effigy of a medieval knight thought to be a local landowner. an image or likeness of a person or thing that is made to express dislike or to instill fear, The woman torched an effigy of her cheating husband. The church contains a fine effigy of the founder. Name and effigy they accepted. Example sentences for: effigy How can you use “effigy” in a sentence? The top of the pile was flattened ready for an effigy of Guy Faw 84b), whose monumental effigy, formerly in the church of Wainfleet, now in Magdalen College Chapel at Oxford, seems to be in the dress of a merchant. He and his wife are commemorated by effigies in the church. A statue in the Vatican and a silver statuette in the British Museum perpetuate the type of its great effigy of the civic Fortune of Antioch - a majestic seated figure, with Orontes as a youth issuing from under her feet. A giant paper mache sculpture of Wilson was hung in effigy. Bob wore the effigy, as his master called it, of a turnspit. In South transept: Purbeck marble effigy of a slender lady wearing a wimple. John preached a platonic crusade against Louis, who burned the pope's effigy at Pisa and in Amelia. effigy of a man in armor, with his sword sheathed. Some of us DID leave town and got hung in effigy. effigy (noun) - a representation of a person (especially in the form of sculpture) View other definitions. It is known as the Mass Tower and contains a niche in which is a small effigy believed to represent the founder, who also endowed the grammar school which is still in existence. After the quarterback made a fumble that cost his team the big … You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. Cities and kingdoms were allotted to their several patronage on a system fully expounded by Manilius: Hos erit in fines orbis pontusque notandus, Quem Deus in partes per singula dividit astra, Ac sua cuique dedit tutelae regna per orbem, Et proprias gentes atque urbes addidit altas, In quibus exercent praestantia sidera vires.s Syria was assigned to Aries, and Syrian coins frequently bear the effigy of a ram; Scythia and Arabia fell to Taurus, India to Gemini. The earliest tombstone is dated 1524; one of the latest is the recumbent effigy, by G. She accepted it jocularly as a "pasquil," and Knox on his departure was condemned and burned in effigy. Ten days after he sealed the statutes, on the 12th of April 1443, Chicheley died and was buried in Canterbury cathedral on the north side of the choir, under a fine effigy of himself erected in his lifetime. James sought to mint his way out of trouble by forging coins bearing an effigy of himself. Examples of effigy in a sentence: 1. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary.com. An effigy of the Madonna and the Infant Savior fashioned from white alabaster seen on a corbel on the east wall of the church. obverse of the medal bears the crowned effigy of The Queen. He was buried in the church of Croydon, and his monument there with his recumbent effigy was in great part destroyed in the fire by which the church vas burnt down in 1867. 2 2 Under Augustus the coins have on the obverse the imperial effigy, and on the reverse the names and often the effigies of the pro-consuls who governed the province, P. Quintilius Varus, L. On the 30th of January 1907 the body was removed with great ceremony from Kensal Green and reburied in the crypt of the new cathedral, where it lies beneath a Gothic altar tomb, with a recumbent effigy of the archbishop in full pontificals. 2) The demonstrators burned a crude effigy of the president. effigy in a sentence - Use "effigy" in a sentence 1. The crown of John is shown on his effigy at Worcester, though unfortunately it is rather badly mutilated. 12 7 Rahere's tomb remains in the church; the canopy is Perpendicular work, but the effigy is believed to be original. The earliest mention, however, of this burning of Haman in effigy cannot be traced back earlier than the Talmud in the 5th century. The slab over the poet's grave bears the lines beginning "Good friend, for Jesus' sake forbeare To digg the dust enclosed heare"; while the effigy on the mural monument above may well be an authentic representation, though somewhat altered and damaged by time and restoration (see Shakespeare: Portraits). There the effigy stands, and stares from age to age across the changing ocean. This effigy is remarkable for the anachronisms it shows. Here are some example sentences to help you improve your vocabulary: Bald Pates is almost self-explanatory, being a name used in Kent rural areas for silver Roman coinage ploughed up, found in barrows, etc., and possibly referring to the poor design or baldness of the effigy on some of the coins. The Republican party, strongly sympathizing with France and strongly disliking Great Britain, had been opposed to Jay's mission, and had denounced Jay as a traitor and guillotined him in effigy when they heard that he was actually negotiating. The effigy list of example sentences with effigy. It became customary to burn an effigy of Haman at the conclusion of the feast, and this was regarded as in some ways an attack on Christianity and was therefore forbidden by the Theodosian code, XVI. 2. Most were to obtain steatite for soapstone bowls and effigy figurines. It's difficult to see effigy in a sentence. At Venice Ignatius was again accused of heresy, and it was said that he had escaped from the Inquisition in Spain and had been burnt in effigy at Paris. Its church of St Pierre (14th and 15th centuries) contains a skilfully-carved effigy in white stone of a half-decayed corpse, the work of Ligier Richier (1500-1572), a pupil of Michelangelo - erected to the memory of Rene de Chalons (d. This, although only made of base metal for the king's burial, may nevertheless be taken as exhibiting the form of the royal crown at the time, and it may be usefully compared with that on the effigy of the king, which was made in Edward I. cit. Examples of Effigy in a sentence The woman torched an effigy of her cheating husband. Source null; An effigy of President Barack Obama found hanging from a building. Alternately, it is often used to describe a crude model of a person with the intention of burning or otherwise damaging it, giving rise to the common phrase, to "burn in effigy." The crown on the head of the effigy of Henry IV. noun. 's reign (fig. Another famous stone was the effigy of Rhea Cybele, the holy stone of Pessinus, black and of irregular form, which was brought to Rome in 204 B.C. The records of the town show that he was burned in effigy as a Huguenot and as shamefully immoral (1554). He was buried in his own cathedral where his effigy still remains. Over a hundred years after his death miracles were said to have been worked at his tomb at Pontefract; thousands visited his effigy in St Paul's Cathedral, London, and it was even proposed to make him a saint. ; the Order of Albert, for civil and military merit, founded in 1850 by Frederick Augustus II. How to use effigy in a sentence. During the eighteen years that he was inquisitor-general it is said that he burnt 10,2 20 persons, condemned 6860 others to be burnt in effigy, and reconciled 97,321, thus making an average of some 6000 convictions a year. The old church, which was much larger, contained the mutilated effigy of a man in armor, with his sword sheathed. Source null He was found guilty, however, and his body was ordered to be exhumed and burned; but a friend had secretly removed it, and the Inquisition had, therefore, to content itself with the public proclamation of its sentence and the burning of Abano in effigy. 3) The king was burned in effigy by the angry mob. Copyright © 2020 LoveToKnow. 2. 2. Pilgrims from all over Sardinia gather to venerate the saint, whose effigy is paraded around on an ox-drawn carriage. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. McMillan received death threats and was hanged in effigy. Effigy in a sentence 1) The president was burnt in effigy. Mitch’s psychiatrist suggested he burn a small effigy of his abusive father so he could let go of his rage. Here Cromwell's effigy stands in the midst of the sanctuaries of the law, the church, and the parliament, the three foundations of the state which he subverted, and in sight of Whitehall where he destroyed the monarchy in blood. , When the racist group learned the civil rights leader had won an international award, they burned an effigy of him on a cross. and Robert of Artois, his brother-in-law, who, after having warmly supported the disinheriting of Edward III., had been convicted of deceit in a question of succession, had revenged himself on Philip by burning his waxen effigy, and had been welcomed with open arms at Edwards court. His effigy in the cathedral chantry and a bust on the groining of the muniment tower at Winchester college are no doubt authentic portraits. 1141), an equestrian effigy of the king as duke of Aquitaine being impressed on the reverse. the African coast of the Red Sea; his effigy occurs also on Greek coins of Arabia. We use cookies on our website to give you the most relevant experience by remembering your preferences and repeat visits. , Anti-war protestors are burning an effigy of the president as a way of demonstrating their disapproval of his decision to send troops into yet another war. The effigy on it may be taken to be an authentic portrait. The collegiate church at Dammartin was founded by him in 1480, and his tomb and effigy are in the chancel. , As soon as the citizens learned their brutal leader was dead, they burned an effigy of his image. All Rights Reserved. It is signed Hoc oPVs Fecit Arnvlfvs. Protesters also burned effigies of Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee. This is a sentence containing the word effigy. The Southern chivalry howled, and hanged or burned some one in effigy. The wooden effigy of Peeping Tom which, since 1812, has looked out on the world from a house at the north-west corner of Hertford Street, Coventry, represents a man in armour, and was probably an image of St George. The badge is a red enamelled cross with gold eagles in the angles, bearing in a medallion the mounted effigy of St Alexander Nevsky. 38 sentence examples: 1. , Since the peasants despised the king, they burnt an effigy of him outside the castle walls. Other Saxon orders are the military Order of St Henry, for distinguished service in the field, founded in 1736 in one class; since 1829 it has had four classes; the ribbon is sky blue with two yellow stripes, the gold cross bears in the centre the effigy of the emperor Henry II.