None of whom had any characterisation, of course; they were background characters and added little to the plot. He hunts down the guy and breaks his door down. For his part, Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys writer Anthony Del Col asked that readers give the first issue a chance before judging it. The Death of Nancy Drew follows Joe as he returns to Nancy’s hometown of River Heights and attempts to find out what happened to her. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. But Joe Hardy, teen detective and Nancy’s boyfriend, refuses to believe that Nancy’s death was an accident -it’s murder and he’s going to solve it. "Whether or not she's really dead is the real question," she told CNN. These cookies do not store any personal information. Not only is Joe stupid, but he gets his way by threatening and coercing people. Anthony Del Col said he was “very surprised” by the blowback to his upcoming coming book series. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. Joe goes looking for this girl and asks around (no idea where) for her identification and whereabouts. That series ends with Joe, Frank, and Nancy vowing to find out more about the shadowy organization., Cleaning up after the latest disaster and found th, Editing something... or rather taking a picture of, Streaming the Street Masters beta on today’s lun, I think I see comet Neowise! According to Anthony Del Col, The Big Lie and The Death of Nancy Drew were conceived as a single 12-issue arc, with the first six issues set in the Hardy Boys’ hometown of Bayport and the final six issues set in Nancy’s River Heights. By clicking “Accept”, you consent to the use of ALL the cookies. It’s the litTle gre, Editing this week’s Major Spoilers Podcast selfi, On the Next Major Spoilers Podcast – 2013, On the Next Major Spoilers Podcast – 2012, On the Next Major Spoilers Podcast – 2011, Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys: The Death of Nancy Drew, [Preview] Warhammer 40000: Marneus Calgar #2. Ugh! Robot Overlord may suddenly accelerate to dangerous speeds. Who killed Nancy Drew?”, Perhaps the bigger question on the minds of fans: Is she really dead? "Nancy Drew & the Hardy Boys: The Death of Nancy Drew" is already stirring up fans who worry it's sidelining the heroine in her own story. Male creators’ first notion when handed a female character shouldn’t be to use her as a crutch for male characters’ growth, even if she isn’t really dead. But that’s not even the half of it. Summary Short summary describing this issue. Joe provides some exposition about the Syndicate and his dad’s muder at the beginning of The Death of Nancy Drew, but it’s a quick info dump that provides even fewer plot details than this paragraph does. "I think that they'll discover in doing so how much I adore the character of Nancy Drew and how this character allows us to get to the core of who she actually is," he said. The Death of Nancy Drew follows Joe as he returns to Nancy’s hometown of River Heights and attempts to find out what happened to her. Because Joe and Frank pretty much hate each other here—they even have a punch-out in the middle of the street. Though Nancy’s appearance at the end of The Death of Nancy Drew #1 isn’t as shocking a reveal as it’s presented, it’s still a compelling cliffhanger; I am admittedly curious about why and how Nancy faked her own death! The monthly series will see the Hardy Boys investigate the literary heroine's death. Mr. Del Col refused to say, adding only that readers of the series would find “more than meets the eye.”. The beloved teen detective, who has survived countless scrapes, cliffhangers and close calls, is dead — or so it seems — killed while pursuing a high-stakes investigation of organized crime. Ms. Rehak said the intense reaction to Mr. Del Col’s comic book series showed the enduring power of Nancy Drew, even as she has been reimagined over the decades in books, movies, television shows and video games. Who still wants her dead? The sparseness of the character designs made me feel like I was reading the book through a funhouse mirror. REVIEW: Star Trek Discovery’s “Forget Me Not” Angers Me Greatly. Wow. Seek shelter and cover head. Culture doesn't fit in a box. Ever since The Death of Nancy Drew was announced, fans of Nancy Drew have been concerned about the direction of this story and whether or not it will be a fitting tribute for the character’s 90th anniversary. "The Nancy Drew books were powerful because a smart, brave, independent young woman solved crimes by doing all the things we got told weren't for girls," feminist writer Claire Heuchan. Why would Joe Hardy, teen detective, do something this stupid? Police reports indicate that Nancy’s car had a faulty part, resulting … Nancy Drew is dead. Of course, he’s immediately arrested because that’s breaking and entering and everyone in the building heard him. "I just hope folks will give us a chance to tell our story.". I’m sure this is an attempt at being edgy, but don’t teenagers deserve to read healthy and loving sibling relationships? As a child, I loved Nancy Drew, but I also loved the Hardy Boys. Jennifer Fisher, an author who runs the Nancy Drew Sleuths fan organization and has consulted on books in the series, said she's excited to see where the new comic takes the character. “I’m very surprised” by the blowback, said Anthony Del Col, who wrote the series, which is to be published by Dynamite Entertainment in April. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Coming into The Death of Nancy Drew #1, I was obviously skeptical of what I was going to read but I wanted to keep an open mind and give the creators the benefit of the doubt. The authors still want readers to give it a chance when it's released in April. “How did she die? I couldn’t even tell the characters apart because everyone looks the same. The first time I read a team up with them, I was overjoyed, and I’m glad that contemporary readers are getting some of that enjoyment. Mr. Stratemeyer gave the plotlines for the first Nancy Drew stories to Mildred Wirt, a young newspaperwoman, who fleshed out the books, which were published under the pseudonym Carolyn Keene. It also sent her name trending on Twitter on Friday. The Death of Nancy Drew #6 will out Wednesday 11th November from Dynamite Comics This final issue of the much-talked-about series will finally unveil the mastermind behind Nancy’s attempted murder… but will it lead to one of the Hardy brothers deaths? Women don’t generally give strange men information about other women—we’re always on edge because we don’t know why the man might be asking after her. “If you read the first issue,” Del Col told Polygon following the backlash to the announcement, “I think any concerns that you might have will be allayed.” Though he talked around spoilers, Del Col dropped plenty of hints leading up to the book’s (delayed) publication, teasing that Nancy’s mysterious death wasn’t quite what it seemed. The promotional art for the upcoming comic shows the Hardy Boys mourning the death of Nancy Drew. Some Twitter users posited that in the new series, she takes a page from Amy Dunne of "Gone Girl" and reappears later. FC | 32 pages | Mystery | $3.99 | Teen+ His take on the character leans "very heavily into a noir story," he said. For more information, see our ethics policy. I didn’t even enjoy the art in The Death of Nancy Drew #1. Nancy Drew, star of hundreds of books, films, TV series and comics, is dead -- or so a new comic series wants you to think. The setup isn’t great and the creators’ surprise at being called out makes it worse. But while the desire to maintain that noir-ish surprise does explain Dynamite’s tone-deaf framing of the story, it doesn’t excuse it. The issue was bumped from its original release date, as the comics industry struggled with coronavirus shutdowns, but it hits shelves today and introduces an intriguing new Nancy Drew mystery in a fun, if predictable, way. In more than 600 books, comics, films and TV series, Nancy always has been portrayed as sharp, perceptive and impeccably dressed. (Joe Eisma replaced Werther Dell’Edera as the artist for The Death of Nancy Drew.). Nancy helps them investigate, and together they uncover an organized crime organization called the Syndicate. Mr. Del Col said he had envisioned the story as a continuation of a previous series he wrote for Dynamite in which Nancy and the Hardy Boys team up to solve the murder of the boys’ father, Fenton, a crime that the boys themselves stand accused of committing. Some fans criticized the decision to apparently "fridge" Nancy Drew in her own series. "Nancy Drew & the Hardy Boys: The Death of Nancy Drew" is already stirring up fans who worry it's sidelining the heroine in her own story. Why would she just tell him who the girl is? (CNN) Nancy Drew debuted 90 … “The idea of killing her really flies in the face of her appeal as a character — if they have killed her, which we don’t actually know,” said Melanie Rehak, the author of “Girl Sleuth: Nancy Drew and the Women Who Created Her.”. This book is awful and not just because it kills off a character it’s meant to celebrate. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. covers: Joe Eisma (A), Joe Eisma (RI/BW) However, writer Anthony Del Col has said that the points of view in each issue will change, as per the format of this series’ predecessor, Nancy Drew & The Hardy Boys: The Big Lie. The story is bad. "I personally am not a fan of fridging as a plot device, and I wouldn't have agreed to draw a book that had that as a plot element," he said. Nancy Drew & The Hardy Boys: The Death of Nancy Drew #5 (Nancy Drew And The Hardy Boys) Kindle & comiXology by Anthony Del Col (Author) › Visit Amazon's Anthony Del Col Page. What a waste of a beloved set of characters. Joe has been following the prime suspect on Instagram—the suspect’s supposed girlfriend reminds him of Nancy (give me a second to roll my eyes again, but this is going to turn into a major plot point in the series). Learn how your comment data is processed. Dynamite has stated that The Death of Nancy Drew doesn’t need to be read alongside its predecessor, The Big Lie, but I’m not convinced that The Death of Nancy Drew would be compelling without having read The Big Lie first. It's also possible she never died at all. Longtime readers of Drew were flummoxed by the news: Why celebrate the 90th anniversary of a beloved female character by making her a ghost in her own story? The authorities say that Nancy died in a freak auto accident. The promotional art for the upcoming comic shows the Hardy Boys mourning the death of Nancy Drew. He hears fans' concerns, but he suggests they read the first issue or the previous "Nancy Drew" series he penned to understand he's "just as big a fan of Nancy Drew as anyone else out there.". 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