This state of mind does not have to become a permanent way of thinking, but if you do not get someone to help you deprogram what has been subliminally put in there, you will find this challenge insurmountable. The words may sound good if someone does not do any thinking whatsoever. Muslims are to have their separate socializing, free from the contamination of kafirs (a very negative word for non-Islamics) who tend to weaken their faith and make them adopt the lifestyle of disbelievers. Harder to spot, if you're looking for signs of your being brainwashed: illogical arguments. Terms of Service         Privacy Policy We can also directly address that we see evidence of brainwashing. It is reasonable to expect love, understanding, and compassion from your partner, and to want to offer that to them also. No, the earth isn't flat. If you have read and listened to everything NPD, understand what you are dealing with, but cannot get passed it or overcome the pain, it is because of the brainwashing that has been done to you. Victims are conditioned to think a certain way by narcissists who want to control them. with that, all the best to all of us who care and dare, PS.

That includes the right to be against part or all of any religion or of all religions. As for the person with lunches - they can't sell them. (The scholarly writings of Robert Frankling are a source for more information on this core concept of Islam.) He claimed to believe all religions deserve respect. They spout inanities about the virtues of tolerance, totally disregarding, for instance, that Islamic ideology is inherently intolerant, and stops all and any tolerance of non-Islamic ideologies when it has the power to do so. Is this likely to help? Notify me of follow-up comments by email. He also believes that people who are Muslim-in-name-only, who are fundamentally opposed to the doctrine, who are for tolerance and acceptance of difference, will leave Islam. My sense is there are huge societal blockages that need to be undone, so there is a free flow of attention to the reality of Islam. To learn more about brainwashing I suggest you do your own research. In general, sport hunters and anglers (fishermen) tend to be conservative voters who believe strongly in the unfettered right to bear arms. Wherever you are in the world, please read - and write against Bill M-103. And it makes it harder for the person to see their way free of the relationship.
Finally, what is al Walaa wal Baraa? Your email address will not be published. NOW, MY OPEN LETTER TO CANADIAN MEMBERS OF PARLIAMENT AND SENATORS.  ENTER YOUR NAME Even Thomas Aquinas, a Catholic philosopher from the Middle Ages, was for such questioning, rather than for regulating questioning and criticism. Al Walaa wal Baraa is also the reverse of the modern Western concepts of tolerance, and of celebration of diversity. And And how is brainwashing best countered? It fits with mine. The person who introduced me to the concept, Robert Frankling, sees awareness of it as the magic pill that will awaken non-Islamics to Islam's having no place in the West. The article below briefly explains how brainwashing in abusive relationships occurs. They appear catatonic in the face of islam.

The tactics included in his chart can be linked to other ways people abuse their partners. One of the subjects I have most enjoyed teaching is Ethics, where the emphasis would be on thinking critically about ethics.  TO GET UPDATES, The inroads by Islam - such as the bill coming before the Canadian parliament - depend on the brainwashing of non-Islamics, including members of parliament.

If you are for a motion specifically against so-called Islamophobia, this is a sign that the West is in serious danger: Why focus on brainwashing? This is the doctrine of adherence and dis-association. The longer a person is involved with a narcissist the more damage is done to the person’s self confidence, their esteem and even their perception of reality. As Robert noted, almost everyone in the West now knows the word, jihad, and also knows that jihad does not refer mainly to inner struggle. When … I'd seen Gasland, an anti-fracking film, a couple of years earlier, and was sure the evidence proved conclusively that fracking was destructive of human health and the environment in general. "Well," I answered, "I do stuff like web design. However, PPS. A female cousin. This means that Muslims who do not believe and practice it cannot go to paradise. But I was at an event where FrackNation was being shown, so I watched - nice and relaxed on the outside - while having a hissy fit just under my calm exterior. Two big signs of brainwashing: over-reaction (often massive) and certainty of one's rightness.

Set up for full exploitation by my Nmother, her aunt. Elsa And it makes it harder for the person to see their way free of the relationship. I need to find someone who has lunches and needs web design. Robert has been trying for over a decade to find that magic bullet.  AND EMAIL ADDRESS: top of page

The relationship, unfortunately, creates a vulnerability to the coercive brainwashing of a malicious or self-centered partner.
I ended up being astounded at the evidence presented - and my inside hissing subsided. It seemed that no one had presented her with my very elementary thoughts on the subject. copyright ©, 2012-2020 - all rights reserved I wrote back to him, asking him to explain how one is to respect some verses from Surah 9 - verses such as "Slay the idolaters wherever you find them" (9:5) and "Idolaters (including Jews and Christians) are filth – najisun" (9:28) and "Islam must be triumphant over all other religions" (9:33). Dear MP, The brainwashed mind is closed - it is, in essence, akin to the mind of a religious fundamentalist. We can tell the person they seem to be having difficulty hearing what we're saying - an almost sure sign of brainwashing. You Have Suffered Enough Now It Is Time to Heal. You're welcome to use all or any of it. They get offered socks and books and web design and maybe a spare tire. Required fields are marked *. Robert Madore: if we're open to exploring, we're not brainwashed. What about the Aztec religion, which practiced human sacrifice? Brainwashing is defined in the Psychology Dictionary as that which “manipulates and modifies a person’s emotions, attitudes, and beliefs.” It reduces a person’s ability to mentally defend themselves and makes it easier for another person to control them. If that happens, criticism of Islam would constitute a speech crime in Canada - though, according to what I've read, there are twice as many anti-Semitic incidents than incidents against Islam.

Perhaps most, instead of trying to counter the specific indication of brainwashing - like blanket horror at the thought of Trump - we can say: hey, do you know that you're showing a major sign of brainwashing? ** Ask their opinion on government energy research.

Note: Surah 9 is especially important within Islam - it is widely known as Mohammed's last will and testament, as it is one of the last things he wrote. Note: sometimes we aren't willing to go over the same terrain yet another time. You may be wondering how I came to know and write about al Walaa wal Baraa, which may be considered the doctrine mandating Islamic apartheid. Or does he hold we should all respect these verses, though they claim Islamics should slay idolaters whenever they find them? There is a core doctrine, I thought of my inside hissing, for instance before I watched FrackNation, a pro-fracking film. al Walaa wal Baraa. And that brings me back, once more, to brainwashing. In his Chart of Coercion, Biderman summarized the mechanisms for brainwashing: Not all eight elements need to be present in order for brainwashing to occur. If you think you are immune to mind control, think again.

You're welcome to post any of this on Facebook, Twitter, etc. We can talk about the signs of brainwashing, and our own experience of being brainwashed, and what helped. One answer: our response is out of line - emotionally over-intense. All content of this website is copyrighted. For any further information, please contact. Make a statement like, "It is hot in here," followed by a reinforcing movement like fanning yourself. People who think they are on the side of human rights have come to be brainwashed into thinking that cutting the human rights of all people - including Muslims - to evaluate Islam and come to negative conclusions, is good, and allowing freedom of thought and speech in relation to Islam is somehow Islamophobic. Sometimes, by the way, someone does concede something is amiss, when brainwashed nuttiness is pointed out. Sometimes that’s because your partner’s behavior feels like the torture techniques used by mortal enemies instead. In other words, Muslims are to have a separate, parallel society. copyright © Elsa, 2012-2020 - all rights reserved I'm writing to you because I was asked an excellent question - how can you tell if you've been brainwashed? Like you have a chicken and . Narcissistic Abuse Awareness and Guidance with Randi Fine,, Tyrannical Rule of the Narcissistic Father, Narcissistic Abuse Reaches Worldwide Epidemic Proportions, 20 Diversion Tactics Highly Manipulative Narcissists Sociopaths and Psychopaths Use to Manipulate and Silence You, What You Know Intellectually is Not What You Feel Emotionally, Chronic Overachieving: Collateral Damage of Childhood Narcissistic Abuse, Narcissists Are Clever, Cunning and Diabolical, Adult Children of Alcoholic Parents: Twenty Seven Traits, Whether to Excuse or Not Excuse Your Narcissistic Abuser’s Behavior.