Another traditional dish in this area is Poutine. Hey, Mike, OK, You convinced me. Search for a topic, destination or article, This post is proudly produced in partnership with, We use cookies to understand how you use our site and to improve your experience. It naturally occurs to the Petitcodiac River by the surging waters from the Bay of Fundy. Simply stroll the streets. Park the car and set off on foot down the trail to explore the sea cliffs. Rental cars can be driven into Canada providing the rental companies are notified in advance. This city has a historic … I saw a surfer riding the waves. Once you come to the end of the 19-mile drive, retrace your route and then set the GPS for the charming village of Alma, gateway to Fundy National Park. It is very hilly, so be prepared for challenging walks. Be sure to watch the video and check out the interactive map at the end. There are airports in Northern Maine so be sure to check which airport works best for you. The Skywalk in the city of Saint John is a great place to view the phenomenon. The effect is changing a calm river into a current. Take a road trip along the Acadian Coast this fall. The experiences are his ink. The park is next to a great hotel, Chateau Moncton, that I recommend staying at. The rock formations were shaped by the Bay of Fundy tides. Rugged and vast, Canada is a road-trippers dream. Just before reaching St. Andrews there is a road that will take you to. The ferry ride is worth the trip alone as whales and other marine life were spotted on the 90-minute trip. Once you’ve witnessed the power of the tides, check out Irving Nature Park, a jam-packed spot where New Brunswick’s marshes, beaches, and forests all converge. As a lover of nature and finding unique spots, New Brunswick is the destination to visit. I found the flights from NYC to be expensive and also time-consuming due to stopovers. Beaches This is an expensive area to stay, however, volunteers with the Swallowtail Lighthouse organization are able to stay overnight at the lighthouse and it might be worth looking into this possibility! We are combining it with a 10-day trip to Cape Breton Island and Halifax area. If you have the freedom/flexibility, longer is always better. The trail heads straight down and then follows along a little creek where many boardwalks are provided to navigate over some of the terrain, crisscrossing the creek several times along the way. Very confused about how much time to spend in each area, as well as planning a return trip that is interesting. Road trips have forever been a favorite pastime in US and Canada and will continue to do so. The daily schedule is available, but often the tide arrives 15 minutes before or after the predicted time. Spend the next two days exploring and relaxing on the utterly charming island of Grand Manan. Finally, it’s off to the USVA Nordic spa on the outskirts of Moncton. There are a number of other activities in the park, from a zoo, swim/slide, amusement park and more. Head up the coast from Saint John and set off slowly along the Fundy Trail Parkway. Getting to Grand Manan Island is not difficult as the ferry has numerous daily departures from Blacks Harbour. Then, the amazement begins…the car simply starts rolling backwards, up the hill you just drove down! Inn at Whale Cove Cottages, Grand Manan. It is idyllic even in the middle of the tourist season. Flanked by the Atlantic Ocean, it’s a small province you can easily crisscross by car, meaning lots of sights with little stress. You will be able to sample several varieties. If you’re into camping, there are some spots right on a sea cliff with stupendous views. A week isn’t long enough to experience everything New Brunswick has to offer, but it’s a sufficient window in which to undertake an introductory road trip, so…motors ready! “We have everything that all the other provinces have,” he said, “but we have it all in one place.” Indeed, New Brunswick does seem to have it all: beaches, mountains, islands, colorful cliffs, high tides, and charming towns and cities with local music scenes and fresh seafood. Your first stop should be Odell Park, a 333-acre section of old-growth forest in the heart of town. It seems to defy natural law, but of course is just an optical illusion. Road trips have forever been a favorite pastime in US and Canada and will continue to do so. This phenomenon is when the leading edge of an incoming tide forms a wave of water that travels up a river or narrow bay against the direction of the river or bay’s current. Long Eddy Point Lighthouse – Great spot to watch the sunset after having dinner at the Whale Cove Inn. When you’re ready, your next stop is Cape Enrage. Day 7: Exploring Fredericton. Occasionally, the wave is large enough to surf! Consider road trip destinations as The Trans-Canada Highway. On top of the lighthouse, you can view the cliffs and marine life from above. Towering cliffs, a light tower, and several beaches make for some incomparable travel photos. Twice a day, enough water to fill the Grand Canyon — twice — swishes in and out of the Bay of Fundy, a bathtub-shaped crevice separating the province from Nova Scotia. Check out. Here, you’ll find spectacular hiking as well as kayaking! Make reservations on the ferry if you are bringing a car as the ferry is in high demand during the peak season. For dinner, consider the elegant Rossmount Inn, whose restaurant was voted one of Canada’s Best in 2019. This is the place where the lowest and highest tides in the world take place. In Petite-Rivière-de-l’Ile, on Lamèque Island, Église Sainte-Cécile is a small church painted in cheerful pinks, yellows, and blues. Planning a trip to Europe? Your final day on the road takes you to the riverfront capital city of Fredericton, the province’s capital, on your way back towards the US. Karen. In the summertime, there are free shows and performances on Thursday nights by the Pier. Well, I missed New Brunswick on two previous trips while driving to Nova Scotia. Outdoor seating and viewing areas to search for whales and other sea life is also an option. Hole-in-the-Wall Park and campground – Some fantastic hikes in this park, including one to its namesake where you will see a large rock formation with a giant hole in the middle. I was a “day tripper” without a car or bike and returned the same day. Saint John is one of the largest cities in New Brunswick. Walk the boardwalk until you reach the seal observation deck. The rocks where I had been standing became the entry point for the kayakers entering the Bay. During low tides, you will be able to walk around the shore and during high tides, a kayak is required. Hi Mike, Thanks for all your suggestions. St. Martins. Grand Manan Island is located in the middle of the Bay of Fundy between the coastline of New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Photo: Samuel Daigle/Nepisiguit Adventures. You can stay in Alma for convenience or choose to camp. Drive to St. Martins, about 40 minutes from Saint John. Close to the ferry is the Swallowtail Lighthouse that is a half-hour uphill walk uphill from the ferry.