There is academic research showing more or less predictable patterns in the ideology of each justice’s decisions. What Canada does not do, by design, is make replacing judges into a grand partisan spectacle, like the haunted garden party that appears to have been a super-spreader event for the COVID-19 outbreak at the White House, just weeks before the presidential election. Virtually all modern services rely on access to internet services. Beverley McLachlin, Chief Justice of Canada until her mandatory retirement in 2017, has called these Canadian versions an amusing fiction. Published on October 23, 2020. Trump revived the fraud issue in the lead-up to last Tuesday’s election, claiming without evidence that an expansion of mail-in balloting implemented in response to the pandemic would open the door to broad abuse. “It’s not part of the Canadian tradition, perhaps because we’re slightly less political in our orientation. Canada has a maximum age of 75 for its Supreme Court judges, so retirements are long foretold, promoting orderly transitions. This would benefit Trump personally in the short term if the court is called on to rule about him or the election results, and Republicans in general as the court revisits red meat issues like abortion and guns. By dying of pancreatic cancer aged 87, the liberal jurist and feminist icon had created an opportunity for President Donald Trump to shift the balance in the scales of justice, the long game of American politics. All rights reserved. Chris Helgren/Reuters/File. But it would also be the same balance it was a couple of weeks ago, way back when America had other things to worry about, as it still does. The staffers fell into quarantine like dominoes: press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, advisor Kellyanne Conway, and John Jenkins, president of Notre Dame University, where Coney Barrett teaches. Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson recently tested positive for COVID-19 and soon after told a Denver radio station that he will try to find a way to vote in person anyway. A row of maskless Coney Barrett children sat in the front row exposed to a president who was flouting pandemic precautions, both before and after the garden party. Not because it was the first amidst ... Nov 07, 2020. A few days after the party, news broke that Trump adviser Hope Hicks had tested positive, and a few hours after that, Trump revealed his own positive COVID diagnosis, and his wife Melania’s. Glenda Mae Knight passed away peacefully in Melfort, Sask. “I just shake my head, because we aren’t the United States,” she told the National Post in 2015. Published on October 23, 2020. Some of the people at the garden party within sneeze range of those infected have no reason to disclose their health to the public. Coney Barrett is a judge of the Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, a midwest district to which Justice Brett Kavanaugh is assigned. There were two points at stake for the Melfort Mustangs in their 2020-21 Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League (SJHL) season opener against the Flin Flon Bombers, and they got both with a 3-1 win.Off the ice, there was further context surrounding the Mustangs' first regular-season game.