'Cry' encapsulates both the sorrow and the rage of the grieving mother. NATIONALITY: South African Kumalo learns in Johannesburg that he, too, bears a measure of personal responsibility for alleviating suffering; and must act like Msimangu, and the people at Ezenzeleni and the reformatory, and like Dubula who set up Shanty Town. Then again, some critics of the 1940s remarked that Paton was a bit too oldfashioned and sentimental for their taste. And he does this because "the great city had opened his eyes to something that had been begun and must now be continued.". There is no sense of irony in Paton's narration, for instance, that the broken tribes are broken, in part, by the imposition of a non-native religion. He fears for the land, for his son, for Jarvis, for all he sees in the city. They discuss South Africa and Vincent tells Stephen about England. Left and right arrows move across top level links and expand / close menus in sub levels. They did so by imprisoning men like Nelson Mandela and Steven Biko for crimes against the state. The "good" characters in the novel do not accept evils passively. He knows the rampant fear permeating South Africa and the foolishness it promotes; Cry, the Beloved Country confronts reality in detail after detail. He only knows the fear of his heart. The church is built and her memory kept alive by the people of the parish. In the end, the call of the city is too strong and she slips away, leaving Stephen to care for her son. He also tells the story of Paton's work being taught in school although he does not see this as the hopeful glimmer it will eventually prove to be. Mr. Carmichael is a tall, grave, white man brought to Rev. That year he joined the staff at Maritzburg College and married Doris Olive Francis. The novel is written in a poetic style that mirrors its main character's point of view as an Anglican pastor. What may have mattered more was that distance permitted a perspective that allowed him to see his own country and the struggles of its diverse peoples as a whole. Alan Paton tells this tale in a simple manner which captures pre-apartheid South Africa in a parable. | {{course.flashcardSetCount}} When his son is accused of a murder, a South-African preacher is summoned to Johannesburg to come to his aid. He then had another son named Jonathan. Jarvis, unlike Mr. Harrison, does not want Absalom's death for his son's death. Kumalo arranges for her and the child to stay with him before they return to Ndotsheni. But after some contemplation, the perfect phrase stumbled right from out of its pages. After this, he taught mathematics and chemistry at Ixopo High School for white children until 1928. She does all this because she is a "mother"—a type of person who creates home and hearth for those needing to be nurtured. Research the problems caused by population displacement and refugee migration in Africa. "Perhaps we should thank God he is corrupt," he adds; "… if he were not corrupt, he could plunge this country into bloodshed. Unfortunately, she is not able to do as much as her husband because her illness worsens. Then there is the obvious fear of the white man's law and the impossibility of Absalom escaping death. In fact, all throughout the book, the majority of whites are not like Arthur or his father but like Mr. Harrison, who sees the natives as "savage" and not as people with complex personalities and problems like the struggling Kumalo, the intelligent Msimangu, or the motherly Mrs. Lithebe. This large city was built upon the mining fields where gold had been discovered in 1886. The white man is very disillusioned and angry, but Kumalo is grieved at this new evidence of the destruction brought on by the breaking of the tribe. The breaking of the tribes is a disaster brought on by several forces, including the relentless drought that forced agricultural people into the cities, as well as the exploitation of those people by the white mine owners. Having allowed it, the money they were saving for him can now be spent to find Gertrude. So the child went delicately to the door, and shut it behind her gently, letting the handle turn slowly like one who fears to let it turn fast. the dead streams come to life, full of the red blood of the earth." Novels for Students. In 1922 he graduated with a degree in physics. eNotes.com will help you with any book or any question. John's selfishness is to use the power of his voice to gain respect and power in the community without endangering his carpentry business. Dutch farmers (Boers) who came from the Netherlands to settle the South African interior engaged in a long series of wars with the Xhosa people. He is one of the new generation of blacks (like Dubula and Mandela) who work for equality and whose anthem is Nkosi Sikelel' iAfrika. The mother was of Serbian ancestry (although not the father), and the child took the threat personally, hi the Chicago area, students of Serbian ethnic background were told by their teachers that they would not call on them until "their people" stopped doing those terrible things in Europe. she becomes ill, a kindly minister writes to Stephen asking him to come to the city and care for Gertrude. . He decides on the unprecedented, if unrewarding, step of seeking an interview with the chief to propose some practical steps to alleviate the suffering caused in Ndotsheni by the drought. Instead, he abandons the woman he is to marry and goes with two friends into a white neighborhood to steal. Unfortunately, the son, Absalom Kumalo, is found guilty of an awful crime. When Stephen finds his son in prison and sees that he needs a lawyer, he asks Father Vincent for help. It is discovered that Absalom has been involved in a terrible crime: he and two companions have broken into the home of a white man, Arthur Jarvis, and killed him when the white man surprised them in the middle of the robbery. Brutus attributed a new sort of writing in South Africa to Paton and his novel. The novel affects readers through the repetition of key words and phrases. What does the title of the book Cry, The Beloved Country mean? One of its features is that it offers literal translations of Zulu phrases: "Go well" and "Stay well" are the English versions of "Hamba kahle" and "Sala kahle". During a native boycott of buses a white man offers Msimangu and Stephen Kumalo free transportation. These passes said where the individual could go. There is no applause in prison. At once then, Mr. Carmichael is a "godsend" who will do what he can to persuade the court not to execute Absalom. The punishment for Absalom is inevitable. 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