Cranberry Lime. Pineapple Pomelo; Pomegranate; Raspberry Lime; Ruby Red Grapefruit; Strawberry Watermelon; Toasted Coconut; Triple Berry; Vanilla Strawberry Watermelon. Ginger Lime Mule. No true fan of Polar Seltzer has any allegiance to the fruits that inspired … Pink Apple & Lemon. Vanilla. Polar Seltzer / Black Cherry; Blueberry Lemonade; Cherry Pomegranate; Cranberry Clementine; Cranberry Lime; Georgia Peach; Lemon; Lime; Mandarin; Orange Vanilla; Polar Seltzer Original; New! Pineapple Pomelo. Cranberry Clementine. The nominated flavors include Georgia Peach, Strawberry Watermelon, Toasted Coconut, Pink Apple & Lemon, Ginger Lime Mule, Cranberry Clementine, Pineapple Pomelo, Triple Berry, and Vanilla… Sparkling water with the bold flavor of fruit, PLUS caffeine for energy Sparkling Dry Crisp and effervescent beverage whose recipe can be traced back to the ‘ dry ‘ days of Prohibition Ruby Red Grapefruit. Toasted Coconut. Seltzers - Polar Seltzer.