With the use of premium natural ingredients, we have created rich, full-, Yolè is a product made in Spain. BTW I don't understand why a litre is a problem, you could make a larger quantity of ice cream and store it in the freezer. Which is best for ice-cream? is vegetarian, gluten-free and has a nutritional profile carefully curated to suit all ages from children to elderly seniors, all lifestyles from active individuals to hospital patients. Local ice cream brand issues apology after its burfee-infused ice cream leaves bitter taste in the mouth for many. Nothing is more important that having the right balance in the ice cream you love! BECOME A YOLÉ DISTRIBUToR. Do you have a favorite mushroom to cook with? What brands of heavy cream do NTUC and Cold Storage S'mkt in Singapore carry. With the use of premium natural ingredients, we have created rich, full-flavored ice cream without adding any sugar. Marina One, 5 Straits View #B2-17 PROTEIN. (Raffles Place MRT Xchange), Available at COMFORT OF YOUR OWN HOME, 350 ORCHARD ROAD, #14-05 Yolé is a brand of D+1 Holding (www.dplus1.com), Yolé ice cream has less calories, fats, and sugars than any other brand in the ice cream market. WHEN CREATING SUPERIOR TASTE, Example: Yolé Natural Strawberry vs Strawberry from other large brands. My crab apple jelly has not set, can I use the microwave to reboil so that it sets. 10 Best Ice Cream Brands and Flavors to Eat for Dessert Tonight. A taste of excitement in every pint! Does the milk you use matter in Baking/Cooking? Which is best for ice-cream? Protein ice cream contains a powerful amino acid, L-Leucine, which stimulates protein synthesis, assists with building muscle mass, and promotes a healthier lifestyle. What is the quickest way to create apple pie? Hand crafted with premium ingredients and chockful of benefits, this local made artisan ice cream is high in nutrition to support a healthy lifestyle. Ltd. All Rights Reserved. That’s why we bring the best combination of high protein, low calories, low carbohydrates and low sugar in a delicious range of original flavours to wow all ages. Does any one have a recipe for, Commercial "Donut Shop" Smile Cookies ? So, whether your favorite is a classic like Natural Strawberry, an “OMG, hurry back” like Peaches & Peaches or a super sensation like our new decadent Toffee N Chip, you will always get the best ice cream that we can make. The finest natural ingredients from Spain, ENJOY YOLÉ TUBS IN THE Rest of the world moves on as Trump won't concede, Britney Spears will not perform again due to legal setback, Fox News host shuts down Graham's money plea, Student debt cancellation in focus amid Biden transition, Study pinpoints places people are most likely to get COVID-19, Ex-cop in Breonna Taylor case accused of sex assault, 'I'm not going to say that': Tebow wouldn't call this play, Can dead people vote? Selected NTUC FairPrice, Selected Eccellente by Hao Mart, RedMan at Bedok Heartbeat and eMarketplaces (WoahGroup, Redmart, Shopee & Qoo10). WOAH! You can't substitute evaporated milk for cream in your recipe but you make be able to find a recipe using evaporated milk rather than cream on the net. By Lifestyle Reporter Oct 10, 2020 SINGAPORE 238868. NO COMPROMISE What is your favourite way to cook steak and how do you like it done?