With the exponential increase in the use of smartphones, this growth is only expected to increase. This means that mobile gaming has the potential to reach more people than any other gaming device on the planet. Both games should offer the promise of online play which will put you right in the driving seat of an immersive online gaming experience. Epic Games, for example, released iOS and Android versions of Fortnite. With photo realistic graphics, a great story and the promise of exciting gameplay it is one of the most anticipated releases of the year on any platform. Microsoft’s gaming division stalls as countdown to the next generation of consoles begins, CES: These are the consumer tech trends to watch for 2020 and beyond, according to show organizers, Microsoft cruises past expectations for fiscal Q1, revenue up 12% to $37.2B, profits up 30%, It’s Microsoft earnings day: Here’s what to watch as the tech giant reports its latest numbers, Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin venture fleshes out plans for 2023 cargo delivery to the moon, Ex-Microsoft engineer gets 9 years in prison after using digital currency scheme to buy $1.6M lakefront home, $160K Tesla, Do the math with Steve Brunton, a UW professor whose YouTube popularity keeps adding up. Each of these companies is starting with a different set of strengths and weaknesses, so the offerings look a bit different, but in general, the “Netflix for gaming” product includes a library of games, cloud streaming to multiple devices, and a monthly subscription to pay for everything. It also includes a procedurally generated game area to make sure that every playthrough is different. Suggested citation: Nelson-Kakulla, Brittne, P.h.D. We have seen trends like Pokemon Go, come and go. Sign up to receive our updates and other TMCnet news! Interesting examples are Zombies Everywhere where you will fight dangerous zombies while walking down the street and Father.io, which is a laser tag MMO. In 2017, Asia Pacific became the biggest gaming market by acquiring a net revenue of $51.2 billion. Washington, DC: AARP Research, December 2019. Using our data, we look at the past year’s biggest developments in gaming, observing the global behaviors of internet users and gamers and looking at the trends expected to thrive in 2020. The same social dynamics are occurring in Fortnite, and Epic has made major investments in the ability to play Fortnite for free across different platforms in order to support the social side of their game. Mobile Gaming. By 2020, China will reclaim the number one spot as the highest gaming revenue market in the world, surpassing the current leader, USA. In the coming years, China will still remain the most important market for gaming and the fastest emerging market will be Indian and other South-Eastern countries. So it comes as no surprise that 2018 was the year that gaming giants released mobile spin-offs of their PC mega hits. Daniel Li is a principal at Madrona Venture Group, an indie game developer, and the author of The DL, a weekly newsletter about tech and investing in the Pacific Northwest.