My cake has sunk in the middle and I don’t know why. Do Not Sell My Personal Information – CA Residents. And don’t worry, you’re not the only one to come across these baking problems. Can I fix it? Otherwise you could cover you cake in icing drizzle and disguise the crumbliness with cake decorations instead. Some cakes are supposed to be moist so make sure you check the description of the cake before making it, especially if you’re not a fan of moist cakes. Hi Donna. If your cake has shrunk but it cooked the whole way through and looks edible then eat it. It’s all about practising and if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again or in this case, bake, bake again! Make sure you are using the right ingredients too. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Eggs, much like flour, help to bind all the ingredients together to absorb the moisture that is in the cake. An oven that’s too hot and a batter that’s exposed to heat too long can give you dried out dessert. Is it just a little bit too dry? If you can, you will always want to try beginning to fix the problem when you first notice it. To avoid this, try not to peek until the last ten minutes or so of your cake’s baking time (or just use your oven light!). If you find that your cakes are brown on one side and not the other, you’re likely dealing with an issue with your oven. Can I fix it? My cake didn’t rise best oven rack position for baking cookies. Determining if a chocolate cake is done is always an issue—if the cake is already chocolatey brown, it’s hard to tell if it’s underdone or burnt. My cake has risen unevenly If you’re wondering, … And carrot cakes, while delicious, are finicky too, since the batter is so moist, it can be difficult to get the inside baked completely without burning the outside. While most people enjoy moist cakes and moistness in a cake is something people search for, there comes a point when the cake mix turns from “moist” to “liquid.” Often, when this happens, this means that something went wrong with the ingredients or the mixing process. My cake is too moist. While many people can appreciate a moist cake, there comes a point when there is simply too much moisture to call a cake successful. If you’ve not got enough flour to balance this out then your cake can be super moist. Depending on the ingredients that you use, too much oil can also result in a cake that is too moist for its own good. Has it not cooked properly? While you’ll likely cover your cake in a tasty layer of frosting, an uneven looking exterior can point to a few problems. The perfect cake is beautifully risen with a light, spongey texture to it… except … 8. Over-mixing your cake mix can have an impact too so keep your electric hand whisk on a steady speed and stop whisking when combined. Why is my cake flat? Remember to add your baking powder next time. Can I fix it? To fix this, you may need to experiment a little with adding fewer dry ingredients or upping the amount of butter in your batter. This is something that most people do not want in their cakes. From raw middles to uneven tops, we’re here to help you get your baking mojo back, so you’ll have a successful bake every time! Can I fix it? My cake didn’t rise and is as flat as a pancake. Just make sure everyone has a fork or spoon for eating it! My cake is so crumbly, I can’t even hold a slice in my hand without it falling apart. This includes flour, baking powder, eggs, and other similar ingredients that will help bind all of the cake pieces together and sucking up all of the excess moisture. This sunken center can be a product of too much baking powder. If your cake has sunk in the middle but is cooked the whole through then there’s not much you can do about it. 1. What’s wrong with my cake? Press Esc to cancel. If it’s a little bit dry and still edible cover it in a thick layer of buttercream or icing and decorate with moist ingredients like butter, chocolate etc. Can I fix it? If you find that the outside of the cake looks perfectly golden but the cake needs more time in the oven, tent your pans with aluminum foil to prevent any further browning while the rest of the cake bakes. If your cake is too crumbly to enjoy, you may have to opt for cake pops instead. My cake is raw If you’ve got a flat cake on your hands, you may have overbeaten your ingredients. My cake is so moist, I don’t feel like its cooked properly. Next time you get baking make sure you whisk your flour properly when you add it to your wet ingredients. You could also crumble the cake sponge into ‘breadcrumbs’ to make cake pops instead. If you put too much flour in, the wet ingredients will absorb the flour leaving your cake dry and crumbly. Before you can learn how to mix a cake that is far too moist, you will need to think about what would cause your cake to be too moist, what you can do about it, and how it could potentially affect your cake if you continued baking with the too-moist mix. My cake is really shiny and greasy and I have no idea why! Excess of this ingredient can cause the cake to rise too quickly and put a crack in the top. 3. When a cake mix is too moist, this is caused by the fact that the flour and other ingredients simply cannot absorb all of the moisture that was added. You've come to the right place! Hold the tin with one oven glove and cradle the top of the cake with your other one and tip it upside down tapping around the edges until it falls onto your hand. If your cake is dry to the point of crumbling when you remove it from the tin then turn your cake into cake pops instead. Make sure you bake your cake on the right temperature and pre-heat it properly. One of the most common mistakes that you will come across is your cake being too moist to mix properly. To tip your cake out, pop on your oven gloves. What’s wrong with my cake? If you overmix you can loose air and air bubbles which help to create a light, soft sponge. Check out the most common problems below and we’ll tell you how to fix them. Your cake might not look very appetising when it comes out of the oven so leave it to cool and cover in the buttercream to hide the lumps and bumps if there are any! Can I fix it? If it’s too hot the cake will cook too quickly and burn on top. Cooking two separate sponges and then sandwiching them together will avoid any unwanted caving. Let it sit for 15 mins or more. Can I fix it? If it comes out gooey, the cake needs more time. Can I fix it? We’ll show you how to fix all the common problems that occur when making a cake – and how to stop it happening next time! Don’t overbeat or whisk when adding your ingredients. What’s wrong with my cake? And last but not least, don’t over whisk your mix. Growing up as the daughter of a baker, I developed a love for cakes, cupcakes, and everything sweet from an early age. If there is any single dish that baking is known for, it would be cakes. The cake’s not destined for the bin though, if the cake is still soft and spongy and not overcooked, then it’s good enough to eat. Be sure that your oven is set at the right temperature. My cake is burnt Even with these cake tips, you may still end up with a few flops. A tacky top is typically caused by covering or wrapping the cake before it’s completely cooled. Make sure your baking tin is the right size – if it’s too big the mixture won’t rise enough to fill it. Sometimes oven thermostats can be unreliable in older appliances, so you may want to invest in an additional oven thermometer to be sure of your baking temps. You get to eat it after all your hard work! Another issue that can cause this is when there are not enough eggs. In this situation, you may want to think about the idea of heating up the oven just slightly more, as you would do to create a cake that is too dry. To be sure that your cake is done, insert a toothpick, cake tester or even a dry piece of spaghetti into the center of the cake. Bake for another 10-15 mins checking after 5-7 mins to make sure it’s working. Keep your butter at a good temperature and follow the recipe. Uneven browning can be caused by hot spots within an oven or overcrowding. If you forgot to put the baking powder or didn’t use self-raising flour, then there’s nothing you can do to fix it. Ready to bake? I’ve started to cream my butter and sugar together along with the egg and my mixture has started to split. Most people know that with baking, even measurements that are slightly off can cause problems. Whether you’re trying to make a delicious boozy banana bread, a classic Victoria sponge cake, or some family favourite chocolate brownies, baking is one of the most satisfying hobbies. This is the best oven rack position for baking cookies. If your cake is not cooked but is starting to brown on top then cover it in tin foil or baking parchment – this will make sure the centre continues to cook but the outside doesn’t.