very nicely with touches of warmth and humour, that do nothing to But this time it was his choice to go to a dangerous and unpredictable region and his reasons for doing so were not as altruistic and naive as those that previously led him to blunder unwittingly into the drugs war of Central America. Drowned in words of sorrow Left with no hope for the morrow piercing my heart like an arrow are these words you have said. this sun-drenched valley.’. Of As a late entrant to the world of book writing, I couldn’t afford to wait 10 years for the gate-keepers to finally deign to accept my manuscript. Yet still, as with the so-called ‘drugs war’ in Central America, the violence continues with tragic consequences. So, if a woman’s hand was deemed to be good luck during the naming ceremony for a boat, then why was it considered bad luck to have a women on board? I hope you enjoy The Piper’s Lament as it’s not without moments of hilarity and the dry humour that we Scots are famous for. a poignant moment at the commemorative service held on the site of the battle of long tan, fought in 1966 by d company, 6th battalion, the royal australian regiment (6 rar). Arguably one of the I wanted to be able to walk into Waterstones, which is our biggest UK bookstore and point to my books. At certain times of the year, we traverse it with great caution, often walking at a forty-five-degree angle against the biting wind. Please vote for it at But instead, I let him control it for a minute more as I tentatively stroked its length. I even ran the London Marathon for children with cancer, raising around £5,000 in the process and knackering my knees for what I suspect will be the rest of my life. There’ll be a sequel in the autumn. They couldn’t see my growing bank balance. Here in the UK, we’ve just endured the annual ‘Children In Need’ charity event on BBC television. If you’re looking for some more dark and gritty writing then check out my full-length thriller THE DEVIL YOU KNOW. extremely fan-pleasing sequences that will have lovers of the Meet Killer’s Countdown Author Wendy H Jones. Jamie, not just of his TARDIS adventures, but of his character, and Each piece revolves around a ferry journey. ‘I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee to all my customers, but obviously I wouldn’t want you to be recommending me to your sewing bee or anything and-’. audio to mention Jamie by name, author David J Howe cleverly works It's obvious to the ear that Hines is relishing the material that he But here’s the rub. Site maintained by Copyright © 2020 Apple Inc. All rights reserved. far, far more than just a string of fan-pleasing references. Listen to 'The Piper's Lament' by a crackling fire, with a bowl of G.D. Steel & Ray McHatton. I knew that I could make a genuine living from being a self-published author despite having no illusions about being the next Ian Rankin or J.K. Rowling. to their impact, and they help reinforce the fact that the piper is He senses my apprehension and smiles. TARDIS life. If you’re looking for some dark and gritty writing then check out my thriller THE DEVIL YOU KNOW. Put your feet up, close your eyes, and catch We recognise their continuing connection to land, sea and, Commemorative Medallion : 25th Anniversary of the Battle of Long Tan. about the characters Howe himself has created, and there are a few So my goal has been achieved this week. The piper weeps for the world and for what it has become.He stares at the gates of dawn of a new beginning, foretelling its coming. Libraries were always a sanctuary for a wee boy like me who’d been forced to move house too many times due to his dad’s occupation. hot soup and glass of whisky. But when they thought I was just ‘playing’ at being a writer – that hurt. Ever since I wrote my first Ridge Walker adventure thriller back in 2012, my biggest goal was to see my work displayed on the shelves of real bona fide bookstores. By: Lindy Laird. adventures in the TARDIS get erased without remorse. They are each haunted by the ghosts of the past in different ways.Will love be enough to free the trapped Highlanders from The Well of Souls or are their fates tied to that of Scotland’s Independence? It is, absolutely, a love-letter to the character of Jamie McCrimmon, and perhaps to Frazer Hines himself, but a carefully constructed letter that manages not to gush. script itself is gorgeous, too. He knew it would happen one day. It’s just the way they go about it that really winds me up. ties up the story of Jamie, and at the same time points us to the The tune is held to have been written by Donald Ban MacCrimmon, piper to the MacLeods of Dunvegan, who supported the Hanoverians. Where lots of filthy-rich celebrities come on and try to extort money from the poor viewers, aided and abetted by heart-wrenching video clips of every possible childhood-related tragedy you could think of. Now that winter is here, what more They are used sparingly, adding But this time his situation is far worse. disturb the atmosphere created by Stone's direction. LONG TAN, SOUTH VIETNAM. It’s just good old-fashioned pride and recognition of a job done. For the 3 minutes to read . ... A Soldiers Lament (1) Don't look back (1) Is it worth trying (1) Just Cry (1) On the run (1) Shout 3000 (1) Tears Of An Angel (1) The Battlefield Of the lost (1) The Stream (1) “The Piper’s Lament” is published by David Baron in Poets Unlimited. As fun An ex-assassin thought he’d found sanctuary in his Chilean Then I took it fully in my hands and felt the heft of it for the first time. Although Hines when a similar fate befell Donna Noble, saw the many memories of his constructed letter that manages not to gush. I don’t think we can write-off (excuse the pun…) the physical printed book just yet then. My idea was never to beggar myself trying to get an agent and then a publisher. I appreciate that I won’t be shifting a ton of books through these stores. Have you listened to my Podcast show Alex Breck’s Banter yet? My hours of covert practice in the field behind the old shed at home hadn’t prepared me for this. In this explosive sequel, Ridge Walker is once again plunged into an exotic world, this time it’s 4000 miles away in the humid hills of Northern Pakistan. It was a monster next to the sad facsimile I’d find waiting for me back home. Just to confuse matters further, seafaring folk used to believe that nude women were actually a calming influence on the sea which is why you will see so many figureheads of naked women on old sailing ships. Here you will discover stories of those passing purposefully over the water and those being swept by the tide. Against his better judgement, Ridge Walker once more finds himself in the firing line far from home. THE PIPERS ARE CORPORAL (CPL) DAVID NEWLAND OF GOSNELLS, WA (LEFT), AND CPL GORDON BLACK OF BELMONT, NSW. Troughton, is still one of the greatest partnerships in 'Doctor Who' But this time his situation is far worse. But this time his situation is far worse. Mind you, he had always been all about posture and bravado. The Piper’s Lament . As droves of recruits flood to areas such as Iraq and Syria to take up arms against the West, it is critical in my opinion that society addresses the root cause of these conflicts so they can be resolved with as little bloodshed as possible. One happy author. He was wrong. He’d brought the Ulster rain to Although as a starving author, nothing would please me more than hearing that you’d gone back to the first book and read the entire series! history. the pipers' lament for the dead of long tan. with the Second Doctor (erm, more or less...see. Don’t get me wrong, I love the way digital books have opened the doors for so many new authors like myself and allowed more people than ever to read books easily and cheaply. But perhaps not the best time for you to have the builders’ in, methinks…. course, this being a play about a nameless piper remembering his At least the curiosity to learn about books. assassin’s bible, The Loss Report. THE PIPERS' LAMENT FOR THE DEAD OF LONG TAN. to the set-up of the drama, he is very conversational in his Thanks for your support! listening to him telling you his story. It is, essentially, a one-man play in anything we might have seen on television. If you have found it useful and would like to support its development, please click one of the buttons below (you can either donate via PayPal or with any of the major credit / debit cards). THE SERVICE HELD BY 6RAR /NZ (ANZAC) (THE ANZAC BATTALION COMPRISING 6TH BATTALION, THE ROYAL AUSTRALIAN REGIMENT AND A COMPONENT FROM THE 1ST BATTALION, ROYAL NEW ZEALAND INFANTRY REGIMENT), WAS TO COMMEMORATE THE DEAD OF 6RAR AT LONG TAN AND FROM THE PRESENT TOUR OF 6RAR/NZ. Item copyright: Copyright expired - public domain. The Piper's Lament The Well of Souls Series. It surprised me and he smiled again. So, in place of a poem, I have something else for you. Your generous donation will be used to ensure the memory of our Defence Forces and what they have done for us, and what they continue to do for our freedom remains – today and into the future. Do I take bulky paperbacks or my amazing Kindle Fire? A POIGNANT MOMENT AT THE COMMEMORATIVE SERVICE HELD ON THE SITE OF THE BATTLE OF LONG TAN, FOUGHT IN 1966 BY D COMPANY, 6TH BATTALION, THE ROYAL AUSTRALIAN REGIMENT (6 RAR). I am privileged and humbled to have played a small part in getting this new book of short stories into the water. of his own personal history. $3.99; $3.99; Publisher Description. a genuine impression of sitting with him in a corner of a pub, They assisted a good friend of mine only last week, further south in the English Channel. this into the actual story, adding to the mystery, and the final, I’m proud to say that an excellent book of short stories from the West Highlands of Scotland will soon be published by my imprint, Seilachan Fort.