB’s critical reporting is made possible by the power of member support. The complaint alleges cows are kept in industrial warehouses “where they stand on concrete or in their own waste” and are banned from grazing. In fact in your own showdown, maybe your palette prefers Umpqua.Both Tillamook and Umpqua are very worthy ice creams from very good local companies with solid Oregon histories.What's the verdict of your taste challenge? Newport, Oregon. ice cream, They are good, but usually too big, making it of an overwhelmingly cake to ice cream ratio per bite. The chunks of peanut butter candy were way too waxy and didn't melt, rather they were almost crunchy and ruined the texture.This post proves again that you are a nice guy, because I wouldn't have cut Umpqua any slack! The Ice Cream Adventure. The most obvious flaw is their label; describing their flavor as having real chunks of yellow birthday cake, with a picture of what is very obviously a white cake. That slightly salty chocolate frosting kept me going back though! Newport Celtic Festival & Highland Games. The Tillamook chocolate landslide has dark chocolate slabs that are a bit salty, hard to wrangle-down but, Mmmmmm ! I personally wouldn't have given any rounds to Umpqua. Lincoln County Fairgrounds. :-). As we neared the front of the line in the ice cream area of the visitor's center, I spotted it, and our real purpose for the visit became clear. In her article, “25 Name Brand vs. Generic Face-Off: Best and Worst Revealed” she reviews off brand versus name brand ice cream. Tillamook on the other hand had a sweeter chocolate flavor which, for me, gives Tillamook a sweet victory in Round Four.Round Five: Peanut ButterTillamook's peanut butter ribboning through the chocolate ice cream tasted like natural peanut butter. Fred Meyer's selection of Umpqua was very limited versus Tillamook. With more cream, every bite is smooth, and dreamy. Grilled Cheese Social. Umpqua's peanut butter ribbons were sweeter than Tillamook's, but still had a natural texture and flavor. The filing also cites federal records showing milk from the farm has often come out of infected udders. This mint chocolate chip flavor is fantastic. Summer is here. enter the frozen foods aisle to the rescue!this article on yahoo food.yahoo.com/blog/edle… sounded pretty spot on for the national brands... hagen daaz... fleur de sel caramel... mmmm yes please... but i would love to hear your opinions on local ice cream brands/flavors that are available in pints at grocery stores. Sweet, nostalgic, ready on the freezer shelf whenever you need it. All told legal fund attorneys they had been willing to pay extra for products from small dairies that they believed treated animals humanely. The flavor we have is McKenzie Milk Chocolate, but there's a dark chocolate one as well. ALDF lawyers say the farm isn’t just high-tech, but borders on inhumane. Banana Split Milkshake. They used to only make it during the holidays, but they have it all year now. My fiancee USED TO love their Vanilla Bean yogurt (like, the whole "in moderation" concept not only never existed, but don't anyone consider implying such between her and her friggin yogurt!). You can find it in the specialty store freezer sections and I love it. (www.umpquadairy.com)The Contestants:Tillamook Cookie Dough vs. Umpqua Cookie DoughTillamook Chocolate Peanut Butter vs. Umpqua Chocolate Peanut ButterRound One: CreaminessThe first indicator of each team's creaminess was revealed when we scooped the ice cream about 10 minutes before consumption began and it began to melt. Umpqua. I guess that means my taste buds and my wife's taste buds coincidentally changed the same way at the same time. I go chunk spelunking for the huge veins of salty chocolate in the Tillamook landslide. . I think the reason that their quality of their products is so good, is that their standards are high. 15MIN | Ice Cream. For a mere $25.95, you can have not just some ice cream, but all the ice cream. Ice cream is like a good friend. and ruby jewel's lemon cookie with honey lavender ice cream sandwich (sooo delicious). Also, the very first time i had it, they were extremely grainy. Their second, and most significant flaw, was the flavor itself, and whatever they changed. Although I personally prefer Tillamook's cookie dough flavor, we'll give round two to Umpqua because they include little tiny chocolate chip squares to complete the cookie dough characteristic.Round Three: Cookie Dough BitsThe cookie dough pieces in the Tillamook ice cream have the consistency of a frozen mini marshmellow and very creamy texture when you bite through them. Their Udderly Chocolate is some good stuff too.But even though we are not talking local with Ben and Jerry, I would be remiss not to mention Chubby Hubby, my all time favorite ice cream flavor. 541-265-2787. 7MIN | Ice Cream. We recently noticed that their Marionberry Pie ice cream is now made up of much, much less pie, and a lot more cream (as opposed to the pre label makeover version). Newport Performing Arts Center. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. Ain't nothing wrong with either Tillamook  or Umpqua (no carbon footprint after taste). Why do we make three different flavors of vanilla ice cream? Of course many years and cartons later, I no longer come close to fitting in it. Tillamook, Where is that blackberry cabernet sorbet to be found??? In addition to the peanut butter ribbons, Umpqua also had large, thick chunks of peanut butter flavored candy, the consistency of a super-thin chocolate bar. Tags: Animals, Business, Economy, Food, Local, News. Rarely does it even look as if any are missing off the shelf. What a rip off. Tillamook recently won the Ice Cream Sweepstakes award in the 2009 Oregon Dairy Industry's dairy products contest after their Chocolate, Vanilla Bean, and Oregon Strawberry Ice Creams won first place. We chatted with Anna Ingoglia, a Tillamook Ice Cream Scientist, to dish out the differences between our three vanilla flavors and what makes each unique. Ciao Bella makes a Blackberry Cabernet sorbet that is TO DIE FOR. @Willis, the only place in Portland that I've seen it sold is at Pastaworks off Hawthorne.There's also a place outside of Salem, if we have kreepers, at a place called "EZ Orchards.". Stop in and get your ice cream on. For leaving the grainy cookie dough bandwagon for its own, unique smooth orchestra, we give round three to Tillamook.Round Four: Chocolate FlavorUmpqua had a rich chocolate flavored ice cream. Had they known that much of their cheese, butter, ice cream, sour cream, and yogurt was sourced from a large factory farm, all said that they would either have paid less for it — or never bought it in the first place.