Privacy Policy  |   HALKBANKA Our Amazon Wish List for our dogs can be viewed here. Read about how we use cookies in our cookie statement. Click on “Place an Ad,” located on the left-hand side of the page. All our pets are rescued from the streets and looking for a new home. On call 24/7 365 days a year Our work is wide and varied. K9s For Warriors is located in Ponte Vedra, Florida and has limited transport ability. We are "volunteer professionals". Although we must turn away these breeds for our mission, we fully support and encourage the rescue and adoption of all homeless animals! © 2020 WILD SKY MEDIA. We obtain dogs from shelters, rescue organizations, private donors and area breeders. Tax deductible donations can be sent to For more information about how you can support VSRDA please contact us by either phone at 888-775-8871 or via email. Anne Redler is a writer who has worked in research and publishing since 1996. Site by Empower Her. They have only us, and you! Click here to donate a dog Serbia’s street are so horrible for poor abandoned pets. warning Please fill out all required fields first. lock ABC/Action News Ohio: Louie Belluomini and Star will be featured on Rachael Ray on Veterans Day, Kens 5: San Antonio Veterans Day Telethon, Action News Jax: ‘Fake Service Dog Law’ would make faking a service dog a misdemeanor in Jacksonville, Giant breeds such as Great Danes, Newfoundlands, St. Bernards, Great Pyrenees, and Cane Corsos. HALKBANK, Serbia PART OF WILD SKY MEDIA | FAMILY & PARENTING, National Association for Search and Rescue: SAR Dog Fact Sheet, National Association for Search and Rescue: SAR Dog Classifieds. For more information about how you can support VSRDA please contact us by either phone at 888-775-8871 or via email. Some rescued animals stay for a day, some a week, some a month and some for a year or more. Skywide Design, Copyright © 2018 Virginia Search and Rescue Dog Association . As a federally recognized, volunteer supported organization, 100% of your tax-deductible donation is used to directly support the organization's continued operations. Donate by shopping The Virginia Search and Rescue Dog Association is a non-profit organization operated by volunteers. We are not funded locally or federally, we rely solely on private donations to keep our shelter doors open. Click on “Submit” to send in the classified advertisement. Registration number: 28291248. Pick a goal. We use this information to process your payment and to ensure your gift is correctly credited to your account. TR: 155-42380-37 We fight to save every life. Should the dog be deemed unfit for our program, the donor would retain ownership. Srdačno se zahvaljujemo što pomažete Placing an advertisement on NASAR’s website to donate your puppy or adult dog connects you with individuals in NASAR’s trained handler community who are looking for dogs. Fill in your telephone number, preferably your cell number rather than your home number. Dog Tales is a dog rescue and horse sanctuary like no other in the world! VSRDA would like to thank our current and past contributors - your contribution to our organization is important to us and greatly appreciated! Pick a title. The shelter has found loving homes for all of these innocent animals, but the work is far from done. 1405 19th Sideroad Your generous donation will fund our mission and is tax deductible. Milutina Milankovica bb VSRDA relies on donations and support from the community for it's continued operations. Terms of Service  |   King, ON