I ASK you?!)). ), Despite the name, this is a rich and creamy American-style ice cream, The marketing is awful, a common theme among off brand products, Sweetened with sugar and regular corn syrup instead of HFCS, this is the best budget ice cream available. NOW, let's talk funnel cake......Maybe one of the most dishonest labels available. As a quick recap of this delicious Kroger Deluxe Ice Cream: Priced at $2.79 for 48 fl. I don't care for cookies or pies or fruity desserts. The Kroger Deluxe is across the board lousy in my opinion. But, can't save the base. It's my new favorite vanilla bean. Now I'll try the strawberry on Fritz's recommendation.

PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM. Went to 2 krogers and all they had in the party pail was light. Thompson Tee Review – A Sweat Proof Undershirt, It contains egg, but not enough to qualify as “Frozen Custard”, An increased density due to less injected air (more for your money!

I had never tried Funnel Cake so I bought that & a couple vanillas. The chocolate is not terrible and the pretzels where salty, fresh and crunchy. Kroger Now, I'm sure you're wondering what Kroger's Deluxe Unicorn Swirl Ice Cream tastes like. I didn't finish it in a sitting but I did drizzle chocolate fudge over it each time I ate it! It was beyond my expectations, and made a "this was a bad day" pint into one of the best pints of ice cream I've ever had period.

I don’t really like Funnel Cake, the funnel cake involved is simply a sweet cookie cracker like those found in Ghardetto’s snack mixes! I definitely think you should take this ingredient OUT (as well as the carageenan) and find another substitute that is healthier and less toxic or consider putting a disclaimer on the product "dangerous when consumed by cats." Local grocery store just made the switch from Roundy's ice cream to Kroger party pails. 5 quarts usually lasts us roughly 1.5 weeks...one gallon of Kroger C&C is only half gone after 2 weeks.Flavor: cookies and cream party pailTastes like: ground up ice cream sandwiches. It always tastes like it has been refrozen. Agree - love Publix ice cream and frozen yogurts! My mother and I enjoyed the Kroger Deluxe Butter Pecan Ice Cream.

The quality of the ice cream is typical for the price range.

We love Kroger ice cream. Reading the ingredients confirmed my suspicious: Unlike many other cheap ice creams, this one does not contain any high fructose corn syrup. I wanted to check and see if Kroger's ice cream has carageenan in it because I have a problem digesting that particular ingredient and so does my cat.

Evokes too strong an association with Nickelback.0/10 would not buy. I used to love one of the top rated expensive brands until I tried Kroger's. Daniel, Folks it's the private select ice cream you got to have from Kroger it is fantastic.
Like any chocolate fan, I had to check out Kroger store brand Death by Chocolate Ice Cream when I saw it in the freezer in my local Kroger store. This ice cream taste as good as any name brand but cheaper. I cut open my thumb on the damn thing! Return it to the store to get your money back, then try to grab a fresher pail (check dates) and let us know if it was any better :).

With it’s sweet cream-forward flavor profile, this so-called “Magnifique” French Vanilla is very much an American style ice cream. At $1.99 to $2.50 a container, its the best for the money, also! I guess this is just a good reminder to always try things for yourself. I have been a strictly chocolate girl my whole life. It doesn't hold a candle to Blue Bell. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I prefer Kroger Deluxe Mint Chocolate Chip to the others that I've tried. These days I can make homemade yogurt that is creamier, richer, smoother, & tastes better than Kroger Deluxe Ice Cream.

There is a limit 5 … I bought it on a whim to eat with pecan pie, and the adults in the tasting like the pairing a lot. (Note: I forgot to track down Kroger's new, Breyers Caramel Apple Pie Layered Dessert, Friendly's Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry Friendwich, Cool Jacks Jack Attack Ice Cream Sandwiches.

Copyright © 2006-2020 SheSpeaks Definitely not sweet cream. Since a lot of people give a lick or two of their ice cream to their cat, they should be aware that this is an ingredient that is NOT ALLOWED in cat food because it causes a FATAL type of anemia in cats. My favorite now is the Chocolate Covered Pretzel Blitz that has only been available in Richmond VA since early 2018, if not new altogether. I can't believe it's a light ice cream. Lol.

My favorite flavor is "Death by Chocolate". If you've only ever tried one container from an ice cream brand and a bunch of people are saying it's good while your container was gritty and disappointing, it stands to reason that you had the unfortunate luck of grabbing a freezerburned container. Fortunately the label is a lie. Sascha Bartels, it might have just been the frozen strawberries on top that made it so good, I don't know, ha, which you could replicate on another strawberry ice cream / gelato, but I enjoyed it =) The hazelnut is still in my freezer unfinished ;-)I'll have to check out some of the new private selection pints... Kroger brand Ice Cream is not terrible. I get cranky when we dontd have any. The hilarious thing about this Kroger Vanilla Ice Cream is the comically bad packaging. HEMISFARES GELATO- SICILIAN PISTACHIOI like this gelato, not nearly as sweet as other pistachio ice creams, and it has REAL PISTACHIO bits on the top. DECADENT. I am very serious about ice cream. Same for me. Review the funnel cake...i think it'd be funny...but it most certainly is a MUST TRY...for all the wrong , fun reasons! My favorite flavor is "Death by Chocolate". They also have a mint chocolate chip that has shaved dark chocolate throughout, no teenie tiny bits of chocolate here! Comments owned by the poster. Kroger Deluxe Churned light ice cream is my favorite! I'm sure it's healthier too. My photos barely do it justice — the ice cream depicted on the label is a bizarre burnt yellowish color that looks absolutely nothing like real ice cream. You won’t be able to forget it, and if you know one similar from a different brand or company, please don’t hesitate to respond and let me know about it! Kroger Deluxe Churned light ice cream is my favorite! Required fields are marked *. No oreo-like flavor at all.Texture: grainy (scratches throat on the way down). WHY did they discontinue the Private Selection Chocolate Hazelnut Mascarpone ice cream??? I was shocked to see that it contained something much worse for my cat (and for me) and that is PROPYLENE GLYCOL. It's now the only ice cream I ever want.