Captain Joe Robertson is promoted to Staff Officer. 1947 – Burnaby’s new Fire Station #1 is complete on September 18th. 2003 – The Burnaby Fire Department is awarded the contract to host the 2009 World Police and Fire Games after Burnaby firefighters Jeff Clark and Miles Ritchie began the lobbying process in 2002. Deputy Chief Buckley assumes the duties of the Fire Chief as the Municipality announces a competition for the Fire Chief position. 1926 – Bylaw No. The $28,000 contract is awarded to Bennett & White contractors. 1932 – On January 15th a second meeting is called and the IAFF 6th District Vice President, Captain MacDonald of the Vancouver Fire Department, addresses the Burnaby firefighters. According to the members, their departments are supporting them and they say they feel a need to give back. “Products of a clandestine drug lab obviously is a big danger to a firefighter, so at that point we retreated from the building,” he said. Deputy Chief Collum is promoted to Fire Chief. 1943 – The need to restructure Burnaby’s fire service and to unite both the North and South districts is achieved when Bylaw No. Senior Mechanic Barry Howard begins to systematically replace all gas powered engines with diesel engines. Captain Dave Samson is promoted to Deputy Fire Chief. When we were in the small village, an elderly man popped his head out of the window of a building that was leaning over by about 30 degrees. Copyright 2020. 1972 – Council approves construction of Fire Station #6 at Brighton Avenue and Winston Street in February, for a cost of $99,444. Deputy Chief John Stewart is promoted to Fire Chief. “Effective today, Nick Elmes is no longer employed by the City of Burnaby,” Acting Fire Chief Dave Samson says in the terse, one-line internal memo, which was sent out on Wednesday afternoon. 2014 –Staff Officer Chris Bowcock is promoted to Deputy Fire Chief. 1941 – Fire supervisor A.C. Bell recommends first aid training to obtain certificates and requests first aid equipment to be purchased. 1939 – Fire Supervisor A.C. Bell attempts to form a unified Municipal Fire Department by proposing that two new halls be built in the Edmonds and Lochdale districts. Council agrees to have a telephone installed at Fire Station #2. They have been going through collapsed buildings, trying to determine their survivability. 1920 – Constable Lyne is replaced by Police Chief William Devitt, who is assigned to supervise the fire volunteers protecting Burnaby. In August, Union President Bill Copeland files a grievance with the Labour Relations Board charging that Council violated the Collective Agreement. 1935 – The Burnaby Fire Department is reorganized and the firefighters allow the International Charter to lapse. 2016 – Due to advances in fire science, more is known about the dangers of air-borne chemicals which are present following a fire and the negative health effects this can have on the public and firefighters. 343 New York firefighters die in the line of duty. “The nice thing was, people were extremely grateful even though we weren’t able to retrieve their family member,” said Samson. “It was incredible,” he said. They did rescue some chickens that were trapped in the rubble for five or six days before heading back to Bahrabise. 1944 – On January 1st, Gordon Waddell becomes the first Fire Chief of the newly unified Burnaby Fire Department. 1976 – Fire Chief Collum retires in March. The Department establishes a Rescue Task Force program to support vehicle extrication and Special Operations incidents. 2004 – Crews move into the new Fire Station #2. 451, attempting to create a municipal Fire Department and to construct three new fire halls. Eleven additional firefighters are hired. 1931 – The water pumps at Fire Station #1 are eliminated, retaining the pump operators as the Municipality’s first full time paid firefighters. Our website has detected that you are using an outdated web browser. You may upgrade or install any of the following browsers to take full advantage of our website. On July 1st, due to ill health, A.C. Bell resigns and Gordon Waddell is appointed Chief of the Fire Department, with William Banks as Deputy Chief. 1989 – A Public Education Program is created and Firefighter Bill Grindlay is promoted to the new Captains position. Burnaby firefighters responding to medical calls will appear a little more otherworldly than usual for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic. Hazmat crews attended the scene and residents of neighbouring buildings were evacuated. 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Capt. tops 5,000 active COVID cases, with 525 identified over last 24 hours. 1905 – On August 18th, the Vancouver Province newspaper reports that two houses west of Burnaby Lake have been destroyed by a bush fire that was raging for several days. 1951 – Construction of Fire Station #3, at a cost of $15,000, begins next to Lobely Park at Marlborough and Bennett. 1913 – Burnaby’s Council meeting on April 14th recommends that no expenditures for fire fighting apparatus be made for the year.