I have always like the Creedence song and I guess that says something about my age. (4) Caused by heavy rain, the disaster destroyed around 130,000 homes and farms, displacing over 700,000 people. Over 100 people were killed, and some parts of the island were left with without power for an entire year. Clouds loom large in her lover's eyes and then his tears start flowing like rain. For all the issues that that girl must surely have, the narrator assumes he is the one who can fix her or at least be there to clean up her messes. After a hiatus from the music industry, Dido reemerged with this electro-tinged pop track in 2018. "The Tide Is High" was one of Blondie's four #1 hits. The lyrics of the song recollect this story in a frank way, “My friend came to me/With sadness in his eyes/Told me that he wanted help/Before his country dies.”. In this way, the voices of the victims of the Great Flood carry on to this day, hopefully helping to ensure that humanity will do more to aid people in similar situations in the future and that minorities will not have to suffer the same oppression during a disaster. How do you do it? Bob Epstein, FEMA News Photo, via Wikimedia Commons, Public Domain. It took us a number of Google searches before we were able to find a name to go with the song but, after some fact checking, we can confirm that it is indeed his. Accessed October 18, 2017. http://www.cnn.com/2017/05/15/us/2017-atlantic-hurricane-season-fast-facts/index.html. "Who'll Stop the Rain" was highlighted by Rolling Stone magazine as one of the "500 Greatest Songs of All Time.". Rather than accepting personal responsibility for letting her get away, however, he blames his bad choices on the rain. And he expressed sympathy for those affected in more dire ways. The Super Ape, a figure introduced on the landmark 1976 dub album by the same name and revived on several subsequent releases, is Lee “Scratch” Perry’s metaphor for the power of nature. I've been thinking about you and your safety down in Texas with the surge in virus activity. Lake Forest College. FlourishAnyway (author) from USA on June 28, 2020: Mary - Thanks for stopping by. If a hurricane is headed your way, take heed of your meteorologist and either shelter in place or evacuate. Which is one reason it feels like poetic justice that the most enduring song to come from the worst hurricane to strike the region in the 1970s — a hurricane that did more damage to several of Haiti’s neighbors, for a change, than it did to Haiti — was Haitian. I have to say that Credence and Lennon and are my favs in this wonderful collection. She's slowly killing him, and he feels like he's drowning. We're 28 days into hurricane season and have a long stretch ahead of us. And here’s our email: letters@nytimes.com. the perfect storm You're like the wind, I'm like the rain Together we both make hurricanes Hurricanes Hurricanes Hurricanes Hurricanes We're heading "United Nations Names World's Deadliest Weather Event."