hide. What was on the other side of the camera behind Tory to have him so shook ? level 1. 1.6k. “You know what’s going on, apologize, nigga,” Tory says in the clip of the incident. Man wtf's tory doing that's a massive L. you wanna go bar to bar with anyone and then you pull up instead of replying? artist didn't appreciate the gesture at all. edit : ESPECIALLY after wanting no smoke with royce and apologizing. He also discusses the trials and tribulations of being an independent boss. 600Breezy Responds To T.I. What a bitch. Speaking of Royce, the former Slaughterhouse MC took a playful jab at Tory on his new song “Field Negro,” which also dropped on Friday. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the hiphopheads community, Everything hip-hop, R&B and Future Beats! report. Tory hasn’t responded to it as of Sunday (February 10). Following the release of Dax's record, "I'm Not Joyner or Don Q," Lanez apparently caught up to the young emcee and made him apologize on camera, although it's still unclear what happened before the camera started rolling. Sort by. it's all bullshit and idk how this still "sells" to people over 18 years old lmao. That's why he was able to come up to him and do all that without retaliation. The up-and-coming artist officially dropped the song on Friday (February 8) and racked up over 1 million views in the process. Archived. #legendary." By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Previously, a rapper named Dax made a diss track aimed at Tory Lanez. Now, Tory Lanez has posted a video where he seemingly made the rapper apologize to him. Tory clearly wasn’t amused and made good on his DM threats, running up on Dax in what appears to be the middle of the road. This may be a case of underestimation but apologizing for a diss is something Tory has firsthand experience with doing. Royce just comes off like a fucking monster. Tory Lanez Finds Dax, Bullies Him, Dax Says Sorry for Diss Track He Dropped Today . NOTHING PERSONAL,” on Tuesday (February 5) following Tory’s threats that a diss record wouldn’t end with bars. Conway The Machine Raises Alarm With Cryptic Tweet, Super Gamer BlocBoy JB: ‘PlayStation Supposed To Be For The Gays & Xbox Supposed To Be For The Street Niggas’, Cardi B Debuts Her First Reebok Footwear Collection, Shy Glizzy Credits Eazy-E Going At Dr. Dre For Shaping His Own Hip Hop Mentality. For that reason, another rising star from Canada decided to make a "diss record" at Tory in the spirit of good competition, though it became clear that the LoVE me NOw? bar to bar my ass. Dax replies, “I got you.” As Tory presses him, eventually Dax says, “Sorry G.”. the way dax was looking, man looked like he thought he might get bodied tbh, Probably a whole bunch of ripped people holding guns, Tory is so lame how are you gunna say bar for bar and then pull up on a man who says he’s not street, Lmao its even more funny bc he backed down to royce. The Griselda MC seemed to suggest there's either trouble inside the Griselda camp or Shady Records. A rapper name #dax who dissed #torylanez ended up apologizing for dissing him when he got caught in traffic lacking. Dax wrote, “RAP IS A SPORT. He concluded his post by saying "this situation will not only strengthen the rap game but society as a whole. Wait does Tory claim to be street? From there, Dax says “I got you,” which is not enough for Lanez, who starts to scream “say sorry n****!” Watch the clip above.