If you know what your movie is supposed to look and feel like and you have a plan, your life is a little bit easier.”, “The fear dissipates and you just need to jump in and do the work,” she said. Selena Gomez-backed 'The Broken Hearts Gallery' to open in India on Nov 20, ‘The Broken Hearts Gallery’ Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Release Dates and Details, Bo Report: ‘Trolls World Tour’ and ‘The Secret Garden’ can’t catch ‘Tenet’, The Best TV Shows About Being in Your 30s. It's the first screenplay I ever wrote. Since it was 2002 at the time, these articles were published online, sort of like a blog. “It’s not about Lucy being a biracial woman with a white mother and Indian father, but about a woman who falls in love. If anything, one of the great strengths of the film is that what happens to Lucy feels completely organic, a testament to her humanity and not just to her femaleness. Can you talk to me about how you approached that in the story? As a staff writer, you’re constantly pitching and people are constantly telling you ‘No.’”, Natalie Krinsky concluded, “Your last idea isn’t necessarily your best idea. I was sort of so taken aback by the question, I said, "What do I need to do? She wrote the first draft about ten years ago and kept at it over the years. That's the best of both worlds right there. We asked Krinsky why the idea behind The Broken Hearts Gallery is so personal to her. And that happens to be her ethnicity.”. The Broken Hearts Gallery, writer-director Natalie Krinsky’s first feature, ticks both boxes. Just jump in, do the work, and hope for the best. You can always find something else.”, Since writing for many TV shows, Krinsky has also become a producer. And I was at the time a struggling writer; I had been fired from my job, I had broken up with my boyfriend, I was moving apartments, and I was sorting through the detritus of my life trying to figure out how I was ever going to move on and I was ever gonna make it, quite frankly. Natalie Krinsky: Sure. A successful novel kick started her career, and she moved on to television, writing for shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Gossip Girl. “In terms of confidence, I was pretty terrified [to direct], especially in the beginning. Comment. It was more about what it was like to be figuring out your sexuality at nineteen in this hotbed of hormones and dorm rooms,” she said. One of the many topics in the forefront of industry-related conversations has been around diversity in filmmaking—both in front of and behind the camera. A rom-com devotee, Krinsky was inspired by everything from “When Harry Met Sally” to “Bridget Jones’ Diary” and “Broadcast News,” but she was also inspired by her own life. Helmed by first-time director and longtime television writer Natalie Krinsky (Gossip Girl), the film tackles how one young woman moves past her old relationship with a literal art gallery made up of her broken heart. “I like diving into the footage to find unscripted moments that enhance the spontaneity of a scene. Krinsky spoke with Screen Rant about the 10-year journey to her directorial debut, and why she finds heartbreak both isolating and unifying. “I was very lucky that I had extraordinarily supportive producers [Selena Gomez, among them] and they realized that I knew what this movie was and asked me if I wanted to direct it. And Shawn was wonderful as someone who had been through it.”. “That’s the common thing we have, no matter our ethnicity or religious background. I don't know if it is that it's my first, or that it came from my own life in so many ways. Guatemalan-born Arturo Castro has a substantial role in the film, as does Saturday Night Live’s Ego Nwodim, an African-American woman. Geena Davis Institute on Gender and Media, Sidney Lumet by Columbia University professor Maura Spiegel, Made in Frame: Oxcart Assembly Goes Boldly for NASA Return to Human Spaceflight, Introducing the Frame.io Explained Video Series. I just gave birth to my second baby three days ago, and I have a movie coming out into this world. But Natalie and Shawn handle it with such a light and deft touch that the viewer doesn’t feel as though they’re watching a treatise on feminism disguised as a rom-com. “We thought about it for a while,” Shawn says. Everyone has pain. And even if it starts getting better, it’s still emotionally taxing. Why was this project so personal to you? … “All comedy comes from character,” she said. Company Number 9727180, “Disobedience” Finds Glimmers of Hope in a Restrictive World, “Writing To A Target Demographic Is Creative Suicide.” Writer-Director Wash Westmoreland Talks ‘Colette.’, Cody Heller’s “Dummy” Is No Ordinary Sex Doll, “He Flew Too Close To The Sun” Kevin J. Hynes Talks ‘Heeled’ Podcast, ‘Dirty John’, and HBO’s ‘Perry Mason’, “Obsess Over Characters” Cooper Raiff Talks ‘Shithouse’, “A Moving Motion Comic” Scott Zakarin on Writing Video Podcast ‘Ride Share’, “Balance The Rush Of Shoplifting With The Consequences” Showrunner Sarah Goldfinger on Netflix’s ‘Trinkets’ & ‘CSI’, “The Less-Pressure Draft” Sam Boyd on ‘Love Life’. The best romantic comedies feel very personal while simultaneously being universal for their generation, and by that measure The Broken Hearts Gallery fits right in. “There are so many more rules as a screenwriter. We interview The Broken Hearts Gallery writer and director Natalie Krinsky about her journey to make the film and how it captures its time period. Watch a trailer for The Broken Hearts Gallery. Do I need to act it out or make a real? “There was a strong female character at the center, but it also followed a group of friends in college. “You’ve got to be funny on the page, but you’ve got to set up scenarios to allow your actors to improvise, if you are so lucky to have that kind of actor at your disposal.”, “This might be reverse directing, but we spent a lot of time rehearsing scenes to see what worked on the page. When someone rejects a script she wrote, it feels personal. We want to highlight the amazing work that’s being done every day in our industry, but instead of conducting armchair interviews, we dive into the messy details and Natalie Krinsky always knew she wanted to become a writer. You continually evolve the story, but I think the essence of Lucy has definitely always been this strong, unfailingly optimistic character.”, “She’s someone who is not asking the world to love her despite the fact she’s weird. When someone rejects a script she’s producing and it gets rejected, it feels like there is something wrong with the buyer. So, I'm upright and it's a win. Seeing potential, self-proclaimed “emotional hoarder” Lucy convinces him to let her curate an exhibition of donated heartbreak memorabilia on its mezzanine floor, inspired by the mementos she’s kept from her own exes. I had done that, and then my producers and financiers, No Trace Camping, approached me four or five years ago, when I was actually pregnant with my first child. Along the way, she makes mistakes, but is never defeated by her failures. You can see how much fun they were having by the time they got on camera and how organic the humor was.”, In past projects such as VEEP, Parks and Recreation, and Flight of the Conchords, Shawn used an almost documentary-style approach. Her choice for Lucy was Geraldine Viswanathan, who is Australian of Indian/South Asian heritage. If female representation in a crowd reached 30 percent, male producers felt there were too many women. The premise of writer Natalie Krinsky’s directorial debut sounds cheesy, and it is, but watching the brooding Nick softening to putty in our goofball heroine’s presence while she … “The world is made up of men and women,” Natalie says. 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Broken Hearts Gallery director Natalie Krinsky discusses her experience directing her first feature film and what it took to get the project a green light. “Whenever Arturo and Geraldine were in a scene together, it was so much fun to watch – all the actors with comedic backgrounds had time to improvise.”. We absolutely have to do our homework—many female filmmakers will tell you that we have to be three times more prepared—but you have to believe that you can do it.”. Share Share Tweet Email. Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. You've been writing for a while now, but this is your directorial debut. “I’ll write one or two pages of prose from the character’s point-of-view. Send us an email: blog at frame.io if you have an idea for a post or want to write one yourself. Especially in this moment where we've been in quarantine or our lives have markedly changed, to find something that's common for us is, I think, so important in this world just in general. I was trying to navigate dating, so, so many of the things Lucy is going through, I was living.”, “Now I’m married with a child and another one on the way, but the voice of that character and what I was living at the time, or her interactions with girlfriends and professional situations, came from my own experience and the conversations I would have.