Neuromuscular disorders affect the nerves that control voluntary muscles and the nerves that communicate sensory information back to the brain. It could be caused by various conditions like hormonal disorder, auto-immune problem, genetic factor, infections, cancer or misuse of the muscle. Plasma exchange is a common treatment procedure. Treatment for polymyositis consists of a series of medications aimed at sustaining muscle strength and function, physical therapy and speech therapy 2. Many neuromuscular and chronic inflammatory diseases are closely associated with muscle weakness, skeletal muscle atrophy, and muscle fatigue. This website converts English to other languages using an automated tool called Microsoft Translator™. Rest and ice compress are advised. The blood cells are then injected back into the body, which helps to reduce symptoms. The mitochondria are the powerhouse of cells. Checking a patient’s reflexes and muscle strength, as well as evaluating other symptoms, may lead a physician to order other diagnostic tests, including: Currently there is no cure for neuromuscular disorders. It is not understood why this procedure is effective. Read expert perspectives on popular health topics. Accessed December 6, 2018. Get information and reviews on prescription drugs, over-the-counter medications, vitamins, and supplements. The blood vessels, muscles and nerves get compressed in a closed area, which ends up in cutting off the oxygen supply. It causes pain, mild swelling, tenderness and can be treated with pain relievers, rest and ice compress. See which ones and how to use them! There are many neuromuscular disorders, and treatment by an experienced multidisciplinary team, such as the one at Cedars-Sinai's Neuromuscular Disorders Program, is vital. The doctor would recommend the following tests and diagnostic procedure to rule out certain conditions: The treatment for muscle wasting depends upon the extent of muscle loss and the underlying cause of the condition. It can cause drooping eyelids, difficulty in breathing or swallowing and loss of facial muscle control. See All Conditions. It occurs commonly in the muscles of the hands and feet. Translations may not be available for some items, including PDF documents, maps, video captions, and text that appears on photos. According to research from 2017, muscle wasting contributes to a worse prognosis in diseases such as heart failure , sepsis , … Last Updated 11 November, 2020. ©2005-2015 WebMD, LLC. It can cause joint stiffness, knot in the muscles and sleeplessness due to pain. Research is being done on genetic therapies and new medications in hopes of finding a cure.