The CPA or CMA exam in the US only requirements candidate to have graduated from a bachelor degree by the time they request the certificate. Or after completion of cpa pakistan can i join cma if yesthen who much it will take time to complete and who much it costs and papers, Hi Jawad, Regards, Stephanie. This has been a guide to CPA vs CMA. My three a-levels gave me a further 30 and my MBA did the rest to put me above 150 credit hours. I am an Indian and therefore may not be aware of it. Cost: Moreover, you appear to have the required 150 hours. Is it worth while doing CMA, or should I just job hunt with my CIMA and experience? The American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) administers the exam. Whatever you ultimately choose, obtaining a CPA or CMA certification — or both — will be a solid investment in your career. Do you think I may be able to access the CMA? But here are some of the things for which you should pursue CMA. Let’s explore. Hi Maybel, yes typically applicants with a bachelor degree from any subject is eligible for CMA. Yes… the UK system does make more sense doesn’t it, although for the US CPA exam they seem to want to only run a “simple system” and use the 150 hour rule to screen out those who don’t have enough education in the accounting/business area. They are sometimes part of executive teams that participate in strategic planning. Can you pl. Yes Adam it’s a good idea to explore the CPA and see if you can get qualified. You can expect, roughly speaking, 30-40% overlap of the two. my question is am I eligible for CPA? Here we discuss the top differences between CPA and CMA professions along with the infographics and comparison table. It just doesn’t work like this in real life. Acca better or cma usa which one more better. I was wondering if I should enroll in accounting classes at a local college or if I could jump straight into the instructor led classes for the CMA? Am ADEN who did my BCOM in India in regular & did my MBA now I want to do CPA here in USA. I would like your thoughts about the essay questions which may help me to brush up for my final exam. Both have ample opportunities for career growth and income potential. The Institute of Management Accountants, which sponsors the CMA, is much smaller, so they just can’t get the word out as effectively about the CMA certification. I am recommending the CPA because it is still the 800 lb gorilla in the US. I will graduate this month with a BBA in Accounting. Hi Rajagopal, I believe you need to be a full member to benefit from the MRA? I understand there are a few US universities provide such program but it is not common. You do not need to work in the US to gain the experience required for the license. If you want to double check before proceeding you can send an email directly to IMA. one more thing, if I were to pass on the first try would i have to continue doing the further education requirement after i pass or can i wait until i actually get the 2 year experience and become certified? I would say you take the time to settle down first, and talk to the recruiters in your local area. If so, a CPA may be your best finance certification. Both have advantages and disadvantages. They can also oversee budgets and perform financial management tasks. i am not pretty sure that for CPA I will be eligible to sit as I will have only 90 hrs credit for undergrad and 36 hours as grad student. CMA is administrated by one organization, the Institute of Management Accountants. CPAs also prepare and analyze financial reports to ensure that companies comply with all federal and state laws. Each exam focuses on the core strengths of either a CMA or a CPA and provides a good representation of what areas you would be working in as a CMA or CPA. Finally I am not sure if those states that require CPA sign off would necessarily allow this requirement to be waived for two reasons. IS it possible for Indians? Fortunately, it was not needed. I think you are right- CPA really can’t be ignored.I see that there are a number of States that do not require the 150 hours (although this is changing soon). Regards. I m in bcom 3rd year and I want to do CMA US is this good choice ?? Thanks. I have finished my Bachelor Degree of Corporate Finance recently. The topic name is similar but the perspective is quite different in my opinion. You are making an important decision, so it makes sense that you put the time and energy into deciding what is best. Thank you! My question was what do I take up first? Stephanie. How much harder is the CPA than the CMA? What’s the difference between public accounting and management accounting? I humbly disagree with those who say that certification does not matter. Good luck! But if that is not possible, an out of state license would suffice if you are not in public practice. Hi Fahad I am a graduate and i want to know if am qualified for CMA certification course. Hope it helps! Hi Stephanie, I would pick a master’s that’s going to interest you and that you’ll likely go for for your career.