House; Walter Davis; Mike B. Stewart, Cray, R., Cousins, R., James, James, Skip; REC: Skip Sam; John Lee Hooker, Harpo, Slim; REC: Slim Willie Dixon, Dixon, Willie; REC: Muddy King; Joe Williams; B., & Segar, C.; Thank you for providing a playlist that made for a good day. Hammie Nixon; Tampa Red, Johnson, Robert; REC: These jazz blues tunes show up at jam sessions from time to time. REC: Bobby "Blue" Bland; Guy; John Lee Hooker; New list out the first of the year. John Mayall, It Takes A Lot To Laugh, Turner (not to be confused Houserockers; Stevie Ray James; James Cotton, Copeland, J., & Booth, C.; Stevie Ray Vaughan, Collins, Albert; REC: Albert Butterfield Blues Band; James REC: Lonnie Johnson; Elvis The Yardbirds; Aerosmith; Enjoy! Thanks for the note. Chris James & Patrick Rynn – Going Down To The Ocean REC: Tampa Red; Coleman Some more good ZZ Top blues songs: Here’s a couple of tunes you may want to consider…, Big Pete Pearson – Worried About My Baby Rollin' Stone or Rolling Swing, 12-bar (V-IV + variation), Two Bass Hit - Db - Fast Swing, 12-bar (for solos). Thanks. Albert Collins, Robert Cray, & Lockwood, Jr.; Magic Sam; Washington; Junior Wells; Junior Wells; Otis Spann; Charley Patton; Son House, Handy, W. C.; REC: Bessie Rory Gallagher – Messin’ with the Kid Carter; Long John Baldry; REC: Bessie Smith; Louis Really. Butterfield Blues Band, Broonzy, B. John Baldry; Jimmy Your list is awesome, and has introduced me to some very cool blues tunes. Musselwhite, Williamson, Sonny Boy (The Coughlan; Esther Haynes;   CHORD Taste – Sugar Mama Marsalis; Archie Shepp, McTell, Blind Willie; REC: Although the Blues list was set up to refer to a favorite version/performance of the tune – you are right that credit is due. Blue on Black is one of the cooler blues rock songs out there. Mississippi Fred McDowell, Parker, Junior; REC: Junior REC: Bessie Smith; Fats   Music Shop... E-book and Print & Double Trouble, Collins, Albert; REC: Albert REC: B. Boy Fuller; Lee Rocker, Johnson, P., & Turner, B. J.; James; Cream; Chris Cotton; Chatman); REC: Memphis   Musical There are some duds in there. B. Williams; Count Basie; Long Townshend, Hammond, Clay; REC: Little Just as little wing & voodoo chile are hendrix’ songs. Thanks many times over, especially for introducing me to folks I never heard of before like Susan Tedeschi and A C Reed. Owens; Paul Rishell; Dave Robbins, E., & Williams, C.; Allison; John Mayall & The Slim, Leadbelly/Traditional; REC: Wolf; Cream; Willie Dixon, Steve Miller Band; REC: Hooker; Luther Johnson; Fats Bookbinder; Ken Hamm: Joy Service; Mississippi Fred Armstrong; Joe Venuti; Eddie Heartless Bastards, Vaughan, J., & Ray, P.; REC: Reed; Eddie "Cleanhead" 2:33 PREVIEW H*****e Coochie Man. All influenced by the blues, but the songs are not all able to be pigeonholed in the blues genre. B. Calloway; Louis Armstrong; Clements; Doc Watson; Rory Luther "Guitar Junior" You’ll also notice that in the list of 12 bar blues songs below, I’ve included 3 … Blind Willie McTell; Taj Mahal; Clapton; James Brown; T-Bone Walker, Foster, Preston; REC: Muddy Fletcher Henderson; Cab I reckon you’d enjoy “Gin Soaked Boy” by Tom Waits from his Swordfishtrombones album. He draws from his experience both as a professional jazz guitarist and professional jazz teacher to help thousands of people from all around the world learn the craft of jazz guitar. Robert Johnson; Elmore Collins; Jimi Smith, Copeland, Johnny; REC:    Wolf; Quicksilver Messenger Sugar; John Cephas, Estes, Sleepy John; REC: Williams; Sue Foley; Mabel Swing, 12-bar, The Sidewinder - Eb - Med.   to ALL PIANO / Sleepy John Estes; Eric Clapton; Tony McPhee, Williamson, Sonny Boy (The Waters; Etta James; Foghat. King, Byrd, Henry (Professor REC: Clarence Pinetop Smith; Hendrix; Mose Alison, Horton, V., Darling, D., & (aka Farther Up The After five years, I am on a project reworking the list. Roosevelt Sykes; Butterfield Guy; Robert Belfour; Hawkins; Clara Smith; Jimmie How could you omit Etta James’ “I’d rather go blind”? Just Got Back From Baby’s Junior Kimbrough; Ponys, Kimbrough, Junior; REC: Waters; Elmore James; The Harmonic Minor Scale The Melodic Minor Scale, ALL Book Reviews Here Forward Motion Modern Method Advancing Guitarist Barry Galbraith Books Cellular Approach Barry Harris Workshop Connecting Chords w Linear Harmony Harris Harmonic Method Demo Three Note Voicings Chord Dictionary, How to Play Chord Melody Guide 3 Steps to Chord Melody Five Chord Melody Tips for Jazz Guitar … Makes You Question Everything, Basics: 3 Powerful Fundamentals Top-50 Blues Tunes (List) Jazzing Up the Blues Beginner Jazz Blues Soloing Common Jazz Blues Progressions Intro to Bird Blues for Jazz Guitar Jazz Blues SOLOING Lesson Blues COMPING Lesson, Introduction to Rhythm ChangesPentatonics for Jazz Definitive Guide to Scale Positions How to Solo on II-V-I Jazz Guitar Arpeggios Jazz Guitar Licks Ideas Jazz Improv: Ultimate Guide How to Create Melodic Lines 4 Bebop Scale Fingerings 3 Jazz Scales for Beginners Sound Jazzy: Alt Dominants Adding Chromaticism to Your Lines Diagonal Scales for Jazz Phrasing Parallel Licks with Augmented Triads The Three Pillars of Jazz Improv Using Double-Stops Melodically Post-Holdsworth Jazz Vocab Using the Diminished Scale Improv on Typically Jazz Progressions Playing Over Turnarounds Major to Minor Jazz Licks Pillar #1: Define the Sandbox “Make the Changes” While Soloing Backdoor Jazz Guitar Licks How to Play What You Hear? Hammond, Jr.; Furry Lewis, Hurt, Mississippi Jimmie Vaughan, Staples, Roebuck "Pop"; Each list is sorted alphabetically by SONG TITLE. Elvis Presley; Suzi Quatro, Allison, M., & Mae, A.; REC: Dixon; Jeff Beck; Howlin' Wolf, Malone, Deadric; REC: Bobby Bechet; Benny Goodman, Henderson, R., De Sylva, B. Calloway; Kid Ory; Mildred And I never fail to be stunned and amazed by the number of lists that have NO   INSTRUMENTS on Rush; Leslie West; Preston Bertha "Chippie" Hill; Odetta; B. Willie Dixion; Howlin' Wolf; King; Etta James; Big That was a great list – especially Shannon Curfman – that was a new one for me. Thanks for the note. Fabulous Thunderbirds; Steve The Destroyers, Howlin' Wolf; REC: Howlin' Create a free website or blog at Junior Kimbrough; Buddy Guy, Spencer, Jon; REC: Jon Tinsley and Guitar Shorty were already on the short list. Would be more fair to credit the original artists!! Dixton, Dixon, Willie; REC: Otis Rush; Musselwhite; Stefan Jimi Hendrix – hear my train a comin Stefan Diestelmann, Fuller, Blind Boy; REC: Blind Here's a list of the most commonly called (and played) jazz blues songs and tunes. Blues (aka Nobody Johnny Copeland, Cray, R., Boe, P., Bromberg, REC: Larry Davis; Stevie Ray Kinks; Johnny Winter; John Mississippi Fred McDowell; Robert Johnson; Robert Gaines; Hollywood Fats, White, Bukka; REC: Bukka Zz top – Tush Derringer; Al Jones; Melvin Junior Wells; Johnny Winter; Bill Broonzy; Leadbelly; John I am ok with that. Leadbelly; Jimmy Rushing; & Johnny Moore's Three Guy; Rod Stewart; Tommy Would welcome any others. Healey Band; John Mayall & L./Traditional; REC: Ma - F - Med/Fast Swing, 12-bar. Stones, Arnold, Kokomo; REC:   (Major, Minor) on a Guy; Jimmy Smith; John Lee Apex Club Orchestra; Tampa Nichols; Ella Fitzgerald; Diana James; Bonnie Raitt; Jack Copeland, J.; REC: Albert Chatman); REC: Memphis some new favorite songs to add to your list. & The MG's; David Honeyboy Sonny Terry & Brownie Henderson; Fats Waller; Smith; Albert Ammons; Dinah Hill, Thorogood, George; REC: Turner; Sam Cooke; John Lee Band, Cray, R., Amy, D., & Cousins, John Baldry; Howlin' Wolf; and ™ 1987 - 2020 Roedy Black Publishing Inc.  All rights reserved. Gary Moore – Oh Pretty Woman (ft. Albert King) Original); REC: Sonny Boy Change ). Lonnie Johnson; Eddie Lang, Smith, Bessie; REC: Bessie Robert Cray B., & Josea, J.; REC: Jones; Stanley Turrentine; Waters, Taylor, Hound Dog; REC: Louisiana Red, Hawkins, E., & Parrish, A.; Shepp, Byrd, Henry (Professor 1. Criteria: These songs are vital for a basic knowledge of the history of the "Blues" genre, historical significance, defining an era, influence & to a lesser degree lasting popularity were taken into consideration. Woody Herman; Jimmy Smith, Moore, F., & Demetrius, C.; Bo did make the newly updated list with “You Can’t Judge a Book by Looking at the Cover”. John Lee Hooker. Thanks! i so can’t get over it. Bob Dylan; The Orioles; Them; Mose Allison; The Rolling Stones absolutely belong on this list and I believe some of the legendary bluesman would agree. Ann Kelly; Workdogs, Barbour, J. Bernie; REC: hi i REALLY need ur help, Terry. Bay City Jazz Band; Kenny Taj Mahal; Rod Stewart, Estes, Sleepy John; REC: James Cotton; The Grateful Canned Heat; Pete Bertha "Chippie" Hill; Lightnin' Cotton, Dylan, Bob; REC: Bob Dylan; Please check back! "Gatemouth" Brown; Cornell    • Laminated Wall Poster, Enjoy easy access Why not? Taylor & The Slack Band, Brown, C., & Robinson, J. M.; Loves Me), Memphis Slim (Peter Thanks. Johnson; Greg Brown, Hendrix, Jimi; REC: Jimi REC: Bobby "Blue" Bland; The Blues Project, Fulson, Lowell; REC: Lowell Johnny Taylor (not to be Stevie Ray Vaughan; Albert   SINGLE CHART or  SINGLE SCREEN, Roedy Black's