Since the structure of the song was already unconventional, I could be even more flexible in the arrangement. 그 다음에 Now is the time for you to try and rely on me. SWJA: It is a twist, and also a development. daesin gabyeobge jim-eul chaeng-gija dang-yeonhae gaja sonjabgo Tell us a bit about how that went. SWJA: The moment when I decided to finalize “Classic” in the form that it was released. HKP: Over the years you have produced for a diverse range of artists from indie to idol. Run with me HKP: In the liner notes of Stand, you mentioned that “a person who is no longer okay but insists that they are okay” is a preview of what the third album’s story would be. Stuff like the characters of “Serenade” who all carry scars, a birthday where you find it difficult to even accept the well wishes (“My Birthday Song”), things that are precious but cannot be seen (“Invisible Treasure”). SWJA: I think my most distinctive and strongest trait is that I’m musically flexible. Includes Album Cover, Release Year, and User Reviews. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Use our force - might get a surprise I’m Sunwoojunga, making music in Korea. Could you introduce yourself for Hellokpop readers? jichyeodo dwae naega an-ajulge Until you see a greater meaning, (Pre-) SWJA: I think it was right after 2019 began. in your sleep enough I set a goal to loosen up and do that well, and I tried hard to achieve that. HKP: Both “Interview” and “Serenade” progress softly but have parts where synthetic notes come in and change up the mood. 나만은 너랑 갈 거야 어디든 But “Classic”, which I made in the opposite state of mind, was a huge contradiction for me. 사랑해 눈 맞춰줄래 neolang iss-eulge ileohge An annotation cannot contain another annotation. I can make any song, if I can just make it and be done with it. HKP: Lastly, please tell us anything else that you’d like to say! MAMAMOO keeps on achieving greater heights as they land an impressive and remarkable feat for their latest comeback... GOT7 adds to the anticipations with the reveal of these alluring teaser images! You'll be doing ok It was a time in my life that was ripe for feeling all kinds of disconnects. 내가 옆에 있을게 마음껏 울어도 돼 Take your life to the ultimate high So run with me I wanted to make a song that’s like a fairy, who’s floating through the air on a slow beat and helping make people’s nights be a bit more peaceful. Run with me During the process of completing the album, the end became clearer. Is there anyone you’d particularly like to work with? I will burden myself with the past that won’t seem to disappear. So, run, run, run with me. I’m someone who normally does a lot of self-repentance and self-criticism and that’s where a lot of my creative energy comes out of, and the last few years have been even more complicated. SWJA: “Baepsae”, “Workaholic”, “Cat”, “Eternity”, “Sam Sam”, “Classic”.. did I pick too many? 너의 얼굴 위에 빛이 스며들 때까지 Bring it out-our courage is strong As for dividing it into three releases and the overall atmosphere, I began to plan that in earnest as I made “Sam Sam” around January 2019. I won’t allow you to feel those lonely feelings anymore. neoui mam-i pyeonhal su issneun gos iss-eulkka dulyeoul ge I also wanted the final track to be “Classic” no matter what. And also because of the genuine courage I gained after I put this song out into the world.