Multicultural World – Joyce Paultre performed by Graham Nash And mass tolerance is replaced with resistance. Peter's Brook (Peter's Brünnele) – (Austria) Greta Pedersen & Pam Donkin, Traditional Songs from Japan & China a song!. Get on Board Little Children  – Tickle Tune Typhoon Sean Forbes is a deaf rapper who performs in English and American Sign Language. Sing! Funga Alafia– Rachel Sumner Salaam Shalom – Daria, Traditional & Original Native American Songs Embracing Diversity: Your Songs and Rhymes This channel on the video-sharing site Vimeo features songs and rhymes performed by people who were inspired by our Embracing Diversity project. – Silly Goose & Val, Traditional Songs from Africa (And Why We All Need It), songs celebrating diversity and inclusion, Las Mañanitas Online shopping from a great selection at Digital Music Store. ", "Aloha. This incredibly heartfelt song about the struggles of dealing with prejudice and homophobia, calls upon us to start a party free from judgment and full of love. Ni hao, Jambo, Hola – Liz Buchanan One has blond hair. Down by the Riverside  – Daria So that together we can build a path like brothers with love and freedom. Respect – David Woodward Hello "Round the World – Two of a Kind Family Feeling – Jan Nigro Is nastiness compulsory in order to get rich?". '), To subscribe to the Mindful Teachers monthly newsletter, email 'subscribe' to mindfulteachers[at]gmail[dot]com. Let this playlist of electronic dance music songs about unity and coming together to inspire you toward happiness and harmony all year through. I just wanted to say hello. Through my veins runs the same blood that gives life. Perhaps Wendy Davis could’ve filled some time in her filibuster by singing this little pro-women, pro-choice ditty. LaGranja – Greta Pedersen & Pam Donkin Add your own video. If we had classroom equipment that worked properly my students could practice letter sounds, number chants and ethnic songs that reinforce tolerance. I always include a wide variety of music styles, but this is the first time I've done a multilingual playlist. Che Che Kule  – Susan Salidor The song has been covered by many, but the original still inspires, unites and reminds all of the human struggle for equality. Virtual Choir featuring over 200 children singing in English and Lakota throughout the Black Hills and Pine Ridge Indian Reservation of South Dakota. songs focusing on the concepts of equality and fairness for a variety of issues in another song post, Montessori-Inspired Respect for Diversity, Montessori Inspiration for Martin Luther King Day, Free Hanukkah Songs and Rhymes for Circle Time, Free Kwanzaa Songs and Rhymes for Circle Time, Free Martin Luther King Day Songs and Rhymes for Circle Time, Free Chinese New Year Songs and Rhymes for Circle Time, Free Cinco de Mayo Songs and Rhymes for Circle Time, Equality and Peace Resources for Parents and Teachers, The Snowy Day Eggshell Crushing and Pin-Poking Activity, Promote Peace with Holidays Around the World Resources, Free Multicultural Songs Celebrating Diversity and Inclusion {Character Education Resources}, Multicultural Children’s Book Day Review: Midnight Teacher: Lilly Ann Granderson and Her Secret School. La Mariposa (Traditional song from Bolivia) – Rachel Sumner Apache Exercise Song – Music, Movement & Magination I made this video for Christian (ArtsKris) to acknowledge and thank him for the wonderful artwork that he presents along with his thorough and knowledgeable ... "Someday at Christmas" is my absolute favorite Christmas song. songs, music, lyric, poetry, tolerance, prejudice, self-esteem Materials Needed printouts of the words of two Peter, Paul, and Mary songs: Right Field and Don't Laugh at Me recordings of those songs (optional) art supplies (optional) Lesson Plan Many Peter, Paul and Mary songs are known as much for their messages as their tunes. It's tough to put the genie back in the bottle. No Two Alike – Mrs. Music Los Pollitos– Alina Celeste Pieces of a Quilt – Lauren Mayer from the album Chase (Purchase from Light Rises Over Darkness (Divali) – Katherine Dines Saved from The Google translation of the lyrics makes no sense, so here are the English lyrics from Henri Dikongué Mot'a Bobe CD: Un Mensage al Mundo (A Message to the World), Jorge, Helena y Matias Otamendivideo; lyrics in Spanish (You can scroll to the bottom and click on 'Translate to English. I want to take just a few moments to share with you how I understand this from my perspective as a Christian. They'll know we are Christians by our love. Guten tag. Chandler, Az 85226 Check out A Song of Patriotic Prejudice by Flanders & Swann on Amazon Music. Under One Sky – Two of a Kind I want peace from me to you. And while it wasn’t too long ago that we were celebrating the Supreme Court's decision to strike down DOMA, we know it’s not actually dead yet. Lift Every Voice and Sing – Culture Queen Asikatali - Children of Africa – Traditional Folk Song Sing! Nothing can stand in the way of the power, We have been told we cannot do this by a chorus of cynics, They will only grow louder and more dissonant, We've been asked to pause for a reality check, But in the unlikely story that is America, There has never been anything false about hopeÂ. Los Laureles We Are A Patchwork Quilt – Two of a Kind Celebrating diversity and encouraging acceptance. Nihau. from the album Alors Regarde (Purchase from Speaking Swahili, Traditional Songs from Europe A song for children to sing. Peace be upon you. Sharing everything together.... We like different things, but we are still friends. See more ideas about Songs, Christian themes, Pete seeger. about a disagreement between two people: one who does not want to get involved (act out) because it's too disturbing, the other who thinks that's it's his responsability to speak out and act out against injustices: There's Only One Cambiar el Mundo (Change the World), Alejandro Lerner, video by Artistas Unidos (with captions in Spanish); English translation of lyrics, Cuando Se Acabara (When Will It End? No hay amor, no hay respeto... Los ricos, lo que tienen, con los pobres no comparten. Let's walk together and build the same bridge. Konnichiwa. Hate, go away. Songs About Diversity and Embracing our Differences, Traditional & Original Native American Songs, Dormite Niñito (Lullaby from El Salvador), La Mariposa (Traditional song from Bolivia). Tête, épaules, genoux et pieds, See also:  Friendship Songs, American Folk Songs, Anti-Bullying and Character Education Songs In the aftermath  of the Trayvon Martin verdict, many of us who care about equal rights are feeling very disillusioned, to say the least.