(I like to say, “Hush! 'Street Food: Asia' Like a younger sibling to "Chef's Table," this miniseries focuses on the regional … By Stacey Henley 05 April 2020. I’m working!” when someone points out I’m on my 7th episode of Phil Rosenthal…) When you’re done with these, be sure to check out my Amazon Prime, Hulu, and PBS lists, as well. People have been getting baked by consuming edibles for ages, but in recent years as cannabis continues to be decriminalized, chefs have gotten into the business of advanced stoner culinary creations. It’s set for a second series, and if it sorts out the teething problems, it could be great. This one's a little less pretentious and a little more homespun than the original series, though. What to make while watching: Nothing you attempt to make will compare. Great news: You've got nowhere to be and should probably chill TF out anyway. While learning from esteemed celebrity chefs can give a behind-the-scenes look into the rarefied levels of the food and restaurant industry, some of the most talented, interesting cooks live and work on the streets serving food for everyone. If you’re looking for good food, beautiful spaces, and conversation, you’re in the right place. Turn the lights off and...get weird (I guess? She went on to star in this show, which is also delightful and features a lot of other delightful people with gorgeous accents. The show replaces the temperamental Scottish chef with three less OTT characters: a restaurateur, an interior designer and a chef, but they’re less than the sum of their parts. Give yourself permission to do N-O-T-H-I-N-G but laugh at other people's expensefor a full 48 hours. Ugly Delicious is imperfect, but in a space where there are enough Bourdain knock-offs to go around, it's a fresh perspective lifted straight from the pages of a dead magazine that's come back to life. The Chef Show sees Favreau reunited with chef Roy Choi, the consultant for the movie. Remember Nadiya from GBBO? Our editorial content is not influenced by any commissions we receive. Each episode follows the career, culture and inspiration of a world renowned chef, offering up profiles of them and their work complete with captivating cinematography. Naturally, that may have you to turning to the television for inspiration. How appropriate. It's probably gross outside. The show has even… Like Chef's Table before it, Chef's Table: BBQ follows the same format of profiling chefs and their precious culinary creations, but this rendition focuses on -- you guessed it -- pitmasters and their barbecue. Cooked is 1/3 food show, 1/3 history lesson, and 1/3 science class (mix in a large blow; bake at 350 degrees). Rotten is Netflix's alarmist series about the evils of food production, though it eschews the common pitfalls of this documentary genre by telling the stories of the people whose livelihoods are linked to Big Milk or Big Garlic (yes, it's a thing). It symobilizes a website link url. Each single-topic episode -- pizza, home cooking, fried rice -- divvies up exploratory duties between Chang and Meehan, whether that means running around locales from Tokyo to Coney Island with famous pals or making a fool of themselves trying their hand at a cooking skill that takes a lifetime to master, to find the heart and soul of a dish, "authenticity" be damned. In teams of two, accomplished chefs work together to create gorgeous dishes, the creativity of which far surpasses any other mainstream cooking competition out there. the grub street diet Oct. 30, 2020 What to make while watching: You'll never make it to Brooklyn's Lucali. Anyone can relate to the show's celebration of life's small indulgences in the face of a shitty job. What to make while watching: Get crazy. Here are my favorite Netflix cooking shows, in no particular order: What are your favorite cooking shows on Netflix?