Written in 1928 and discovered in 2016, “Citizen’s Guide” is annotated and edited by Burton St. John III, PhD; “Dear Folks,” sound lessons and strong insights from PR leader Bill Doescher; and coming this Fall, “Marilyn: A Woman In Charge,” Marilyn Laurie’s Life In Public Relations, a powerful look into business and influence on the highest level. In one of the first classes I hosted, a Black woman in the front row raised her hand and asked, how come no one here looks like me. Trust on Trial and how communicators succeed in a world no longer trustedHosted by CommPRO and The Museum of Public Relations Thursday, October 29, 7–8:30 pm ET REGISTER for this free event, Military Public Affairs, Past & Present: The U.S. NavyA special evening celebrating and discussing the role of public affairs in the U.S. Armed Forces—specifically the U.S. Navy—since World War II, as well as the effectiveness of strategic and tactical approaches of Department of Defense public affairs. Reports Previous events featured keynote speaker Kenneth Morris, Jr., a descendant of Frederick Douglass, and other prominent African-American practitioners, educators and authors. (em.) 1 hour) recorded September 30, 2020, Watch the program (approx. We are looking forward to any feedback, approval or criticism and also cooperation. The rest, as they say, is history. In 1985, PR pro Shelley Spector and her husband, Barry, met Edward Bernays. The Museum continues to be used as a resource for dissertations and theses, print articles, documentary filmmakers, and classroom materials. And we hope you enjoy … Dear Visitor, It took a long time, now the “German Online Museum for Public Relations”, in short “pr-museum.de”, is open to the public. Our mission is to bring PR history to life—exploring and sharing the campaigns, crises and leading figures in public relations history, that will enhance the quality of the practice. The Museum holds lectures in person, and has also conducted online lectures including to London College of Communications, Elon University, Syracuse (Newhouse School), George Washington University, New York University, University of Rhode Island and Global Women In PR. CONTACT: fays@commpro.biz. About the Museum of Public Relations. The idea for the Museum of Public Relations began by happenstance. With these topics, we're interested in how groups are trying to close that gap. The idea for the Museum of Public Relations began by happenstance. CONTACT: fays@commpro.biz . COO and Creative Director, Spector & Associates; Co-founder, The Museum of Public Relations, 1997; President, PRMuseum Press, LLC, a publishing house dedicated to the history of public relations; More than 25 years as a conventional and digital illustrator; designed, developed and produced ad campaigns and corporate identity for such companies as AT&T, ITT, Bayer Corporation, Forbes, NCR and Embassy Suites; BFA… We launched our “Summer School” series and have since offered numerous classes on topics from tech PR to financial communication to crisis management. Abstract: This book is intended to serve as a basic reference for any type of public relations activity, whether volunteer, part time, or full time. 1 hour) recorded October 26, 2020, If the World Could Vote: World Views on the U.S. Presidential ElectionsA candid conversation about global issues with PR/communication practitioners from around the world. #1201 New York, Dean will be interviewed by CNN’s Michael Zelden on September 30, 2020 at 6 pm Eastern Time. Spector: There aren’t many publishers that find it profitable to publish books about PR, outside of textbooks, so there was a need. During this event, John Dean will discuss his newest bestseller, ‘Authoritarian Nightmare: Trump and His Followers.’ Registration is free at http://sumo.ly/14qtk. It took a long time, now the “German Online Museum for Public Relations”, in short “pr-museum.de”, is open to the public. The Museum of Public Relations85 Broad Street, 27th Floor, New York, NY 10004info@prmuseum.org©The Museum of Public Relations. We continue to digitize the original papers from the archives of Arthur Page, Carl Byoir, Edward Bernays, Doris Fleischman, Inez Kaiser, and Ivy Lee, among others. Our annual Celebrating Latino PR event, in partnership with the Hispanic PR Association has attracted speakers from Puerto Rico to Peru, and in May 2020 we will broadcast our first Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month panel discussion featuring fifteen leaders in public relations who will explore the many issues impacting the fastest growing population in the U.S. today. 1.5 hr.) Through hundreds of rare artifacts, oral histories, letters, photos and film, visitors learn about the profession's pioneers and their contributions to the practice. That’s when I knew we had to take care of that. Our annual “PR Women Who Changed History” event, has featured such pioneers as Barbara Hunter and Muriel Fox. Designed by Digital Pomegranate, CommPRO Global, Inc recorded September 24, 2020, When You’re the Only Woman in the Room: Lessons from the First Female CCO Deirdre Breakenridge leads a panel of professors—Karen Russell, Denise Hill, Patrick Ford and Dick Martin—as they uncover lessons to be learned in leadership, ethics, and crisis management from "Marilyn Laurie: A Woman in Charge,” Dick Martin's new book that recounts the ascent of Marilyn Laurie from helping launch Earth Day to become the first female policy-making officer of a Fortune 10 company.Watch the program (approx. Spector: To the Museum, Black Lives Matter (BLM) and the resulting protests are a form of communication. All rights reserved. About Us Since 2017 he has been a political and legal commentator for CNN. We have since published five books. We want diverse students to walk away feeling proud that there have been people who look like them in this business for more than 50 years. John Dean previously served as Counsel to the President of the United States from July 1970 to April 1973. Visitors also explore the various social movements which were guided by the underlying principles and philosophies of public relations. Museum Public Relations . Spector: First, we would like to see the Museum move to a larger space. The Museum's extensive digital archives include video interviews, important out-of-print books, classroom resources, and videos of Museum-sponsored events, including the first-ever events honoring the contributions of African Americans, Latinos, and women in this field. In January of this year, we held our fifth Black PR History event, with keynote speaker Cheryl Procter-Rogers, who addressed how the big historical moments created by African Americans in public relations serves as a barometer of progress. I recently spoke with Shelley about the Museum's 25-year past and plans for its future. recorded September 24, 2020, Watch the program (approx. ABOUT COMMPROCommPRO (https://www.commpro.biz/) is a digital publication for the C-Suite in corporate communications, marketing, public relations and financial services. 222 E. 34th Street, To learn more about this event and to register, please click here. The live-streamed videos may be seen at facebook.com/prmuseum/events). The Museum of Public Relations, the world’s only museum dedicated to the field, has launched a major initiative to digitize its artifacts– in order for the archive to become accessible to students, educators and professionals around the world, especially during the COVID-19 quarantine. He is an internationally recognized expert on money laundering, terrorist financing and economic sanctions. NY 10016, Group PublisherFay Shapiro Dean worked with Bob Altemeyer, a professor of psychology whose expertise is the study of authoritarianism, to closely explore why Trump’s base is so faithful to him. #prmuseum linktr.ee/prmuseum. All rights reserved. Moderating the event and interviewing John Dean will be Michael Zeldin, who has served as a TV legal analyst since 1996, covering the OJ Simpson murder trial, Whitewater/Lewinsky investigation, Clinton impeachment proceedings, Gore v. Bush court challenges, and the Mueller Special Counsel investigation. It reveals the history of the profession, and explores the role of PR in business, society, culture and politics. They interviewed the 94-year-old father of PR on camera several times a year throughout the last 10 years of his life. recorded October 15, 2020, A Conversation with CNN’S Michael Zeldin: John Dean on His Newest Best-Seller, “Authoritarian Nightmare: Trump and His Followers” Hosted by CommPRO and The Museum of Public RelationsWatch the program (approx. Second, we would like to hire a professional archivist who can restore materials and knows proper archiving methodology. The idea for the Museum of Public Relations began by happenstance. It depends entirely on donations from the industry and the public. In 1985, PR pro Shelley Spector and her husband, Barry, met Edward Bernays. 1 hour) recorded September 30, 2020, PRMuseum Diversity Series: Celebrating Latino PR HistoryWatch the program (approx. Our books include “Diverse Voices: Profiles in Leadership,” which we produced in partnership with the PRSA Foundation, and is the first book ever to examine diversity in our profession. 1.5 hr.) 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