Our results from four sets of thick‐thin mixtures indicated a lack of a metaxenia effect for the lines involved. Cumulative difference in heat units required to reach maturity and some variation may be expected for both location and season. Use of plastic film as mulch increases the absorption of N and K and the accumulation of dry matters during the early stage of fruit formation and also increases P absorption at full fruit set. Such receptors are likely to be necessary in the tomato fruit cells for the xenia traits to be expressed, but they may not be expressed or active in the embryo and/or endosperm cells during fruit morphogenesis, which would explain why the hormone effect might not affect the embryo or the endosperm16. (1992) evaluated the effects of three sowing rates 109000, 242000 and 272000 plants/ha and concluded that the number and yield of fruits per hectare increased with increasing plant density, however, fruit yield per plant decreased. Cucumber being quick growing succulent crop responds well to the application of manure and fertilizers. In western countries, there are definite standards of size for picking cucumbers. First picking starts at about 50 days after sowing. Silver nitrate at 500 ppm has been reported to be as effective as GA3. The hypothesis assigns the mechanism of xenia to the action of hormones produced by the embryo or the endosperm26,27. This ratio is profoundly influenced in man}^ varieties of cucumber by changes in season (length of day) However, this general and constant effect of hormones, independent of the male genotype, would not account for the much more specific male character states transmitted to fruits affected by xenia26. It is well known that cucumber is fairly tolerant to acid soils, but the best growth is obtained in soils having pH range from 6.0 to 7.0. It is clear from the study that temperate gynoecious lines (SR 55/F and WI 2757) are unstable for gynoecy under high temperature and long photoperiodic conditions. Cucumbers for fetching better price in the market should be firm, straight, uniformly smooth and dark green so prior to marketing the fruits are subjected to sorting and grading, which are done in field or in packing house station. In this method, channels of 40-50 cm width and 15-20 cm depth are opened manually or mechanically at a distance of 2.0-2.5 m. The above-specified mixture of well-decomposed farmyard manure, fertilizers, and Furadon is thoroughly mixed into the soil where seeds are to be sown. (1982) recommended application of caffeic acid 50 ppm for better fruit set. Application of fertilizer like urea should be used only in good light and temperature condition for better uptake. Fruits being tropical are subjected to chilling injury if they are held longer than 2 days at temperature below 10°C. Results generated here help plant breeder to form new superior variety of maize based population in shorted time. Canizares and Goto (1998) found that grafted plants showed better and faster growth and development and higher fruit yield with better quality than un-grafted plants. In due course of time from India, it spread to China, and even earlier and more rapidly to the West where it was much appreciated by the Greeks and the Romans. Account Disable 12. This variety has been developed by HARP, Ranchi. Optimum plant density is essential to harvest high yield and quality fruits. The ear length were measured by line measurement of the three ear in three times of each family and the ear diameter was measured in the center part of the ear in 3 times of each families. The 100 kernel weight of this 3rd male parents were 13.742, 11.578 and 16.415 g, respectively, whereas their 4th hybrid kernels in respective were 13.117, 11.880, 13.813 and 16.203 g. Two crossing pairs were not indicated xenia expression namely crossing between Bonanza and Ganebo as male parents and Arumba as a female parent, because their hybrid were higher or equal than their female parent. The slicing cultivars have fewer spines than picking types. In general, 2 to 3 weeding may be sufficient to keep the field weed free. Some characters that have been shown to be affected by the xenia effect in other species are also related to seed size, indicating that the phenomenon was not rare. Report a Violation 11. “Xenia” is a phenomenon that expressed in morphological and biochemical features of maternal F1 kernels derived from crossing between 2 parents of angiosperm species, in respective a qualitative and a quantitative measures like color and other chemical contents, form or size and the number of seeds6. Since Focke8 explained the term “xenia” in coined the phenomenon of which the effects of different pollen sources on seed and fruit of angiosperm species, the advanced inventions of this relates phenomenon were developed. Great settlers Columbus grew the crop in the year 1494 on the island of Haiti, and Spanish introduced cucumber in North America where now it is adopted as a popular commercial crop. Hormones produced by the seeds, mainly Auxins, would be responsible for fruit growth and the number of seeds (and presumably their mass) would be positively correlated with fruit size28.