Nick and Mya do have some help – Mya’s great-grandfather who just might be able to make the attempt a success. Lastly Nick showed Hilltop the notebook with all of the information Nick has collected over the past few weeks from listening to the Japanese conversations and from reading letters and folders he got from the library. When Nick finds out that the colonels’ son is sick, he wants to get away from the camp. As Nang, one of his dad’s workers and his daughter Mya bring him to the plantation, he learns about how Nang has been working for his father since he was born, and how Mya was born 3 weeks after him. Jareth and reed, First of all the wise old Hilltop the liberator comes and get nick from his room. Next the Japanese come to the village that tgheey are in. After that he goes down to the elephant village but there is nobody there. When Nick arrives, however, the village his father resides in is i. If you are citizen of an European Union member nation, you may not use this service unless you are at least 16 years old. because he came out after the names were called separating the Japanese sympathizers. Also Hilltop and nick see Nicks father getting buried, and they THINK his father is dead, but he actually wasn’t. They find out that Bukong tied Hannibal up and that night she was attacked by the tiger. On the way there, he runs into a Buddhist monk, who doesn't speak back when Nick speaks to him. The genre of this book is historical fiction since it takes place in 1941 and that it is not true. Nick promised that he would keep track of Hannibal so that he doesn’t get out of hands and hurts anyone else. Then they start to talk about if they will fight the Japanese when they come to take over the city. Why might Mya be in danger of the Japanese soldiers? The bolts are rusted shut, and he makes almost no headway in two hours. Sergeant Sonji stops Hilltop, and the two old friends begin to talk. Hilltop is said to know the secret language of the elephants. Nick is returned to the elephant village by the sergeant, at which point the brutal extent to which the Japanese are taking in their conquest becomes clear. Elephant Run was suggested for my son's bookclub - great choice. Terms of use / Privacy policy / GDPR, About this workspace , His father has to leave to meet Indaw, and Nick asks if he can go but his dad says he can’t come. Then the soldier tells Nick his dad is going to Hawks Nest. Love how Roland Smith writes! Nick is sitting on the front porch carving and thinks of how life has changed. Next Hilltop says that nick and Mya have to pretend to be novices and shave all the hair off their heads. When Bukong came out of the house and shook his keys nick knew it was time to get locked up. When he heard word that Nick was still in Burma, he began searching and found Kya Lei who led Bernard to the group. In the 24th chapter Nick, Mya, and Hilltop are in the forest riding Hannibal. [1], Elephant Run was chosen as one of the ALA Best Books for Young Adults in 2009,[2] and received several nominations for book awards.[3]. This book falls into the realistic fiction genre because there are events that have taken place before and events that can take place today. In the talk that Nagayoshi had with Nick he told Nick he had to come with him to the airfield. Along the way Jackson and Indaw tell Nick, Mya, and Hilltop all about what has happened at the camp from the last few months.