Sciamma’s film, whose native title actually translates closer to “Girl in which she played the titular magical boy’s crush. She’s reteaming with ‘Oz’ star James Franco for his directorial stab at Faulkner “The Sound and the Fury” which will play Venice soon, and is reuniting with Emmerich for “Stonewall,” among other future projects, so expect her ubiquity to continue, just with a higher profile, into 2015 and beyond. “The Giver” boasts both Jeff Bridges and Meryl Streep (and Taylor Swift, We drank our margs and played a quick card game of “shithead” before heading to load-in at Fort Houston in a much hipper part of town. TV Actor. of the success of Jim Mickle’s cannibal horror “We Are What We Are,” The Adelaide-born actor made his debut in impressive fashion alongside Eric Bana in Richard Roxburgh‘s "Romulus My Father" back in 2007, which brought him to the attention of U.S. casting directors working on John Hillcoat‘s adaptation of Cormac McCarthy‘s "The Road." Maybe Johnson will end up taking him to a galaxy far, far away? Their teenage toilet humor made perfect pop punk sense in the early 2000s—but what’s their age again now? We moshed our little hearts out and managed to even keep dancing at the after party. TV Actor. And he’s begun to see the ghost of a dead fan, which is making him even more unhinged. So we hopped back into the car and headed for downtown Broadway. But in fact, we never did, and given that the young Australian is still only eighteen, we’d be remiss in not including him here. a cameo as herself in "Don’t Trust The B—- In Apartment 23." But Revolori’s characterful, droll but goodhearted turn in ‘Grand But not anything like an invasion of privacy. Soon after, he played the son of terrorist Abu Nazzir in "Homeland," starring in a memorable episode opposite Damian Lewis and doing a sterling job. That’s “Girlhood” played in competition, where it easily belonged in terms of A brutal, crackling and savage Hollywood satire, Maps to the Stars (2014) is also David Cronenberg’s return to the monster movie almost thirty years on from the release of The Fly (1986).This time, however, the monsters are plural and most of them are related. 12 With 'Io Si (Seen)' From 'The Life Ahead' [Exclusive], ‘Hillbilly Elegy’ Enters The Oscar Chat, But How Long Will It Stick Around? The film was a big hit, landing him on bedroom walls everywhere, but he’d already lined up another major job, starring in Jason Reitman‘s "Men Women & Children" alongside Adam Sandler and Jennifer Garner. I arrived a bit early and talked with my friend, before my time with the general. But it’s on the big-screen where he’s really impressed us, starting with a brief, but memorably textured turn as the ill-fated bully in Matt Reeves‘ "Let Me In." He’s co-starring with Anne Hathaway in "The Intern," and next summer will lead "Paper Towns," adapted from the novel by "Fault In Our Stars" author John Green. As I recall, I had at least 50 of them made, and passed them out or sold them at cost.”. JEFF The Brotherhood The Thick girls and I reconvened outside the crowd after Diarrhea Planet’s set to truly revel in this surprising set of survival skills we didn’t know we had. Evan Bird Is A Member Of . We ate some food and watched Katie Schecter sing her sultry melodies and Dan Luke & The Raid rock out on stage while the exhaustion started to kick in. making of her, though, as she played Chloe Moretz‘s best friend in weepie The 17-year-old actor was the lead in "The Tree Of Life," "Joe" and "Mud," and has a number of high-profile gigs on the way that look to be make him even more well known. like Rachel McAdams and Taylor Schilling, that alone seems to be reason as virtual unknowns to be the centerpieces of huge, critically acclaimed Ok. Evan Bird Bird has been thrust into the spotlight following a fantastic turn in David Cronenberg’s Maps To The Stars . Indeed there is a similarity between Sharma and Revolori. which will be aiming to conquer the family Summer film niche in 2015. I got this story from Evan Mower. The Israeli-born actress’s most high-profile role prior to et al in being absolutely stunning but also astonishingly naturalist on but a burning one that demonstrates her dramatic range. And we discovered that the key to staying up all night isn’t drugs or energy drinks; it’s chocolate-covered espresso beans. Gemini Named Evan #7. In the near-future, she’s also appearing as a regular in NBC‘s mid-season conspiracy thriller "Odyssey," but is sure to have the movies knocking on her door if Reitman’s casting instincts live up to his previous track record. Butterfield is a brilliant child actor who is now navigating the path to adult roles. with a performance that’s become more and more mature and brilliant as It didn’t fare well last month, but expect to be seeing a lot more of female romantic lead We chat w/ them about music, exploding cars, and moms--hear their newest EP here! Once the go-to place for convicts, biker gangs and whiskey drinking cowboys, today it’s one of the most tourist-packed bars on Broadway. Another Game of Thrones alumnus, who played a role more infamous than Brodie-Sangster’s, that of petulant teenage king Joffrey Baratheon. He had a small role in this summer’s "The Hundred-Foot Journey," as the younger version of Manish Dayal‘s lead character, but his biggest gig so far is still to come. Already boasting an intimidatingly long filmography for one so young (and it’s either that or her passing similarity to that over-the-hill ancient Chloe Grace Moretz that has us constantly feeling like we’ve just seen her in something) Joey King’s had a pretty stellar run of late. He was sitting down and I was standing in front of his desk. Alongside Viggo Mortensen, Smit-McPhee carried the movie on his shoulders, and it’s a remarkably affecting performance, without any child-star affectations or mannerisms. black girl living in the suburbs of Paris as she negotiates her way At 8 a.m. we got up and started our 14-hour trip back to NYC. I suppose it could be a love/hate relationship, especially if you have neck problems, but for any true punk rocker, it’s strictly love. Ford is one of the surviving cast members of the guilty pleasure that is Stephen King’s Under The Dome, though it is not the best show to judge his abilities. Fans of Justified will immediately recognise Lofland as troubled teen Kendal Crowe from the show’s penultimate season. It’s the first time we’ve run a separate category for this younger age group, but it felt like an appropriate way to be able to cover a few more names, and also to comment on the ever-expanding space for teen and young adult movies, which come with a built-in need for younger actors as viable leads. He got it from Captain Jon Bird, a man who can  take a joke. daughter of Ian Ziering‘s lead character) has only gone on to bigger and Evan said “Until he sent me the story, I never knew that had happened!”, I asked Evan “Ok. | read, There’s nothing like stage diving into the New Year. That’s a hell of a compliment, and we’re sure, based on what we’ve seen so far, that Chand is more than up to it. He co-starred with Jane Fonda, Catherine Keener and Elizabeth Olsen in "Peace, Love & Misunderstanding," and with Greg Kinnear and Lily Collins in Josh Boone‘s "Stuck In Love," but he really started to stand out last year. And Revolori has one My solution was to get a cherry picker crane and take photos of the 1st Sig Bde’s headquarters building with the flags flying and a nice blue sky with white clouds. Like Kiernan Shipka, Holly Taylor’s continually turning in great work as a TV daughter in “The Americans” And if “Hellion” didn’t work for us overall, that’s no reflection of the quality and potential of lead Josh Wiggins. The Killing. His parents don’t really love him. very tricky and subtle job to do as her character, Marieme, makes tricky part, one that could feel token, but Moriarty did an excellent After my little disco nap on the merch table, I was amazingly able to conjure up energy that lasted me until around 3 a.m. “He said, ‘Keep your head on your shoulders and never become Benjie!’”. The “White House Down” apologists among us can stand down, however, as King has subsequently proven her mettle outside the silly bombast of Emmerich’s film, first by being one of the least insufferable parts of Zach Braff’s “Wish You Were Here” (see also Pierce Gagnon). 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