(by reservations only) Hold on to your teacups! For a garden small enough to hold in your hand, try making these mini “fairy pots!” Just hot glue a cup to its saucer and fill with soil. Sabra. It must have been lovely having tea time on your cruises together. The ale mugs, being much larger in size, did not pose such a problem. The teaspoon shouldn’t go in your mouth, as funny as that sounds. Once a flatware has been used, rest it on the right side of the plate. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The proper way to hold a teacup is to hold the handle with the pinkie finger down, never up. The first part of the series, 7 Deadly Sins of Handgun Shooting. sadly this year ………….no cruises, and my beloved wife passed away. It didn’t. It was very helpful, as I am teaching tea time manners to my grandchildren. You don’t have to go decked out in party dress but stay away from jeans and sneakers. Before introduction of the imperial units, all apothecaries' measures were based on the wine gallon which later became the base of U.S. liquid gallon.. There is some debate on this. “Today, most all etiquette authorities agree; The proper way to hold a tea cup is with one or two fingers of the right hand put through the hole of the cup handle, while balancing the cup with your thumb on the top of the handle. But it is safe to say that raising of the little finger is not longer a sign of anything at all. #4: Hold the teacup by the handle. That’s not all, Clise provides the complete guide to taking tea in the traditional British way. Use a knife for slathering on clotted cream and jam for scones. Your tea isn’t a mouth rinse. Break a bite-sized piece off the scone, slather on clotted cream and jam using a knife, then eat and repeat. Over the years, several noted celebrities have been spotted raising their little fingers as they sip on their tea, or not. A gaiwan simply means a bowl with a lid. Pin it to your Pinterest board! As a general rule, don’t leave your teaspoon in your teacup. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. So, that’s the way to hold a Chinese teacup. When you drink tea, use your middle finger to tilt the cup so that the tea can be delivered into your mouth. According to historian and tea sommelier, Jane Pettigrew, the Chinese too had developed small dishes to avoid the handling of hot clay cups of tea. Let the tea cool on its own if it’s too hot. To say that that sticking out your little finger while sipping your tea is silly, would be incorrect. The practice of pouring out the tea into the saucer and sipping it as it cooled did not live for very long. Teacup Flowerpot. Don’t swish the tea around your mouth. I’ve never seen anyone do this but apparently people do. There is one more thing I would love to know. You might spill. So, that’s the way to hold a Chinese teacup. Pinkies up or down? You should look neat and put together. book afternoon tea @teanamu . Move your teaspoon up and down (6PM and 12AM), gently folding in the sugar or milk. Driven the logic, the first obvious solution was to pour the tea into a flat vessel for it to cool faster and to drink from it. From the simple earthen cups that were used in the East to the wooden ale mug inspired porcelain beauties with elegant handles. Delicious Tea Sandwiches Perfect for Tea Time. Please don’t make a scone sandwich. Whew, OK, NOW you can drink your tea. High tea isn’t the same thing as afternoon tea. FB page . Scones with clotted cream and jam are eaten next, then finally the sweets. I loved this. Don’t put it back on the table. Join my free email list and get instant access to this tea etiquette cheat sheet! Yup, doing everything quietly is a common etiquette rule. From the simple earthen cups that were used in the East to the wooden ale mug inspired porcelain beauties with elegant handles. It’s there just to stir the tea if you’re adding sugar or milk. I trust that the wonderful memories you have created together will help you navigate through this chapter of your life. Now, to hold a tasting cup, you hold the teacup using your thumb and your index finger, and if you can, support the bottom of the cup with your middle finger. Hello Tommy sorry for the loss of your dear wife. I never knew there was so much to it. And this is how you hold a teacup. What has been considered unacceptable is looking over the cup while taking tea. The traditional English apothecaries' system defines weights, not volumes.However, there was apothecaries' system for volumes too, though less commonly used. This affectation soon became a statement of the posh in society. So picture the plate as a clock and the utensils as the hands of a clock. Using my right hand, I’m taking the lid of the gaiwan teacup and simply stir away any tea leaves or flowers in the teapot and bring it to my mouth for drinking like this. Tea sandwiches should be eaten in 2-3 bites. In an earlier post we told you about how the modern day teacups came into being. Skip to main content Online tutorials designed to enhance existing social and professional skills all to be enjoyed and watched from the comfort of your own home. The proper way to hold a teacup is to hold the handle with the pinkie finger down, never up. Also, don’t tap your teaspoon on the side of the teacup. If you are not drinking from the teacup, return it to the saucer and hold in your lap. If you are a gentleman, you don’t need to smell tea; you can drink it straight away. Don’t be shy about eating everything from tea sandwiches to mini sweets with your hands. That’s actually rude and connotes elitism. “A guest should look into the teacup when drinking — never over it,” warns an authority on British etiquette. (With the pinkie finger down.). Very nice video. Making noise with the teaspoon is frowned upon so make sure your spoon doesn’t clang and touch the sides of the teacup. Today we go over the cup and saucer grip: good, bad and mostly ugly. When we are standing with a saucer or sitting without a table, is it ever OK to hold the saucer with both hands? Don’t jam the entire sandwich in your mouth. ~~ Serene and fragrant TEA entices with promise of rapture in STORE ~~ But just thing, what is the 4: and 8:20. Anything but a simple cup of tea! Despite being small, one can drink quite a lot of tea while whiling the time away with good company at chaya teahouse. Others say it should never be placed on the chair and only on the table. You can use succulents, flowers and soil if you’re going for realism, or you can opt for a long-lasting … Instead swirl it quietly and then rest the teaspoon behind the cup on the saucer with the handle facing towards the tea cup handle. And yes, it matters — she explains that a coffee cup is usually bigger and heavier than a teacup, and it typically contains more liquid. While some may consider this obsessive, attention to detail has always been imperative to the British way of life. Asia Porcelain took part in Xiamen Tea Fair 2019 Autumn Version. Learn how your comment data is processed. And that is how the saucer came to complement the teacup in England as well. This is the way you hold your teacup, bring to your mouth, tilt the teacup so that the tea is delivered to your mouth, okay? In this video, I’m going to show you how to hold a teacup. The practical, yet noisy practice, was soon cast aside. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Asia Porcelain start to take part in the 125th and 126th Canton Fair in the year of 2019. Thus was born the misguided belief that one should raise their pinky finger to show they were cultured. Enjoy your tea time by following these simple afternoon tea etiquette rules. Don’t cup your hands around the teacup. Tuck that pinky finger in.”, Former US President Barack Obama doesn’t always curl his little finger. Then the saucer would be held on your left hand and the cup held on the right. If only the troubles would end there! While at a buffet tea hold the saucer in your lap with your left hand and hold the teacup with your right one. Want to save these afternoon tea etiquette rules for later? Only use milk and sugar for black tea — never for green, oolong, white, or herbal tea. Or should we always have our left hand on the saucer and right hand on the tea cup? chaya teahouse . And, never combine lemon and milk; the lemon will curdle the milk. Instead, place them on your chair to your left or right. Should the pinkie be up or down when sipping tea? Dab, don’t wipe. What are we, savages? When you drink tea, use your middle finger to tilt the cup so that the tea can be delivered into your mouth. Given the size of the teacups and the handle, it was not possible to get all the fingers to form a perfect hold. Either way, don’t put the napkin on your plate. The teacup should only be held by the handle. Your other fingers should be curled beneath the handle,” says an article on Etiquipedia. Hi Tommy, sorry for your loss. The second way of holding a Chinese teacup is where you hold a gaiwan. Easy London Fog Drink (Earl Grey Tea Latte), How to Make Bubble Tea (Boba Tea) with Brown Sugar, How to Make Tea Lattes + 17 Tea Latte Recipes, 24 Delicious Tea Sandwiches Perfect for Tea Parties. Gasp! As mesmerising as the world of tea is, the legends around tea and the teacup are no less complex. Eat the savories and tea sandwiches first. Welcome! People like to call afternoon tea ‘high tea’ since they think it sounds fancy and posh but it’s simply incorrect. The hostess pours her guest’s tea and asks, ‘With sugar, lemon or milk?’ Put the sugar in first then the lemon, otherwise, the lemon will keep the sugar from dissolving. Now, these tasting cups are designed to be small so as to slow you down. 4 melina road, london, w12 9hz