cnx.cmd.push (fonction () { In contrast, her real life counterpart Annie Murphy has been married to Menno Versteeg, a Canadian musician, since 2011 (via PopSugar). Although they’ve never confirmed (or denied) an engagement, there is a Crate & Barrel registry under their names with a Sept. 26, 2020 wedding date. Welch sweetly told UPROXX, “My memories of Beetlejuice are very fond, of course. Linzey is his biggest fan too, praising his success on Schitt’s Creek and Wynonna Earp with supportive Instagram posts. She announced an engagement to someone in October 2019, but she has since deleted the post, and any other evidence of a relationship. Johnny and Moira Rose exemplify relationship goals in so many ways, which is funny, since Eugene Levy and Catherine O’Hara very briefly dated in real life! Abby Elliott (born June 16, 1987) is an American actress and comedian who was a cast member on Saturday Night Live for four seasons (from 2008 to 2012) and has since starred on the Bravo comedy Odd Mom Out and the NBC sitcom Indebted. Levy, la soeur à l'écran Annie Murphy, la soeur Sarah Levy, Emily Hampshire et bien d'autres stars de la série ont une multitude de projets alignés, croisant les genres (beaucoup d'horreur!) Other than their annual anniversary and birthday posts, the Rozons are a pretty low key duo — and a rather mysterious couple. Je ne sais pas ce que cela pourrait être à ce stade. Vous pourrez facilement éblouir vos amis et les spoiler ! In addition to his bandmates, Versteeg has worked on songs with Murphy. Not only that, but they celebrated a five-year dating anniversary in July 2019, so perhaps that date tied into their wedding date. Spoiler alert: Alexis Rose ended Schitt’s Creek as a single woman. That day, Linzey wrote, “5 years ago I married my best friend and I’ve loved every second of it.” He kept it simple, captioning his Instagram post with “Y5,” which isn’t a shock since the previous year’s anniversary post was accompanied by “Y4.” While it’s hard to imagine Mutt as a married man, the Rozons did appear to tie the knot in a barn, which is very Mutt. The wedding was Tuscany-themed, inspired by the trip they took when the show stopped filming in summer 2019. La série, produite par Sam Raimi, devrait être diffusée ce mois-ci. In 2015, he told Out that he’s too busy with the show, remarking, “I hope that I can find someone when it’s all done, or when things are a little bit more smooth.”. In 2020, Versteeg explained to Elle, “For the first half of Hollerado’s career, Annie was a struggling actress—she would get the odd commercial or bit part here and there, but she had a lot of time off. Possibly, but these two don’t share much about their personal lives, instead using social media to highlight their professional achievements. Even though Catherine O’Hara and her husband Bo Welch are both successful in the entertainment industry, they’re both pretty private people; neither one of them has a social media account, (via YourTango). En février, Murphy a été choisi pour incarner le pilote de la comédie noire d'AMC Kevin Can F ** k lui-même jouant une méta-torsion sur l'épouse stéréotypée de la sitcom qui se détache de son rôle de télévision conventionnelle. Outerbridge is also an actor and the couple just worked together on Distancing Socially, a movie about relationship challenges during the coronavirus lockdown, according to Variety. It just felt like it was our time to get married, though, and we kept coming back to that.” That makes sense since they announced their engagement back in December 2018. Bien qu'il n'y ait pas encore de mot sur des projets spécifiques, il a dit à Variety que «[m] y la liste des idées que j'ai effleurées au cours des six dernières années pendant que je faisais ce spectacle comprend des thrillers aux drames, en passant par d'autres comédies et des comédies musicales.