Personalize the bridesmaids' bouquets by selecting flowers that pair with each girl's birth month. You could also include trivia questions about the newlyweds as an icebreaker for guests. From the tarantella (Italian) to the money dance (Cuba), ethnic jigs give a party a distinctive flavor. If you’re not related (or just don’t buy into the idea of age taking priority), the more outgoing couple should lead the charge. Anything that you get customized for your bridesmaids will also serve as a memento of your big day. For an outdoor wedding, instead of having tables, set up picnic blankets. Jackson also suggests replicating the menu from the couple's first date—a "simple salad with French onion soup, followed by steak frites" is guaranteed to bring forth a hit of nostalgia (for the newlyweds, anyway). 18 Grazing Table Ideas for a Gorgeous Spread, 30 Unique Wedding Guest Book Ideas for All Couples, 20 Personalized Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love, 52 Edible Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love, 36 Rustic and Wooden Wedding Signs for a Country-Chic Celebration, 60 DIY Wedding Decorations Ideas for Every Wedding Style, 50 Easy Ways to Save $500 on Your Wedding, 61 Summer Wedding Ideas We Can't Get Enough Of, 14 Ways to Make Your Wedding Stand Out During Wedding Season, 20 Wedding Hashtag Sign Ideas to Display on Your Big Day, 26 Elegant Calligraphy Ideas For Your Wedding Day, 32 Creative Wedding Place Cards to Charm Your Guests, Tasteful Football Wedding Ideas to Incorporate Your Love of The Game on Your Big Day, A Coffee Table Book Makes for a Fun Guest Book, Whip Up Family Recipes for the Dessert Bar, Reception Table Names Can Say a Lot About a Couple, Tap Into Different Wedding Dance Traditions, Serve a Wedding Cake That Celebrates Your Heritage, Hire a Live Wedding Painter to Document Your Day, Don't Play It Safe With Your Wedding Day Menu, Find Ways to Weave in Your Family's Heritage, Set Up A Tasting Bar With Your Favorite Libations, Show Guests Your Hospitality With a Welcome Guide, Add Some Sentiment to Your Ceremony Backdrop, Give Your Fur Baby a Moment in the Spotlight, Think of Fun Alternatives to the First Dance, Win Your Guests Over With VIP-Worthy Welcome Baskets, Try Out Different Seating Arrangements for the Ceremony, Let Your Partner Know That You're Thinking of Them, Keepsake Pieces That You'll Cherish for a Lifetime, Special Heirlooms That You'll Always Remember, Let Your Personality as a Couple Shine Through, Hand Out a Tribute Bouquet to Someone Special, Place Envelopes at Each Guest's Place Setting. Get our free wedding checklist when you sign up for our newsletter. Is the weather forecast for your wedding day blistering? Whatever your approach, just be strategic about your wedding party’s presence at the altar. There is a common thought that a wedding is all about the bride. Although not conventional, a double wedding is accepted and can be done successfully with meticulous planning and of course, lots of discussion and consultation with the other party. Instead of benches or chairs, select distinctive seating that reflects your wedding style for your ceremony, like floor cushions or these laidback tree stumps painted with tribal print. A few ideas: clam chowder and lobster rolls for New England, chili and tacos for Texas, or oysters for New Orleans. A barn wedding doesn't have to be overly country, but it's always fine to incorporate a few rural elements throughout the event. If it’s cold, offer blankets for them to snuggle up in. Twice the fun, twice the excitement and twice the budget! Is a Double Wedding Ceremony a Good Idea? Keep the explanations short and significant, and include them on the printed menu. Pick an exit that best suits your style as a couple or wedding theme—a motorcycle for the edgy duo or a sleek tender jetting off into the blue for the chic and glam pair. Not all barn weddings are made alike, and this stone barn venue is the perfect example. Mimosa bar for a morning or brunch reception. This means that everyone will not solely be looking at you, but will also be sharing their well wishes and congratulations with the other couple as well. Not every bride is escorted down the aisle by their father. Macramé is having a moment right now, so why not add this trendy, bohemian look to your barn wedding? Hosting cocktail hour outside? You could say, “Do you Max take Sarah and Do you Mike take Michelle to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or worse, in sickness and in health, forsaking all others until death do you part?” and then reverse it, “Do you Sarah take Max and Do you Michelle take Mike…”. If your barn space has exposed beams, cheap Christmas lighting and faux greenery is a great way to soften the look without a lot of effort. So, is a double wedding ceremony a good idea? When you share a wedding you also get to experience the happiest day of your life with someone that you love right by your side. It is rare to find two couples with the exact same idea of what they want in a wedding. Hire an artist to live paint your ceremony or reception. Take a few minutes to think outside of the box. Headley Lyons, Planning and designing by Pineapple Productions. "I have had couples write handwritten notes for each guest on menu cards for each place setting. If the opportunity comes up to split expenses and plan a great party together, it’s something to consider. They might still want a wedding though. The logistics of any wedding ceremony can be changed to suit the people getting married. Nothing makes more of an impact than demonstrating to your guests how much you care about them," Jackson says. Also, a pop of an unexpected color—like chartreuse—can make an otherwise neutral palette really stand out.". Not every couple is looking forward to a very intimate exchange of personalized, heartfelt vows. It was a very sweet surprise and very kind of the couple to share the day. They can lean on each other for help getting through the various tasks and planning suddenly seems fun and not so stressful. Crystal glasses in shades of blue and wicker baskets complement a southwestern ranch wedding with boho flair. These handy and versatile pieces can be used for bars, buffet tables or as cocktail tables with gorgeous floral arrangements—like in this autumnal concept from Wedding Selects. Pro tip: A shared honeymoon or cash registry will take the guesswork out of things entirely for guests, and can later be split evenly. Hang a series of photos of both of you as children at the reception. 32. Pair with a few deliciously scented plants and tea lights. Steal these ideas before they become standard wedding fare. We love how feathers complement a large king protea in this arrangement. Are you a wanderlusting pair with a travel theme? If your wedding will take place far from where you grew up, offer tasting stations with cuisine from that locale. If you really want to think outside the box, then modern carnival sweets are the way to go. If you are sharing your wedding with a best friend or sibling, this could be a dream come true, especially if you have experienced everything else in life together. This is a great idea if your venue has picnic tables ready for use. If you’re working on a tight timeline morning-of, book multiple makeup artists and hairstylists to accommodate the larger number of people requiring their services. Jackson suggests surprising guests with a turndown service when they arrive back at their hotel following the rehearsal dinner. For brides, hair, makeup, and bouquets can go a long way in further unifying the look of the day, even if one dress is sleek and simple and the other is beaded and glitzy. Brand it on everything from wedding signs to table numbers and favors for consistency. If not for themselves, for their families. Add them to the ends of the rows during your ceremony to create a romantic path. I put this here for comic relief because mass Moonie wedding is what comes to mind when you think about a double wedding. Self care and ideas to help you live a healthier, happier life. Forget the traditional blue garter or jewelry ideas—a flower girl in blue is so much cuter, especially when accompanied by a flower crown. Double weddings can be a wonderful idea or a curse that ruins your whole experience. The 20 Best Wedding Planning Websites and Apps for Every Kind of Bride. The bathroom: underrated and overlooked. Something for everyone interested in hair, makeup, style, and body positivity. A good way to get your start as a wedding florist is to provide your services for a friend or relative’s wedding at cost. “Otherwise one person picks the plates, one person picks the glasses, and there’s clashing.”. The biggest perk is pooling your resources. “Maybe they walk up, stand for five minutes for photos, and then sit down in unison,” suggests Laskey. Favors are great and all, but there’s nothing like a heartfelt message to thank guests, especially when it’s displayed so beautifully. Her work has appeared in Philadelphia Wedding magazine, Washingtonian Weddings magazine, Bethesda magazine, and The Huffington Post. "The best way to make a wedding stand out is to make it your own. Photo by Kate Headley, Planning and Designing by Pineapple Productions. How To Hire The Right Wedding Officiant For You. These greenery wreaths with statement flowers are absolutely gorgeous and eye-catching. From Pinterest-worthy doughnut walls to overused mason jars, it's the unique (lesser done) details that leave a lasting impression. Let it inspire your big day. Cheap, easy to find and even easier to arrange, it's the perfect blend of simplicity and femininity. There’s no denying the charm of a wooden sign or elegance of a mirrored sign, but everyone uses them. With over 18 years of event experience and more than 400 weddings under her belt, L.A. event planner Jenn Laskey runs the eponymous event firm Weddings by Jennifer Laskey. A few areas to look to for inspiration as you plan your nuptials: Behold, 75 distinctive ideas—from catering selections to personalized décor to bouquet ideas—to put your own spin on.