On parental leave or maternity-related grounds. Amanda Glover I'm OK with hearing from Staff Squared from time to time and you won't share my information, Already have an account? I have only worked for my employer for a short time, am I entitled to redundancy pay? Understandably, there are many questions surrounding redundancy and what it means for you if you are made redundant by your employer. By way of an example, where attendance records are included as a selection criterion, maternity related absences should be discounted for scoring purposes. Intelligent feedback analysis at your fingertips. For performing or proposing to perform the duties of a workforce representative for the purposes of the Transnational Information and Consultation of Employees Regulations 1999. In addition to this, some organisations pay an enhanced payment which will be in your Terms & Conditions. Sometimes employers will incentivise employees to volunteer by offering enhanced redundancy payments to those who take voluntary redundancy. The reasoning behind redundancy selections can include: An employer may also include qualifications and skills as part of their reasons, but it should not be based on these alone. For taking part (or proposing to take part) in consultation on specified health and safety matters or taking part in elections for representatives of employee safety. Any dispute about whether a redundancy payment is due, or about its size, can be determined by an employment tribunal. For taking lawfully organised industrial action lasting eight weeks or less (or more than eight weeks in certain circumstances). The right to be paid for this time off is capped at 40% of a week’s pay. Frequently asked questions about redundancy Where can I find out about redundancy rights during the COVID-19 emergency period? However, in certain circumstances, denying an employee the right to appeal may affect the fairness of the redundancy process. There is in fact no legal right to be accompanied to a redundancy consultation meeting. Yes, employees who have at least two years’ continuous service and have been given notice of dismissal by reason of redundancy, have a legal right to take a reasonable amount of time off to look for other opportunities. Clarisse works as the Lead of our Customer Support Team to provide all of our customers with the very best care and guidance when using their HR software. You should therefore check your employment contract. How dismissals will be carried out and the timeframe. If your appeal is rejected but you still believe that the decision was made unfairly, you can make a claim to the. Can an Employer Replace you After Making you Redundant?