Tell me you want to spend your immortality with her, and I'll make it happen. "How did he find Howie?" No. It was one of those afternoons which seem indefinitely long before one, in which many events may happen, a large portion of our natural life, though it was already half spent when I started. If a book does not happen to touch on any of the above-mentioned doctrines, it may often be doubtful whether the. What would happen, I ask many and many a time. "You knew this would happen," Brady said, pointing to the picture on Dan's viewer. Something about her stirred his insides in a way that he thought might never happen again. When, as may happen in dry seasons, the puddle wall remains long above the water level, it parts with moisture and contracts. He had a feeling the worst was going to happen, and the sense he wouldn't be the only one who died this weekend if he had to depend on Darian made him feel sick to his stomach. What would happen, do you think, if some one should try to measure our intelligence by our ability to define the commonest words we use? 10. Maybe he wanted to be the one who initiated love making all the time – like that was going to happen. And this little boy — would he happen to have a mother and father? Well, it wasn't going to happen this time, so she might as well stop whining and get the chores done. Four things will then happen that will make the suggestion engine get vastly better over time: But again, this could happen in nature, so it is hard to see how we can object to this. "It won't happen again," he said with conviction. Thus 1593, c. 174, provides that, if any respite or remission happen to be granted before the party grieved be first satisfied, the same is to be null and of none avail. "It's not going to happen in a week," Past-Death said, pacing. She had protested, but he said something could happen to him and he would want her to have it. It's fine to have high ideals about not going too far, but the reality of it is, it can happen before you realize what is happening. And how could the state be so stupid to let it happen? The only ex-officio additional member is the lieutenant-governor of the province in which the legislative council may happen to meet; nominated members number 35, of whom not more than 28 may be officials; while 25 are elected, directly or indirectly, with special representation for Mahommedans and landholders. In some cases nothing more is required than to attach an engine and brake-van (" caboose ") and despatch the train; but if, as will happen in others, a further rearrangement of XXII. Why did it happen in this and not in some other way? She waited thousands of years and worked with both Dark Ones to make it happen. In reply to a warning of what might happen he said, "But this is Egypt; such things do not happen; you say they have happened elsewhere, perhaps, but this is Egypt.". For the first time since being attacked, my mind began to access what happened and try to formulate a coherent response. Smithy deserves a call-up, and the midfield would be greatly enhanced by Lee Bowyer, but it ain't going to happen. She forced herself to continue even as she grew tired. The most we can do is to assert that a universe in which such things are liable to happen on a large scale is unfitted for the practical application of the theory of cardinal numbers. "What will happen otherwise?" He sat awhile in the hut joyfully recalling the details of his expedition and vividly picturing to himself what would happen next day. This marriage is the best thing that could happen to either of us. barnacles on yacht hulls - which the paint was designed to prevent - does not happen in fresh water. If you fellows show me some identification, then I'll know who to tell Vinnie was looking for him...if I happen to see him. I haven't known him long, but I see this happen wherever he goes. However, in my opinion a global scale apocalypse will not happen. "How did you happen to be shod with gold?" That is something like what I expect will happen, but on a worldwide scale. Hence, whatever else may happen, there must be a system of dark rings formed, the same as from a single small aperture. Even if they do not know for what purpose they are fattened, they will at least know that all that happened to the ram did not happen accidentally, and will no longer need the conceptions of chance or genius. The increase in CBF will happen because of a decrease in cerebral resistance, caused by dilatation of the cerebral arterioles. Katie kept on, uncertain what might happen if she stopped for a break. Why don't you have her fixed so this won't happen again? But never mind; something will happen pretty soon. asked the Wizard. How did they happen to remember one camper nearly three weeks ago? What would happen when an equally good-looking woman tempted him? She had been so sure it would never happen with her consent. I think aught will come of their rantings as the miners swear they'll flee the area for a more obliging locale if such nonsense were to happen. It may happen that from a large station sufficient traffic may be consigned to certain other large stations to enable full train-loads to be made up daily, or several times a day, and despatched direct to their destinations. . Dephlogisticated air (oxygen) he prepared in August 1774 by heating red oxide of mercury with a burning-glass, and he found that in it a candle burnt with a remarkably vigorous flame and mice lived well. Whenever opinions did happen to be expressed which could be construed as criticism of Austria or Germany the offenders were speedily punished, and it was not long before the political leaders of the Czechs and Slovaks found themselves in confinement, some of them under sentence of death, while the Czech and Slovak press was subjected to a rigorous censorship and many of its organs prohibited from appearing. In any case, my husband, Mike—who was voted to be the liaison with the soldiers—isn't likely to let it happen. Is that your way of saying something bad's gonna happen, and I'll need to call you? Owing to this insistent change all things which happen, or seem to happen, are history in the broader sense of the word. Examples of happen in a Sentence Something like that was bound to happen sooner or later. Why should not the same sort of thing happen to me? She'd have to be dead-dead which could happen next week or in a millennium. Something bad was going to happen when he faced Czerno. Wouldn't happen to know the secrets to the universe, would you? That didn't really happen last night cos Pennant was playing as an extra right back and Milner as an extra left back. "Mary," he said softly, going up to her, "it will never happen again; I give you my word. Of course, no one had ever expected the nuke attacks to happen, even someone involved in the insurgent organization blamed for them. I wish it to happen and my heart tells me it will. What did happen to a weapon after a victor won his war? mental burnout can happen when our lives are devoid of fun and laughter. The benefits of asymmetry happen when the small kid gets a Taser. bindis is bound to happen to some set members. I didn't mean to … I know I broke my promise, but … sometimes things happen and we change our minds. And don't worry about her hurting the kid—that just won't happen. involved in the tangle of European diplomacy; he is the monarch of a vast, admirably organized, spiritual world-empire, and when - as must needs happen - the overlapping of the spiritual and temporal spheres brings him into conflict with a secular power, his diplomacy is backed, wherever Catholic sentiment is strong, by a force which the secular power has much difficulty in resisting;. I promised I'd do anything in my power to not let that happen. Hence it may well happen that the details which unfortunately cannot be checked were ultimately derived from sources as reputable as those in the books of Samuel, Kings, &c. As examples may be cited Rehoboam's buildings, &c. (2 Chron.