The Assassins set out on the newly-acquired "Morrigan and "Le Gerfaut" and arrived in March 1752. Occupation Shay found Adewale in a hut and aimed at him from a bush, hiding in cover. Monro directed Shay to stop the execution of Christopher Gist, one of Monro's allies that the gang had captured and planned to hang shortly. He two fought, ending with Shay cutting his throat with his dagger after stabbing him in the chest with a sword. In December 1776, Shay and Franklin entered the palace, and Shay bid Franklin goodbye. 17 years later, when he grew older, Shay enlisted in the British Army, but left sometime after his father died at sea in 1748. The date and circumstances of his death are unknown. Biographical information Shay later acquired a prototype air rifle, which was diverse as it fired projectile darts including sleep, berserk and firecrackers; in addition, after being upgraded by Benjamin Franklin, the rifle became a deadlier tool as it was able to fire sleep, berserk and lethal grenades. He would go on to manipulate events in the colonies and Europe with his Templar fleet and assist other Templar Rites, particularly the Louisiana Rite of the Templar Order. Cormac headed to the River Valley aboard Morrigan and arrived at Marais Rocheux, where he met Jack Weeks. In. The French were evicted from the island, and the British gained free access to the Saint Lawrence River and the River Valley. The following year, after acquiring a sloop-of-war, the Morrigan, Shay was tasked with recovering the ancient artifacts. Extended melee range with melee weapons. He blended with the crowd to avoid detection and killed a Captain in a private room before killing a soldier in the courtyard in an air assassination. Chevalier taunted Shay, saying that Hope said that he did make a good distraction. An elderly couple named Barry and Cassidy Finnegan took care of him, and although Barry initially called him a village idiot and a drunken sailor, Cassidy was very kind to him. His skill as a captain was noticed by the other Assassins, with even Chevalier regarding him as the second-best sailor of the Brotherhood. In June 1758, he set sail for Louisbourg, and en route, he attacked the French frigate Consolante to the north of Lewisporte, Newfoundland. He overheard Lawrence telling his friends not to bring George into the Templars when he died, and he told his friends Samuel Smith and James Wardrop to decode the manuscript. Arriving in Europe in 1755, Shay set out for the Feast of the Saints Cathedral in the heart of Lisbon. Shay thanked him, and sailed to Anticosti with Gist and the Morrigan. He also, at least initially, took no pleasure in killing Assassins whom he was not familiar with on a personal level, such as Adéwalé. They escaped the fort, and they overheard the captain telling his men that they would have to hunt down the brigands. Though it should be noted that the hood was removed in order for Shay's Templar outfit to fit in his new allegiance and personality. With his dying breath, Adéwalé told Shay that Achilles already possessed the means to find more First Civilization sites. Managed to hold his own against Adéwalé. He then entered the Temple and approached the Piece of Eden – which appeared as a shining, star-shaped artifact suspended above a pedestal – and removed it from its place. Shay sailed out of New York and up the Hudson River into the Gulf of St. Lawrence, and he met Monro at the docks of Albany. En route, Shay boarded schooner HMS Intrepid after it attacked two Assassin ships, and Shay took it over for use in repairing the Morrigan. Bringing the maps to Cook, the Captain was able to decipher them, pointing them to Chevalier's location. The Feast of All Saints was being held at the time, so he was able to enter the church while a mass was being held. The Chevalier came along with Shay to locate the, After laying his friend to rest, Shay talked with the other Templars in a meeting room. The Chevalier came along with Shay to locate the Equitas and slay Smith, while also testing out the Puckle guns. She then took away Shay's gas mask and released poisonous vapors into the room while making her escape. Shay remained a Templar to his death, having never betrayed the Templar Order. Shay was told to raise the flag while Jack raised hell; Shay cut down the flag and replaced it with the gang flag as Jack Weeks opened the gates and freed the Assassin prisoners. Aid the Templar Order (failed).Hunt down and kill all of the Assassins he can find, To prevent anyone, Especially the Assassins, From causing another earthquake by disturbing ancient sites (suceeded). Affiliations Relaying this information back to Achilles, Shay was tasked with the mission to travel to Lisbon, investigate the temple, and bring back whatever Piece of Eden he could find inside. However, he was too late: Monro had been mortally wounded by Liam, and the Manuscript, which Shay had given to him shortly beforehand, had been stolen. When the Finnegan's home was attacked by members of a local gang, Shay came to their rescue and drove the bandits out. As he attempted to leap into the water below, Liam fired and shot his friend in the shoulder. Shay headed to the fort and killed the guards, shooting Shay's rope and letting him loose. They set out for Anticosti, where they would meet the spy, "Le Chasseur". Cook told him that he was a man of high aristocracy and told Shay to send him his regards, but when Shay did not answer, Cook understood that he was going to kill him. To accomplish this, the pair stole gang uniforms and staged a heist against a military outpost, in order to give the British a reason to fight the criminals. Full Name Shay would spend the next 16 years searching for the Precursor box, leading him to Versailles, where he killed the Assassin Charles Dorian and reclaimed the artifact in 1776. As they navigated through the ice caves past the Assassins, an ice bridge collapse separated the two, forcing Haytham to find another way around. As such, he is perhaps the least antagonistic Templar in the series, driven by a need to help others to prevent Assassins from doing evil things (cause earthquakes in cities using First Civilization technology). Shay fled to his ship as the Assassins were bombarded by it, and many Assassins attempted to pursue him. He destroyed three vats of the poison in an old factory, while also testing out a stolen grenade launcher. After the man headed to a storage house to put the lighting rods with the rest, Shay killed him as he attempted to ring an alarm bell after seeing him in some corn rows.