From the low crooning of Johnny Cash and Loretta Lynn to the honky-tonkin’ rhythms of Travis Tritt and Alabama up until the current mega-stars like Luke Bryan, Carrie Underwood and Miranda Lambert.”. Topics Posts Last … Ahhh The Boot! CMNB has plenty of great content, take this Mother’s Day release as an example, “Top Ten Country Songs for Mom.”  Go ahead and take a peak inside! November 3, 2020 Log in, A Life That Was Laced With Lies by Michael Lusk, I Lived It by Blake Shelton (@blakeshelton), Big Time by Robby Johnson (@robbyjohnson), Simple Town by Walker Montgomery (@WalkMontgomery), Women, Amen by Dierks Bentley (@DierksBentley), I Still Pick Up by John King (@johnkingcountry), Top New Country Music: January 22nd, 2018. Welcome ladies and gentlemen to Saving Country Music’s LIVE blog for the 58th Annual Grammy Awards broadcast live from Los Angeles. But you can also overlook this band as just a horror gimmick if you’re not careful, which would be to your detriment. Tags: alt-country, country By Morgan Hume on Jul 9, 2020 | Not everyone likes country music, I totally get it. Their website has tons of great articles, news, reviews, columns and. Over 40 different categories to choose from on And the first song they released from it featuring Jason Isbell sounds pretty damn good to me. Each site is a little different but that is what makes this list of blogs so great – there’s something for everybody. This is your go to site for any official press releases regarding country music. Read More, Here are 24 Country Music Blogs that you should check out! Saving Country Music primarily focuses on country, but also covers roots, rockabilly, bluegrass, blues, and folk music. It’s almost eerie how when it comes to the death of certain country legends, circumstances and premonitions align in a way that makes it seem like they knew something way before the rest of us did. Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees Made a Country Record? Give this blog a whirl. CML gives you short descriptions in a way similar to Twitter. Indie Music Filter. TJ's House Of Country Music. Many gave credit to Garth Brooks for taking himself out of contention, and you can’t blame him personally for voters awarding him the CMA Entertainer of the Year. Pigeons & Planes Oh and a little disclaimer - they aren't in any specific order. Read More, Great list and thanks so much for the inclusion! This is one of my favorite websites as the guys over at Twangville share the same mission as we do, which is sharing our love for country music to friends from all over! New Country Music Blog. The latest title of venues goes to ‘Papa Turney’s – Old Fashion Hickory Smoked BBQ’. Five years ago today—on November 4th, 2015—the biggest event and paradigm shift in country music occurred most certainly in the last 10 years, likely in the last quarter century, and possibly one of the biggest moments in the totality of country music history. I just know too much about the untold history of Barry Gibb and his dalliances with country music to be perturbed that at 74-years-old, he wants to make a country record. The Vintage Music Blog keeping the music of the past ALIVE!...from the Golden Eras of the 1920's, 1930's, 1940's, 1950's and 1960's including Big Band, Dance Orchestras, Swing, Crooners, Nostalgic, Popular Artists and Harmony Groups plus Contemporary, Retro and Revival artists However, why stop at country music? The 2020 CMA Awards will transpire on Wednesday, November 11th (make sure to follow along with Saving Country Music’s LIVE blog), and this year it will be a tribute heavy affair. Get the latest in country music news, songs, interviews, and more at the definitive destination for country music fans in Nashville and across the globe. Current... Tributes, remembrances, and the marking of anniversaries will be a big part of the presentation. We write and share country music news because we love country music. A list of the top blogs in the Music category based on 20+ different factors including RSS membership, Number of incoming links, social media, monthly visits. Each site is a... There is plenty of great reading material here! This is one of my favorite websites as the g, more. The Outlaw Mag is quite a bit more than just a magazine. Combining the splendid messiness of Lucinda Williams, the warrior poet heart of James McMurtry, the rock and roll abandon of east Nashville alley cat Lilly Hiatt, and enough grit and groove to make ol’ Ray Wylie Hubbard nod in approval, Becky Warren turns in a rough and tumble travelogue. Twangville….just sounds nasty! CMTT, “Not some corporate entity, CMTT is a website for the fans by the fans. So what is Twangville? So, if you know of a blog that needs to be on this list, email me! Bringing an authentic Australian perspective to the music, James Ellis and the Jealous Guys inject a distinctive flavor.