Similar to the way the vertical smokers work, you’ll have the fire at the bottom and the food and water pan are placed on the grates above the heat. An iron or cast aluminum Smoker however would be more at home in a backyard. How To Build An Awesome Barbecue Smoker At Home, The Best BBQ Festivals in The World: BBQ Festival Guide, Types Of BBQ Smokers: BBQ Smoking Explained, The Best Charcoal For Grilling: Charcoal Buying Guide, The Different Types of Grills And Smokers For BBQ, The Best BBQ Grill Gadgets That Can Improve Your Grillmaster Quality Of Life. Do you build a fire, turn on the gas or just plug the unit in and turn it on? Best Pellet Smoker – Traeger make some of the best Pellet smokers on the market, occupying the two top spots as voted by Seriously Smoked. The seven most common types of smokers in all their glory. How long does it take your smoker to reach the new temperature after you have made a change. Wood pellet smokers tend to be the most expensive because they are fully automated. They also look much better than a traditional 55-gallon drum. You can buy a brick model, that may fit in with the landscape of your garden. A premium charcoal smoker usually starts at around $800. If you get a good box smoker that has good insulation and a door that seals well, you can produce great barbecue in an easy-to-use controlled environment. This creates smoke and moisture which flows over the food on the way out of the lid vent, flavoring it while the indirect heat of coals cooks it. These units run on propane or electric fuel and use wood chips or pellets to create smoke. Because it can be hard to control the airflow and temperature and get consistent results, this is best used as a temporary option when it comes to types of smokers. Some models feature a deflector plate that sits just above the fire and reflects some of the heat. The smoker seals in the heat and moisture so little escapes. Smoking meat creates unique flavors and textures. Inside the firebox is a heated metal rod which causes the pellets to combust, creating both smoke and heat in the cooking chamber above. All types of smokers come in a variety of sizes, although some like electric/propane tend to run on the large size. Once you’ve decided on the type of smoker you want and you are ready to truly take your meat-smoking game to the next level, get started on our online BBQ cooking classes here at BBQ Champs Academy. If you are technically minded you can even DIY one for yourself (see this article by Smoker Cooking for more information). Learn how your comment data is processed. Electric Smokers have the same reputation among the professional BBQ Chefs as an Electric Grill does. These types of smokers may leak a lot of heat and smoke. Most smokers aim for hot smoking meats like beef, pork or chicken. It just depends on how they are set up. You only have the one primary cooking grate and you may have to trim bigger cuts of meat to fit inside. But a smoker that is easy to clean and maintain will save you time and money in the long run. Is there anything more satisfying than cooking outside, standing over the flames of a barbecue and grilling your dinner just the way you like it? It might cost a little extra, but. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. Most vertical water smokers have separate access doors for monitoring your charcoal or adding more wood chips. Too much air and the food will be dry and tough, too little air and the smoke and ash will make the food bitter. The Traeger Select Elite Pellet Grill comes highly recommended. The style of your smoker will determine how easy it is to use and maintain. Ultimately, it is up to you to choose what kind of barbecue would you like to smoke and how much time and effort are you willing to put into it. Some purists will claim that the only way to make real BBQ is with a wood-fired offset smoker. They can produce first-class BBQ and even show up in some BBQ competitions. The Ultimate BBQ Wood Smoking Guide. You need to be able to access the firebox and smoking chamber as you cook. If you only have room for one piece of cooking apparatus, then one that can cook, smoke, and grill is ideal. But with the advent of the DIY-revolution there are now kits you can buy that include all the necessary parts. Of the different types of smokers, the wood pellet-styles typically have a higher starting price due to all of the automated features. You will also have to purchase wood pellets to create the smoke that flavors your foods. Some models come with a side burner that allows for you to cook with pots and pans. The ceramic interior creates another challenge to using a Kamado smoker. Because of the thick ceramic walls, it can also be used to grill, bake, and even cook a pizza like in an old-school pizza oven. If you use one of these devices be sure you have a well-ventilated kitchen! Your food is cooked directly by the burning charcoal. used here to deflect the heat from the source, while encouraging a moist Even a small gravity fed smoker is quite expensive. Often an UDS can burn for many hours before it needs any additional fuel added to the fire. Kamado smokers have a short learning curve and are easy to use. Kamado smokers are ideal for smaller families who want to make regular batches of smoked meats. Be wary when making your decision. I recommend always having a spare tank handy because it really sucks when you run out of gas partway through a smoking session.