Now people are inking tattoos of different types of designs as compared to tattoos of spiritual designs that were inked in the past. Well, this is one of those pictures. These tattoos have two dimensions – height and width. Some of them are as follows: Horse tattoos look amazing! But with time, the meaning of the swallow has changed to include a host of other things. Rose compass – Symbolizes one’s search for love. They were used to identify a certain tribe or click of people and that is why they were considered to be Haram. Purple lotus symbolizes an homage to Buddhist deities and a mystic view of religion and spirituality. Butterfly tattoos are a symbol of female sensuality, feminine beauty, and sexuality. Horseshoe – A symbol of a desire for a positive change financially as well as good luck. Kali – A Hindu goddess, symbolizing creation, destruction, and power. They believed dreamcatchers had mystical powers. Flaming horse – Wild strength and free will. Female Warrior – Represents respect for feminine strength. This is why many lovers and couples opt to get their partners’ initials tattooed instead of getting matching tattoos. Eye of Horus – Honoring Horus, the Egyptian Sun God, and his ‘all-seeing eye.’. Ich weiss nicht was dieses Symbol bedeutet, aber wir haben schon einige Designs mit dem gleichen Symbol. Sea turtle: Symbolizes long life and fertility. Jesus Christus zeigt an jemanden mit dem Finger. Main Korus represents people and groups of people, and Korus means new life and new beginnings. They are assumed to have subtle personalities and strong conviction. Arrow on a bow – Tension, conflict, or life struggle. These God tattoos express the story of humans, representing love, bravery, fear, and beauty. Represents compassion, bravery, and devotion; Saraswati – Symbolizes passion for arts, learning, and music. Tribal lotus tattoos – Represent love, femininity, and beauty. Isa is a name originating from a variety of sources. Celtic Cross – Connection between the spiritual and the physical. Facebook Pinterest Twitter WhatsApp Messenger Email. The paw print of a dog can also represent certain characteristics the wearer may have, like loyalty, love, friendship, and trust. Ouroborus represents yin and yang, the circle of life, and volatility. Star compass – Represents resilience, patience, fidelity, stability, and level-headedness. Manawa, which means “heart” in Maori, represents one’s life journey and the time spent on this planet. Gothic Pixie represents anger and defiance. Spiritual tattoos are the tattoos that have a very deep meaning. Das können sein: Jungfrauen, Rosenkränze, Kreuze, Buddhas und verschiedene Symbole, welche sich auf die eine oder andere Religion beziehen. This is why all tattoos were done as a tribal thing. Jesus Christus, der Gitarre mit anderen Natur-Designs wie Wolken und andere, die wir nicht richtig merken können. Butterfly Pixie represents nature, rebirth, and transformation.