30.04.2020, 17:36. My son is so happy with this desk! Built-in cable management; keeps cables out of sight, but close by. How do you make the perfect gaming station? The measurements should be less than those of the shelf. So how do players set up a game station to create that immersive gaming experience, what do they need to feel comfortable and supported while playing? “I used to love playing driving simulator games where you would often use pedals, the same as a car,” he says. Yay! By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. You can fit a 32" computer monitor or TV by removing the shelf above the table top. It's hard to both place the monitors in a good position for your neck and still leave a good amount of workspace for notebooks/textbooks. 1,60m) gut daran sitzen und zeichnen kann... der tisch sollte schon etwas länger sein und keinen rahmen auf der fläche haben... aber es wäre vielleicht praktisch wenn man die tischplatte auf einer seite ein wenig hoch machen könnte... was benutzt ihr zum zeichnen? • Super easy assembly 5/5 • Looks great! Habt ihr eine günstige Alternative zu so einem kleinen Schubladenschrank wie die von Ikea Alex?weiß auch nicht wie so was heißt kann also nicht danach suchen. Press J to jump to the feed. I don't really know Ikea or Freddy but I would say patience, understanding, compassion and Kindness. width : My son loves this desk for his gaming. I've had this desk for about 2 years, and while I like it to an extent, it could definitely be better in key areas, such as the monitor stand. I tried turning a 24" monitor vertical on it; it won't fit on the monitor shelf, but it will fit when placed on the desk. Width: 32 ¾ " Height: 1 ¾ " Length: 60 ¼ " Weight: 61 lb 1 oz Package (s): 1. Hallo, hat jemand diesen Tisch und kann mit sagen wie hoch die Fläche ist, wo der Tower hin kommt? I have the Asus 34 ultrawide monitor on the shelf, with two Klipsch bookshelf speakers as well and everything fits well. Total build time for me was about 3 hours including having to undo a couple of mistakes (there's a crossbeam that screws into the bottom of the main desk surface that is very easy to install upside down, making the screw holes inaccessible several steps later). Of course he got the task. FREDDE Desk Article Number: 104.510.68 This product has multiple packages. Außerdem gibt es diesen Tisch in mehreren Ausführungen und Abmessungen. Da passt höchstens ein Midi-Tower drauf. Width: 84 cm Height: 5 cm Length: 153 cm Weight: 27.70 kg Package (s): 1. FREDDE Desk Article Number: 502.190.44 This product has multiple packages. I’m not a gamer but wanted a desk for computer and some video editing. Find out more about browser cookies. My son loves it! My only minor complaint is that the backboard of the PC shelf blocks access to all the ports on a mid-sized PC tower, meaning all cables have to be connected while the PC is on the floor before being lifted onto the shelf. Keep your coffee, beverage or snacks nearby in the cut-out cup holders on either side of the table top. How do you make the perfect gaming station? Lots of space for storage, and it looks great!! I am happy with it. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Ich weiß nicht, was das hier soll. I am happy with it. Die Maße von Ikea googlen kann ich selber. May be completed with SIGNUM cable trunking to keep all cords in place. (es kann auch U-Form sein). Falls es irgendeine Firma gibt die Online ein Konfigurator anbietet, würde ich mich drüber freuen, wenn ihr mir den mal schickt. He’s a gamer too. This computer table is on the dear side price wise but wow you get what you pay for a computer table that is made of strong materials and well worth the money instructions to make it are pretty straight forward when you use the Manuel I would have no hesitation in recommending this product go out and buy it now well done IKEA, FREDDE Computer Desk (White) for Home Office. It"s a cool desk, but there"s other options. So I've gone through loads of reddit threads about IKEA Fredde measurements, but I still havent found the answer I'm looking for. This makes building a bit more challenging. I recently bought this as a desk I could use for gaming and working from home. Hang the small shelves inside or outside the side panels, depending on your needs. Hackers Help 7 Comments 2. Is that were taken into account and the upper metal frame was removable to allow for two large monitors, this would have been the ultimate gaming dream desk.