In 1817, following a major revision of British coinage, new versions of half sovereigns and sovereigns were introduced.. Production continued until 1926 and, apart from special issues for coronation years, was not restarted until 1980. The half sovereign was first introduced in 1544 under Henry VIII.After 1604, the issue of half sovereigns, along with sovereigns, was discontinued. Each coin contains .1177 oz of gold. The half sovereign is an English and later, British gold coin with a nominal value of half a pound sterling, or ten shillings. Since the golden standard came to an end, Half Sovereigns were only issued in a limited number as commemorative coins. The gold half sovereign is a British gold coin with a face value of fifty pence (50p). [6], Learn how and when to remove this template message,,, Online Coin Club / Coins from United Kingdom / Half Sovereign (Pre-Decimal),, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 4 November 2020, at 02:28. We can offer a number of different payment methods – Cash, bank transfer or cheque. Should you have a more detailed question relating to your account or a recent order please get in touch with our customer services team. The current version was initially issued by the Royal Mint in 1817, having gold content purity of 22 carats for a face value of 1 pound. The half sovereign was first introduced in 1544 under Henry VIII. All orders include free insured delivery. First introduced by Henry VIII in 1544, the British Gold Half Sovereign is one of the longest running gold coin series in history. Achetez sur notre site français en Euro (€), HIGH DEMAND: To get the very best value Half Sovereigns choose our mixed year half sovereigns which are a great value investment. Containing .1177 Troy Ounces of .913 Pure Gold, the Modern Half Sovereign is .99 mm thick, with a diameter of 19.3 mm. Sale › 2020 Coins › Coins › Bars › Gifts › Medallions › Accessories › Rounds › Books › Filters (4 applied)Clear All. Since the end of the Gold standard it has been issued only in limited quantities as a commemorative coin. * Source: Experian Hitwise - UK Internet Visits (January 2019 - January 2020). [3], Henry VII left a large treasury - the modern equivalent of about £375 million - to his successor Henry VIII. Royal Mint Proof Boxes – What Year, What Box. The gold price is constantly changing, prices can go up and down. † Minimum order values apply: Refer to Delivery Options for more information. [2], The half sovereign continued to be used by Henry VIII’s successor Edward VI. As it is understandable, the face value of a Half Sovereign is half from that of a Sovereign, a face value equal to half a pound sterling.