Why don't libraries smell like bookstores? Able to keep his composure in most circumstances, Leon is very compassionate and objective. What is the time signature of the song Atin Cu Pung Singsing? He uses his Resident Evil 6 appearance for this mode and his specialty is enemies dispersion. Leon then shoots Buddy in the spinal cord, severing the Plaga's link to Buddy. Leon managed to kill the corrupt chief and then stole his False Eye, which was the key out of the Village. He asks for help, and Leon agrees without hesitation, even after Helena tells him that there wasn't enough time. Due to the events in Raccoon City, this would be his first and only day as a Police Officer. His handgun skin is based on the gun he had in original Resident Evil 2. [6] Having recently broken up with his girlfriend, Leon stopped on his journey to Raccoon City by staying at a motel overnight. They later found themselves having to cooperate as a two-man cell in a t-Virus outbreak. Buddy informed JD that Leon was telling the truth, then told Leon that he had more questions for him. Even after giving a very black-and-white view to Helena of their situation, Leon is prepared to dive head first into a fray to try and save two innocent people being attacked by zombies, even though it is already too late. When did organ music become associated with baseball? Their relationship is very complicated, despite there being some kind of bond between the two. Leon is initially the only playable character in Resident Evil 4' s main game. Buddy asks Leon to kill him, as he doesn't want to turn. Full Name Billy Coen | Simmons stumbled away to a passing train and Helena and Leon gave pursuit, jumping onto the train after him. Resident Evil Archives II. Leon managed to track Chris down personally, and told him of Claire's situation, and Chris headed to the Island for Claire. Acquiring weapons from a mysterious Merchant, Leon manages to fight his way through many harrowing perils within the local village and a mysterious Castle run by the cult. During his vacation, Leon was approached by Chris Redfield and Rebecca Chambers, aiming to consult him about the recent B.O.W. Leon asks her what she's talking about, but she says that she will explain everything once they get to Tall Oaks Church. Measurements Topic Archived; Page . Accompanying President Benford is his trusted friend Leon Kennedy; and Helena Harper, a Secret Service member. Leon and Helena dismissed his remarks as Simmons became more enraged and eventually succumbed to the effects of the enhanced C-Virus, his body rupturing and granting him the ability to mutate into a larger canine-like creature of bone and muscle tissue. He admitted to Adam that he found it hard to find hope, and had even contemplated killing himself to get out of the situation, making Adam one of the few people to whom Leon has ever shown some form of vulnerability. Looking down, he says "Oh, no...", followed by "I hope the two officers are okay". Ethan Winters, Barry Burton | Enraged, Simmons used his brute strength to dislodge a piece of the train's roof and send it flying towards Leon and Helena. This is done to Villager Ganado that are on their knees. As Leon tries to get in contact with someone in the BSAA to help rescue them, Helena spots an object in the sky just above. Leon performs a straight kick directly into the enemy's face. As Buddy and JD left the scene, Leon came around the corner to pick up his flashlight that JD dropped, then briefly stopped to look at the Ataman's body before continuing down the tunnel. When Arias was grabbing onto the helicopter of Silver Dagger, Leon rode his bike at high speed and jumping off the bike at the last minute to allow the bike to slam into Arias. Type of Hero Info 2.1 Background 2.2 Arsenal 2.3 Feats 3 DEATH BATTLE! Sheva Alomar | The vest reduces damage by 30%. They held him down as one of them expelled a Plaga from its mouth. Leon eventually finds Ashley in a Church, and he becomes responsible for her safety, as the two make their way around Los Iluminados-controlled area. Leon appears in Project X Zone 2 as a Solo Unit. Evil Series. In Resident Evil: The Darkside Chro. However, Helena tells him it's too late, and when Leon looks back at the camera to see the people being killed by zombies, he looks away in frustration and grief. uniform with an initialed baseball cap, navy blue tank top, green fatigue pants, and black boots. Leon Scott Kennedy Stop any virus outbreak.Scrub the T-virus and G-virus from the face of the earth.Rescue Ashley from the Los Illuminados.Avenge the President's death by killing Derek C. Simmons (succeeded).Find evidence of Simmons' Involvement in Tall Oaks (succeeded). However Sherry told Jake that Leon wasn't just anyone: "He saved my life back in Raccoon City." Otherwise, you should close this page and view another page. Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance, https://hero.fandom.com/wiki/Leon_S._Kennedy?oldid=2032623. With Chris patched through, Leon informed him of their location only to have Chris urgently yell for them to leave the area. Leon also confronts his former comrade Jack Krauser, who was now working as a double agent for both a mystery party and Saddler. Leon immediately retorted that dealing in the B.O.W.s would get all of them killed. This is only performed as a prompt to rescue your partner as they are being attacked. Leon encountered and killed U-3 (IT), and then encountered Krauser again and found out his arm was infected with Las Plagas, but still managed to defeat his former partner. Leon wears a dark gray nylon jacket with an extending collar, a matching black long sleeved loose button shirt and a white short sleeved undershirt, tattered blue jeans and white sneakers with brown soles. Manuela assisted them by unleashing the effects of the Virus on her father. As Simmons fell, his body mutated back into his human state just as he was impaled on the obelisk Helena and Leon passed earlier, bleeding him out from his wound. He then continued his search for Ashley and then found a captive named Luis Sera, then encountered the Village Chief, Bitores Mendez, who had both Leon and Luis as captives. The next time he crosses paths with her. Both have been shown to help each other multiple times, with each having feelings for the other. military blockading the city having crumbled, Leon drove through completely unaware of the t-Virus outbreak. In Resident Evil 2, he was voiced by the late Paul Haddad, and Nick Apostolides in the remake of Resident Evil 2. Buddy used Lickers to lure the Tyrant over to a tanker truck full of explosives; Leon promptly shot it with incendiary rounds, destroying the creature's Power Limiter. Occupation When Leon and Helena found "Ada," they followed her into a building, dodging several traps along the way. Height Scott Kennedy CowboyRookie (by Marvin Branagh), U.S. Government Agent (1998-2011)DSO Agent (2011-), Trying to save peopleDrinking AlcoholVacationing. Leon and Sherry were soon apprehended by the US military; Sherry was taken away and placed in protective custody while Leon was interrogated. As he attempted to make his escape, he asked Belikova if she was "the beekeeper", the one who released the Plaga. Helena and Leon were forced to run, making their way to a BSAA helicopter to escape only to find the pilot was injured. is the daughter of former US President Graham. Davis, H. Leigh, ed (2011). However Leon did lose his calm when he discovered Sherry (a person Leon has paternal feelings for) had been raised by Simmons, causing him Leon aggressively interrogate Sherry at which Jake Muller retaliated before Sherry stepped in and mollified the situation . In Resident Evil: Damnation, Leon's hair is slightly longer and he has a small beard. Since the typewriter has infinite ammo, Leon will simply tilt his hat when the reload button is pushed and if the player hits reload four times, Leon will throw his hat in the air and catch it. Due to the difficult nature of the operation, Jack Krauser, a seasoned operative with a history of brave service, was selected to be Leon's partner for the mission.