cauterizing his wound from losing his finger with a fire stick. Having felt some sense of closure, the two would later share a night of passion. Merti a merchant woman leads Bayek to the black market in Thebes. Along the way, he passed out from his injuries and was found by Nefertari, the chief healer of Nitria, a natron mine in the Saqqara Nome. [1], Bayek tracked Khaliset, The Hyena, to the Great Pyramid of Giza, where he found an Isu complex beneath the pyramid, Eshe's sarcophagus, and evidence of Khaliset's attempts to resurrect her, before Khaliset herself appeared, furious that Bayek had disturbed her daughter's "tomb". Before the death of his son, Khemu, Bayek was a caring and loving father and husband, as well as a dutiful protector to his home of Siwa. [1], While the children and Bayek were concluding their game, Menehet was confronted by a visitor to Yamu infuriated by the presence of fraudulent cat mummies in the market. "Being a child and going through that, that really scarred my childhood.". An Order of Canada recipient says he warned Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer in September about the letters on Sen. Lynn Beyak's Senate website. In return, Benipe granted him a weapon of choice to choose from: a bow, a shield, a mace and a spear. He chased her through the pyramid's tunnels, eventually succeeding in killing her after a dramatic confrontation in the middle of a sandstorm outside the pyramid. To her left is Angeconeb. In his final moments, Gennadios insisted that he was only doing his duty as a Phylakitai in chasing down Aya for her murders. When he was a young child, a group led by a grave robber known as Menna had attacked his family home. [8], Bayek started by investigating the disappearance of the Hidden One Osorkon, who had been tasked with surveying the Klysma Quarry before disappearing. As a Medjay, Bayek was a highly skilled warrior trained in the arts of combat, he was able to engage multiple opponents simultaneously. She died in Bayek's hands that's history. She knocked out Paneb, and the three of them including Tuta escape to Thebes. They leave so much up to the viewer and anything could happen afterwards. [14] Bayek and Amunet then returned to Arsinoe to eliminate Rufio himself, who had recently travelled to the Sinai from Rome in order to counter the growing threat to his plans. Don’t force me into a damn vehicle. [1], In 70 BCE, Bayek lived in Siwa with his parents. As a result, Sabu was struck down and killed by Bion. In response, Bayek vowed to destroy all she stood for and all those like her and declared she would die knowing the name of the innocent girl she murdered. Bayek sent Fenuku home and navigated into the tomb to look for Chenzira. Bayek hunted Rudjek to the Bent Pyramid of Sneferu, were he crossed path with Hypatos, Rudjek's bodyguard. Aya is hot, Phoxidas is old and crusty. Bayek managed to stop the bribes, but soon discovered that Otis, who had chosen to aid the Hidden One in payment of a debt he owed Aya, had been murdered by the Roman general Gaius Julius Rufio. Hepzefa directed Bayek to the Great Library in Alexandria and seek a statue of Serapis. "We let her know first-hand the realities of residential schools and what we were talking about," he said. But that’s always been the problem with boss fights in the series. He also proved to be a strong swimmer whilst searching the ruins of underwater temples and was capable of holding his breath for a relatively long period of time. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Kawab accepted his fate and ultimately joined Bayek as a member of the Hidden Ones. He briefly spoke with Rabiah. "I didn't expect that she would change her views or anything like that, but I thought she would be a little more empathetic and understanding. Bayek rescued one of Phanos' actors from the Akra Garrison, who revealed that the script was on its way to the palace and that the two other actors managed to escape and go into hiding. The entire game, whenever we see Bayek and Aya, they were being generally wonderful to each other. The second time during this ending that I had to resort to Google to check out something. Bayek loses his finger during End of the Snake. [4], In Memphis, Egypt, Bayek founded the first bureau from which the Hidden Ones would operate, with subsequent bureaus being set up in both the Sinai and Rome, the latter by Aya, now calling herself Amunet, who had begun to recruit more assassins to their cause. Bayek showed no sympathy toward those who prey on the weak and defenseless, especially innocent children. Another referred to Indigenous people as "a culture that will sit and wail until the government gives them stuff.". Just because Phoxidas said that’s a good place to make love doesn’t mean he fucked Aya up there. Despite his priority being the elimination of the Order of the Ancients, Bayek wouldn't hesitate to stop to help those in need, showing that he still took his role as a Medjay and protector of the innocent seriously. There is a cutscene whereby Bayek is testing out the blade. Fighting Septimius was about what you would expect from a final fight in an Assassin’s Creed game. There’s nothing left to wonder about. The beginning of the end starts with Bayek and Aya standing on a beach with Aya preparing to set sail to Rome to kill Septimius and Caesar, and finally complete her (and Bayek’s) cycle of vengeance. During his absence, Hepzefa took over Bayek's Medjay duties and looked after the town in his stead. Word reached Bayek that Menna may be nearby to Thebes. Busy with his work, Menehet was not party to this, but whether he knew it or not, his children found themselves in dangerous spots over the course of the game, with Keba trapped in a well and Soris even narrowly escaping a ravenous hyena. Greeks rule Egypt, not Egyptians. [10], Now free, Osorkon explained to Bayek that a woman named Shaqilat had attacked a slaver's barge, freeing the children and bringing them to a courtyard in the quarry. I thought that was really clever. When was the last time you played Assassin’s Creed II? Bayek sets of to an auction were the relic is held. No, I was just curious for Character development and how they wanted us to perceive Aya, Because I can? Bayek helped Benipe, the blacksmith in Siwa to regain his tools from Camp Shetjeh. Cookies help us deliver our Services. Bayek (85 BC-) was the Medjay of Siwa in Egypt during the 1st century BC. Bayek was also reunited with Senu, his eagle companion who was previously injured and patched up by Rabiah. User Info: Offworlder1. Following the death of their son, Bayek and his wife, Aya, embarked on a quest for vengeance against his killers, the Order of the Ancients, which saw them embroiled in the Alexandrine Civil War between Cleopatra and her brother, pharaoh Ptolemy XIII. Despite that feeling, however, Bayk didn’t put up much a fight. After chasing down the thief across rooftops, Bayek is nearly strangled to death by Tuta's father, Paneb. If Senator Larry Smith is truly 'distancing' the Conservative senate caucus from their colleague's rhetoric, then Senator Beyak must discontinue using her senate website to push her distorted agenda," it reads. Phanos explained the reason for Aya's absence and escorted Bayek to a garden shrine where he located a hidden entrance to Aya's hideout.