Learn more about my background. You should conduct thorough research via multiple sources and consult directly with a qualified doctor before using any essential oil or product. as the oil you are substituting for. if (days > 1) “Absolutes are floral essences at their truest and most concentrated,” reports perfumer and author Mandy Aftel. Fragrance oils’ other advantage comes from the fact that some plants simply don’t lend themselves well to distillation. document.write("

") Lily of the valley, lilac and fruit scents, for example, are available only through the synthetic magic of fragrance oils. "The Aromatherapy Book;" Jeanne Rose; 1992, "The Handmade Soap Book;" Melinda Coss; 1998, A Web Experience brought to you by LEAFtv, Differences Between Essential Oils & Fragrance Oils, How to Use Vanilla Beans Instead of Extract, How to Make Pheromone Blends With Essential Oils. year=1900 + year; citrus, floral, spicy, earthy, etc.) You’ll extract the subtle colors and healing properties of your chosen botanical along with their scent. Her specialties include articles for such publications as SF Chronicle and National Geographic Green Living, as well as blog posts for the hospitality industry. document.write("It's " + day_description + "! Also you can pick it up at a Dollar Store or Wal-mart for just a few dollars. document.write(day_description + " was " + ((days+1)*-1) + (days < -2 ? " Welcome! Explore the uses for Oakmoss Absolute. if ((navigator.appName == "Microsoft Internet Explorer") && (year < 2000)) var year = today.getYear(); Concretes and absolutes, in contrast to fragrance oils, are considered the most rare and exotic of all perfume ingredients. The Oil Profile area on AromaWeb lists aromatic descriptions and the uses for particular oils. Also, unless otherwise noted, all listings refer to plant materials, not oils. Aromatherapy education & certification NAHA Approved Educator. No part of AromaWeb may be duplicated or incorporated into any other work without express written permission. Below are a few oils that will give you examples for aromatic substitutions. document.write("Today is " + day_before + "! Such a resource can be quite helpful in properly substituting one oil for another. Essential oils command the prices they do because of the large amounts of plant material that go into the making of each small vial. Be aware, that these substitutions are not for any formula that is to be eaten or ingested without first determining if the substitute herb is non toxic. People with contact allergies to certain essential oils or who enjoy using their own plants also seek substitutes. Oakmoss Absolute Essential Oil 10ml: Amazon.co.uk: Health & Personal Care Select Your Cookie Preferences We use cookies and similar tools to enhance your shopping experience, to provide our services, understand how customers use our services so we can make improvements, and display ads. Keep in mind, however, that essential oils are among the most highly concentrated forms of plants available, and therefore homemade infusions won’t match the fragrance or therapeutic value of essential oils. Information on AromaWeb must not be relied upon for medical, legal, financial or other decisions. It is not intended as medical advice and it does not include all possible precautions, side effects, or interactions that may occur. // End -->. If you need to substitute for rose otto (steam distilled rose essential oil), rose geranium is not perfect, but it can give a suitable result. There are other essential oils, absolutes, etc. Discover its benefits, safety info, botanical name, aromatic description, what to watch out for and more. document.write("

"); Home |Magick | Spirituality | Healing | Inspirational | Art | Fun | More | Site Map. Lily of the valley, lilac and fruit scents, for example, are available only through the synthetic magic of fragrance oils. That doesn't mean that you can't try creating the recipe with other oils that you may have. If you'd like to stay up to date on everything that is posted here, subscribe via email: Here is a trail of breadcrumbs, in case you lose your way. Of course you want to create a blend that has a pleasing aroma, but the goal here is to substitute one oil with similar therapeutic benefits for the oil that you do not have. Here we have a handy listing of herbs that are often called for in magickal formulas along with acceptable substitutions. Obvious choices for crumbled or powdered herbs include bath salts, candles and soaps. However, dried herbs, especially used in combination with an infused herbal liquid, create subtly scented, all-natural products that make them intriguing and old-fashioned alternatives to essential oils. else if (days == -1) Fortunately, several substitutes for essential oils exist. "); As long as your intent is there while making the oil, I have found rose oil works very well for me. var days = Math.floor(diff / (1000 * 60 * 60 * 24)); Some skincare products lend themselves well to adding dried herbs and flowers to the basic recipe. Neither AromaWeb, LLC nor its founder take responsibility for how you use the information provided. As with herbal infusions, dried botanicals won’t add as much fragrance as essential oils, and they can’t be included in large enough qualities to truly be considered strong herbal therapy. "); Fragrance oils represent the most cost-effective alternative to essential oils. document.write("Tommorrow is " + day_before + "! var date = new Date("December 25, " + year); I'm Wendy, the founder of AromaWeb.