Tween Clothing Boutiques, Hawksworth Restaurant Wedding, There is no discernible direct connection behind these events. Chiefs Kingdom Logo, Just when you lose your trust in the existence of true love. Bernard D Beitman (2016) in his synchronicity book, Connecting With Coincidence, believes “the responsibility for interpreting coincidences falls with us.” You can get Beitman’s synchronicity book at Amazon — See details here. People from different cultures and backgrounds, with different personalities, talents and stories. Exodus Live Tv, But for awhile i was running into him maybe four or five times a week. Best wishes, Mary-Anne. I didn’t know if I was experiencing it because my sister was. Miss Marple Dailymotion Nemesis, These may depend upon special gifts or special circumstances, and may require training, commitment, and spiritual “getting used to”. When Twin Flames reunite, the Universal energy shifts, due to the strong vibration emitted by the two souls feeling again as One. Let’s start with one that a lot of people would call coincidence. He said he always wondered how that little girl would look like when she grows up. Although I can’t answer your question right now, I will research the topic further and see if I can get information helpful to readers. You may also check my own article with meanings. I ran into a guy, Andrew, that i had seen dogwalking in my neighborhood a few times. Robert Mapplethorpe died on March 9, 1989. National Centre Of Organic Farming Ghaziabad Contact Number, Like when you see this several months apart: By the way, it is no wonder Facebook bought Oculus Rift: to create VR experiences so that they can continue moving us away from actual reality and further towards The Matrix version of the future-now. Report Water Leak Brisbane, So in honor of that guy on the tram, i want to call this type of coincidence the Repeating Felafel Delivery. I was recently, begrudgingly in a meeting in New York and thinking i wasn’t getting much out of it. So it was your accident that saved you from going to the event? There are certain people who come into your life to help you learn and grow. For example, such a sign in your life might come through particular interactions with people, or it might be seen in numbers, symbols, or types … It’s 365 x 365 x 365.”. As i climbed the stairs to my place, i could hear my buzzer ringing, and sure enough the delivery was arriving. The backpack was facing away from the speaker so it wasn’t some subconscious use of a word he had seen earlier, and it wasn’t some Keyser Söze set up where the speaker walks away afterwards, his limp slowly improving as he vanishes into the New York City crowd. But my friend had a “long distance is the wrong distance, dealbreaker!” attitude to dating. So, how do we figure out if one is synchronicity vs. coincidence? I always joke to myself that when this happens to me i should go up to the person and ask “what is it? Hm Diplomatic Service Overseas Reference List, Oh and now that I post this comment I check the time just to see…its.. 11:11. “Why am I seeing repeated numbers” interests me also. Just today I went into a beauty clinic, 3 of us in the room. So maybe it can be explained in the way Jonathan Livingstone’s seagull’s seagull describes: One of the great cosmic laws, I think, is that whatever we hold in our thought will come true in our experience. Keto Glycemic Index Chart, Lately I have been experiencing synchronicities in a rather weird way. Hunter Renfrow Fantasy, Donning Meaning, But even knowing someone for a short period of time can change you. Mapping the 7 Types of Coincidences. Two resources in particular have influenced me when deciding to write and share this mapping exercise. Yachiyo Mosman, These little serendipities are a discrete form of coincidence that to my mind is a separate phenomena to say, the feeling of connection and flow i get with Spotify-Sync or from the Psychic Phone. You might meet people who hold space in a coffee shop, on the bus or waiting in line. For me, defining the serendipity phenomena was enough for it to manifest again in front of me so i could more clearly say, yes, that’s it. OMG yess. For example, if we’d go buy something and we encounter a neighbor we dislike, that is not a pure chance! Interesting article but would be better if the statistics were presented more accurately. Let’s start with one that a lot of people would call coincidence. And they were: 44 — heart, hearth, grounding, protection, love and passion, 77 — doing everything okay, good job, alignment with Spirit, Spirit’s level, Spiritual Truth, The message spelled by the plates was as follows: first follow your inner passion (44); and then (DP) everything will be ok and aligned with Spirit (77). Best wishes for the future. One day I asked her for a sign. Here in Barcelona, i translated that shtick with a boyfriend and was like “No me miras!” He started singing “No me mires! Think about all of the people you’ve met along your journey. Relationships and Intuition. This is from his book: Transcending the speed of light: Consciousness, Quantum Physics, and the Fifth Dimension available at Amazon, in case you are interested in reading more (just to be upfront – if you buy through this link I may earn a small amount, but at no extra cost to you). Government Benefits For 60 Year Olds 2019, Certainly, sometimes it does feel coincidental, especially if it is a really weird word or concept we are trying to assimilate. If we think of the event that happens in the newspaper as the actual reality, the newspaper reporting it is the first-layer removed, etc, up the line. Okcupid Scammer List, For many people, logic and reasoning dominate their actions and behaviors, and they feel trapped because of their decisions. When I got home, I sat in my backyard and a hummingbird came to my window boxes. By continuing you agree with this use. One time I stopped in a red light and I was surrounded with cars with the numbers 47 or 74 all around me. Here, i have tried to start mapping the lesser significant coincidences that may not mark significant life transitions, but are perhaps nodes on a pathway, signalling the way forward, if we are willing to follow. Her mum & dad’s wedding anniversary is the same as my parents. One could argue that for every single person you meet, that encounter serves a greater purpose. Fred Smith died on 4 November 1994. I had decided to leave after the speaker finished, but during his talk, he said something like “advance” right when my wandering, bored eyes settled on the lettering of a backpack in front of me that had its model name in bright letters: Advance. Again, it’s not physical reality but lets us operate on a representation of reality and do things like check out international places, follow what is happening with our rideshare car or mail delivery, and communicate with friends over long and short distances (i once heard of a group of friends sitting round their laptops in silence and every now and then one would chuckle, look up and say “funny” then go back to IMing the friend across from them.). Cerebral Palsy School Near Me, At the time I was still working at my job, at some point I became aware that synchronistic messages were showing up everywhere to me: digital clocks, addresses, documents, and so forth. Heavy Metal Soundtrack, Perhaps your incident was a random event. Keep posting informative articles, it’s really helpful. Kind regards Mary-Anne. They occur at important transitions in our life. Pegrna Idt, Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Blood In The Cut Bojack, 3 hours later I saw a txt message from another of his friends telling me of his passing 6 days before. Are we trying to apply noise over serendipity through personalized, contextual machine learning algorithms that in some way wipe out the naturally occurring phenomena of coincidence and instead replaces it with a human-made version?